Books To Read If You Love Authors Like Tom Clancy

Tom Clancy is an American novelist interest in writing novels about how spies find out information about the government functions and has a storyline of military and science in his stories.So This Article shows the list of Books of Authors Like Tom Clancy.

Tom Clancy

If you are a big fan of Tom Clancy, I suggest the 15 best books read by this fantastic novelist. Read Tom Clancy’s books in Chronological Order

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Authors Like Tom Clancy List of Books

So, below is the list of books by Authors Like Tom Clancy.

The Hunt Of The Red October

The book that tops this list happens to be the first novel of Tom Clancy, his debut novel, the Hunt of the Red October. This novel is a true story about how the Soviet Union was demolished.

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This book became a hit as soon as it reached the market. It has been rated 4.6/5 by Amazon and 4.3/5 by Goodreads. So It is worth reading.

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Tom Clancy Clear And Present Danger

The second book on the list is Clear and Present Danger. This is a political thriller movie with Jack Ryan, the character in many of his books, fighting to become the president.

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It is the sequel to his previous book, The Cardinal of Kremlin. So, if you want to enjoy this book, make sure you have read the last book(s). This book was named the New York Times’ best thriller novel at its release. This book was rated 4.6/5 on Amazon and 4.5/5 on Google Play. Authors Like Tom Clancy gave excellent books to us.

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Debt Of Honor

Next in line is the sequel of The Sum of All Fears, Debt of Honor. This novel is a techno-thriller, Jack Ryan again being its central character. The Japanese people want to overthrow the present government and take over the nation with their power.


This novel was about a political war between the two governments. As it was written by Authors Like Tom Clancy. This novel was rate about 4.5/5 by Amazon and 4.2/5 by Goodreads.So lets go and check out this

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Tom Clancy Rainbow Six

The book that ranks fourth is Rainbow Six. The novel is the second novel with the lead character of John Clark. The theme of this novel is terrorism, and Tom tries to take the reader closer to understanding the reality of the terrorist world.


The main character here faces the world’s biggest fear, a fear you will get to know about when you read the novel. This novel was rated 4.4/5 by Amazon and 4.2/5 by Goodreads and Google Play. 

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The Bear And The Dragon

The Bear and The Dragon. We have Jack Ryan back in this novel. This novel is the sequel to Executive Orders, where Jack tries to maintain balance after the war between Russia and China. As it was by Authors Like Tom Clancy. 


read a bookIt was rated 4.5/5 by Amazon and 4.1/5 by Goodreads.

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Patriot Games

The next book is Patriot Games. It is the sequel to the novel Direct Remorse. This book is the first to show Jack Ryan as a character. It shows the theme of reality and is also a best seller like his many other books.

reading bookThis book showed ratings of 4.2/5 from Amazon and Thriftbooks.

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Tom Clancy Sum Of All Fears

Next in line is Sum of All Fears. This novel tells how Jack Ryan has to go on a mission to search for a stolen nuclear weapon that can cause tremendous destruction if used by the wrong hands.

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The ratings for this book were 4.3/5 by Amazon and 4/5 by Goodreads.

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Without Remorse

Without Remorse is the introductory novel by John Clarke. This novel shows his background and why he had to change his name and identity.

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A best-seller that helps in increasing the popularity of Tom Clancy. Because a new character and new story were brought in for the audience. Amazon and  Bookstopia rate it 4.6/5 and 3.7/5.

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Executive Orders

The next novel I would suggest is Executive Orders. This novel is also known as the second part of the novel Debt of Honor as it picks right from its left.


This is how Jack Ryan deals with the new threats he now has to face from his foreign enemies. As it was by Authors Like Tom Clancy. Amazon and Google Play rate it as 4.5/5. 

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The Cardinal Of the Kremlin 

The Cardinal of Kremlin. This is the next part of Tom’s first novel, The Hunt of The Red Hunter. It is a thriller novel that shows the tensions between America and the Soviet Union and the two social blocs of that time.


Amazon and Goodreads rate it 4.5/5 and 4/5 resp.

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Tom Clancy Red Rabbit

The next novel is Red Rabbit. This novel was released in 2002. The novel is set in a few months after the Patriot Games finish. This novel shows the assassination of Pope John Paul, the second.

peter rabbit

Hence as the author of this novel is Tom Clancy. Goodreads and Amazon rate it 3.5/5 and 4.4/5 respectively. 

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Mark Greaney Command Authority

The next novel is a collaboration of Tom Clancy with another novelist Mark Greaney. They named the novel Command Authority. This novel is the last of Tom’s novels, published about two months after his death.


It is about how the author balanced the issues of modern-day Russia and the new political structure with the right amount of thrillers in it. Amazon and Google Play rate it 4.4/5. As it was by Authors Like Tom Clancy.

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Tom Clancy Red Storm Rising

This next novel is also a collaborative product of Tom Clancy with novelist Larry Bond. Red storm novel is rising. This novel shows the possibility of a World War 3 incoming.


And it is also a Jack Ryan thriller novel. It got 4.7/5 from Amazon and 4.2/5 by Goodreads. Authors Like Tom Clancy can only do this.

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Red Storm Rising

The next novel is Red storm Rising. This novel talks about how Jack Ryan must stop a wat that is to happen.

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It is the next part of the Locked On novel. Authors Like Tom Clancy Wrote this  So The ratings this book received were 4.5/5 from Amazon and Audible.

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Dead Or Alive

So The last book that we will discuss today is the one we mention in the previous one, Locked On. This novel is the next part of Dead or Alive. Because, these novels talk about the son of Jack Ryan, and Jack Ryan Jr. continues his father’s legacy and honor by doing the same good and heroic deeds as his father.


This novel received ratings of 4.4/5 by Audible as Authors Like Tom Clancy wrote this.

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In Conclusion, this is a list of Tom clancy author books. Mentioning 15 books in the article by Tom. Authors Like Tom Clancy gave an excellent book to us. I hope you like the article last but not least leave your valuable comments.

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