5 Best Books For Data Structure and Algorithms

In a virtual system, a data structure is a way of arranging data. Consider number sequences or data tables: both are well-defined data structures. In this article, we have provided a list of the best books for data structures and algorithms.

Data structure and algorithms

An algorithm is a set of instructions that a computer follows to change input into the desired output. Data structures and algorithms work together to allow programmers to create whatever computer programs they want. A thorough examination of data structures and algorithms guarantees that code is efficient. When it comes to developing software or designing any program, Data structure and algorithm are vital topics. Nowadays, there are plenty of books for data structure and algorithms, many intended for people just beginning with coding.

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Books for data structure and algorithms

Even if you are a beginner or someone who doesn’t know anything about data structure and algorithms & how it is used. Thus, this curated list of best books for data structures and algorithms will still prove beneficial for you because of their basic concept coverage.

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Introduction to algorithm By Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest, and Clifford Stein

Introduction to algorithm provides a comprehensive and deep overview of the term algorithm. It acts as a guide and encyclopedia reference for modern algorithms, and this book covers everything in 1000 pages. Introduction assumes that the reader is familiar with the algorithm, and this book will prove like a gem to the potential eager readers. Each chapter covers a different algorithm, design technique, application area, or related subject. Algorithms are in English and pseudocode that anyone who has some programming knowledge may understand. The book includes 244 illustrations, many of which have several parts, showing how the algorithms function.

introduction to algorithm
Introduction to algorithm

efficiency is a design objective for us, thus, we offer comprehensive evaluations of the running times of all our algorithms. The book is basically aimed at undergraduate and graduate students studying algorithms and data structures. To conclude, it is a perfect suit for self-study by technical specialists because it tackles both engineering and mathematical aspects of algorithm creation.

Algorithm Unlocked By Thomas H. Cormen

This book reveals all the secrets of algorithm and describes how different technology works. We find it very easy to locate someone and find our location with the help of GPS, but we don’t know the complex algorithm behind all this technology. This book reveals and describes the creation and use of such algorithms in everyday life.

 algorithm unlocked by thomas h. cormen
Algorithm Unlocked By Thomas H. Cormen

Hence, this book teaches us the basics of algorithm sorting and how graphing method works. This isn’t an Introduction to Algorithms book.

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It’s certainly not a textbook. It doesn’t delve into the area of computer algorithms in any depth, doesn’t explain how to create computer algorithms, and doesn’t include a single problem or exercise for the reader to do. Some computer algorithm books are conceptual, with little technical depth,  some are overflowing with technical insight and some people fall somewhere in the middle. Each type of book has a place in the world. This book falls into the “in-between” category making it one of the best books for data structures and algorithms. Also, there is some arithmetic, and it gets rather exact in places, but I’ve avoided going into too much detail.

The Algorithm Design Manual by Steven S. Skiena 

One of the best books for algorithms is “The Algorithm Design Manual.” It has a lot of code and explanations. What I like about it is that it has a lot of examples and how he utilized them in his everyday practice. The Algorithm Design Manual is a user-friendly handbook to combinatorial algorithms that focuses on design rather than analysis.

the algorithm design manual
The Algorithm Design Manual

The first section, Techniques, explains how to develop and analyze computer algorithms clearly and understandably. The second section, Resources, has a library of algorithmic resources, implementations, and a comprehensive bibliography for browsing and reference. Therefore, it will not be incorrect to say that this book is a perfect match!

Algorithms By Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne

“Algorithms,” a simple title for a not-so-simple book concealing the breadth of what it covers. The comprehensive textbook dives into algorithms and data structures in-depth, making it a valuable resource for scholars. There’s even an online version with complete source code. The book covers a broad range of data types, how to sort and analyze them, and other vital topics, sorting, and processing methods. A companion website offers workouts, test data, graphics, and complete Java code for working practice.

algorithms by robert sedgewick and kevin wayne
Algorithms By Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne

Thus, The book serves as a textbook because it has an academic orientation and it suits college settings. Above all,  It acts as a textbook resource for those entering the subject.

Grokking Algorithms, By Aditya Bhargava

This is a basic book for programmers who want to learn more about algorithms and tackle shared problems. The book begins with some of the most basic and valuable algorithms, such as sorting and searching, then progresses to more challenging topics like data compression and artificial intelligence. The drawings are excellent for visual learners, and the guides simplify each process step by step. In conclusion, each example provides Python code samples making it one of the best books for data structures and algorithms.

grokking algorithms, by aditya bhargava
Grokking Algorithms, By Aditya Bhargava

Moreover, it isn’t suggested for complete beginners, but it can serve as a guide or refresher for individuals already familiar with programming.

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