Best Books For People Who Don’t Read



This article has handpicked the 12 best books for people who don’t often read. Although Reading is a time-consuming task for people who don’t read. Using their leisure time to watch a movie or a new TV series is more attractive and entertaining to non-readers. Moreover, the attention span of nearly all Gen-Z and Millennials has been drastically reduced. We grow impatient seeing the time duration tag on videos and prefer to watch even a ten-minute video at 2x books for people who don't read
Reading is a fundamental part of the day, but reading books is different. Books serve multiple purposes, and you can also read them for educational purposes or entertainment. Books can be used to build a throne or travel to a faraway land without a passport. You get to live in a world that doesn’t exist and get to meet exciting characters and their stories beyond the imagination of an ordinary human mind.

Reading is the least tiring activity you can do. Just lie down on a comfy sofa and start your journey to the strange lands and rivers.

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12 Best Books For People Who Don’t Read

Harry Potter Book Series

Although considered children‘s literature, Harry Potter has fans of all ages worldwide. The theme of magic and magical creatures in a different world is fascinating to everyone alike. Harry Potter is the most readable book for people who don’t books for people who don't read
Harry Potter is The Boy Who Lived, who, unknown to his magical ancestry, lives with his unloving uncle and aunt and a bully cousin. His miserable life turns around when he gets a letter from Hogwarts, a magical school for wizards, just before he turns 11.

Tuesdays With Morris

Mitch Albom is known for writing stories that inspire their readers. Tuesdays With Morris is a concise book that gives a valuable lesson on “Carpe Diem,” or cherishing the day. The book encourages readers to seize their simplest pleasures, and the study helps them learn to let go. Not everything is in our control. We may regret our past, but we can also look forward to a better books for people who don't read

This book is about the time that Albom went to see his sociology professor, Morrie Schwartz, every Tuesday. Schwartz was dying of ALS. Morrie is a character who gives a message of hope and valuing what we have.

Pride And Prejudice

This book by Jane Austen is one for the hearts of romantics. The popular trope of enemies to lovers in this classic novel is best for people who don’t read. It is engaging, witty, and dramatic.pride and prejudice

Elizabeth Bennett has four sisters and a harrowing mother who wants to marry them off to any wealthy bachelor quickly. In comes Darcy, who is anti-social and insults Elizabeth on their very first meeting. Hate sparks, and then misunderstanding follows, making them far apart. But Darcy comes to Elizabeth’s aid when her sister elopes, and finally, love sparks. This slow-burn romance novel is perfect for a non-reader.

Famous Five

My reading journey started with Enid Blyton. I devoured everything Blyton wrote, whether it was the Five Found-Outers series, The Wishing Chair series, or the Malory Towers series.famous five

The Famous Five are a secret society of young adults who sniff out and solve mysteries on their holiday adventures. Mystery books, in my opinion, are the best books for people who don’t read.

Princess Diaries Book Series

Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries is a quirky story with themes of friendship, love, and just what responsibilities mean. This young adult novel has 11 volumes in which Mia Thermopolis tells her everyday life story through diary entries. princess diaries

Mia Thermopolis, an awkward teenager with bushy hair, has an eccentric best friend and a massive crush on the said best friend’s brother. When Mia discovers, she’s princess from very royal country called Genovia, her whole world changes. Suddenly, after classes, she’s having tea and princess lessons from her long-lost grandma.

Hitchhiker’s Guide To Galaxy Book Series

This science fiction comedy series is good choice for people who want to know more about life, the universe, and everything. It’s clever and fun. However bad or miserable you are, someone is suffering worse than you. Douglas Adams’ book has the theme of perseverance.galaxy

This series of five books tell the story of Arthur Dent, who is saved by Ford Prefect, an alien after the Earth is destroyed. The book is a parody of likable future generations to come.

Kite Runner

I think Khaled Hosseini is the Da Vinci of writing. His stories are poignant, with heartwarming moments and strong characters that will live in your heart forever. If you like world history and want to travel back to when it happened, this is the best book for people who don’t read.kite runner

The Kite Runner is a tale of two boys, Amir and Hassan. This novel is about friendship, loss, forgiveness, and desires: the desire to be better than you are and the desire to atone.

The Love Hypothesis

This contemporary romance by Ali Hazelwood has captured the hearts of romantics and readers worldwide. The Love Hypothesis was a New York Times bestseller, and many TikTok users made it a big hypothesis

Hazelwood’s novel is a love story about two scientists who initially start a fake relationship, but the attraction overpowers them. Hazelwood’s heroines are intelligent, as she is a neuroscientist. So, if you enjoy witty repartees and competent female leads, go ahead!

Murder On The Orient Express

Many people have said that Agatha Christie wrote the best mysteries and thrillers. This one is the best, though. Hercule Poirot, the Belgian detective created by Christie, is one of the most famous detectives. orient express

Murder on the Orient Express starts with Poirot boarding the Orient Express suddenly. The train then takes a horrific journey in the night, where a man in the room next to Poirot is found murdered. Now, everyone is a suspect, and slowly, secrets are revealed, leading to one big mystery.

Heartstopper Book Series

This book by Alice Oseman is not a novel per se, but it is a book, a comic book. Heartstopper is an adorable series about finding love, self-identity, and friendship.heartstopper

Heartstopper is a graphic novel about two British schoolboys and how they meet, become friends, and fall in love. It’s an easy read with beautiful art. think it’s best for people who don’t read and want to start quickly.


ikigai book

This popular book teaches how to do a few simple things to achieve the life of dreams. People who don’t read might not have heard about this gem. This is a life-changing book everyone should consider reading once in their lifetime. This book explains how to lead a life with positivity.



 Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is among the novels books for people who hate reading non-fiction and self-help books. Many have titled this as the best book for non-readers. This is a story of a shepherd boy and an alchemist. As it talks and explains and changes mid towards self progression and consciousness. This is another suggestion from our side as one of the books for non-readers.



We have listed all kinds of genres, like historical fiction, classic, young adult, contemporary, mystery, graphic, and science fiction. Not everyone can read all genres—some like chocolate, while others like vanilla. Genres are like that too. So, choose a book according to your preference and start reading, because these are the best books for people who don’t read.

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