Best Chess Books for Advanced Players

Chess is an enigmatic strategy board game played between two players on an 8×8 chequered board. The traditional colors are white and black, and each player has a king, a queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights, and eight pawns. The objective of the game is to checkmate the other person’s (opponent’s) king, where the king is under attack (called “check”), and there is no possible way to escape. Here, we would be discussing the best chess books for advanced players.

It was invented in India about 2000 years ago, and only kings played this game at that time instead of going to war. This way, they could save their armies/ soldiers, lives of many innocent people and decide on land acquisitions and who is more substantial. The chess game was called the game of kings, and the rules were almost the same as modern chess, whereas today, it is one of the world’s most popular games, played by millions of people.


Best Chess Books for Advanced Players

Now, the best chess books for advanced players are as follows:

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Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual by Mark Dvoretsky

First one of the best chess books for advanced players, this book tries to dip more profound, giving you all the conceptual knowledge that you would need as a professional player.

dvoretskys endgame manual by mark dvoretskys

The book, all in all, is very understandable, and the explanations in certain parts are as straightforward as they can be. Endgames have lots of research, and there are a lot of portions that are hard to read or go through but do keep in mind that this book is meant for professionals/ advanced players.

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Endgame Strategy by Mikhail Shereshevsky

This book contains a fascinating selection of endings along with classic and robust examples. The author aims to explain and show the course of the struggle, get into the psychology of the players’ activities and focus the readers’ attention. In those times, it wasn’t easy to publish any chess book around the 1980s, but Shereshevsky was such a writer who published quite a lot of books.

endgame strategy by mikhail shereshevsky

This book can be suitable from beginner to master and for beginners too (includes all aspects), provided they played 6-8 classical tournaments, making it one of the best chess books for advanced players.

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Grandmaster Preparation series by Jacob Aagaard

This book has a 6 title collection, and each one deals with a specific topic through some introductory exposition and various exercises.

grandmaster preparation

The objective is to give people training material aspiring to be Grand Masters. Each chapter has a short introduction. Some will barely be able to solve the problems, but that’s the catch, working hard on them will improve your expertise. After some practice, you will not have much difficulty with it.

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School of Future Champions series by Mark Dvoretsky

Now, this one of the best chess books for advanced players has a new translation, a more spacious layout with more diagrams and rational remodeling. The material (book) is essentially based on lessons presented and prepared at the Dvoretsky & Yusupov chess school and is divided into five major sections.

school of future champions series by mark dvorestsky

One primary goal of this book is to teach “prophylactic (preventive) thinking.” This is described as “the habit of constantly asking yourself what the opponent is going to do, what he would play if it were him to make a move, the ability to find an answer to this question and to take into account, the process of coming to a decision.” Dvoretsky proclaims that “developing the distinguished skill of prophylactic thinking enables a player to make a tremendous step forward, and to raise his/ her standard of play greatly.”

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School of Chess Excellence series by Mark Dvoretsky

Mark Dvoretsky is one of the world’s leading chess coaches. He excels at revealing the subtlety of diplomatic thought as it develops through the course of a chess game.

school of class excellence series by mark dvoretsky

Most important among the book’s virtues is its eagerness to approach the games of chess legends and relative unknowns with an equal amount of excellence and similar care and strike a perfect balance between analysis and commentary fully packed with advice and analyses a wide range of positions. This was another one of the best chess books for advanced players.

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Chess Tactics

Written by Alex Terzi, this one of the best chess books for advanced players has 300 chess techniques explained in full detail for you to read and study almost all possible outcomes that could be tried while playing the game of chess. This book requires careful studying because if one extensively reads each of the 300 techniques. Nothing could stop them from becoming professional chess players.

chess tactics

It provides in-depth strategies through which you could analyze and read your opponent’s body language and guess the kind of moves they might play based on a psychological level. Along with that, it gives you numerous different ways through which you can take over your opponent’s king. Rather than a light reading, a thorough reading of this book would prove to be immensely beneficial to the reader. 

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Logical Chess: Move By Move by Irving Chernev

This is one of the best chess books for advanced players. Perhaps this book is one of the popular classics on the list, famous for being popular among the chess community. This book emphasizes the different moves that professional chess players make. Also, why do they choose to make those moves, and how does it benefit them in their game.

logical chess move by move by irving chernev

The book contains the classic example of pro players explained in 33 games. It presents every move in a new manner from a different perspective without making any repetitions. This made this book a massive success worldwide.

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Tactics Time 

This is one of the best chess books for advanced players by Tim Brennan and Anthea Carson. If you are looking for an all-rounded book, this book is the perfect answer. It provides you with more than 1001 tactics and tricks to handle the game of chess. The book has different sections covering different topics related to victory in a chess game. It tells you in detail about the tricks and moves you can make through various strategies. Multiple ways of making the same move that provides maximum benefit to you later on in the game. 

tactics times

This book also tells you about the psychological aspect of the chess game. It tells us the reality that chess is a game that heavily relies on our mind and subconscious. Thus, complete control and understanding of the same become essential to win any chess game. The psychological sense of how our brain reacts under pressure, the wrong moves we make, and how to cope with it. 

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Chess Fundamentals

This is a very informative and instructional book and one of the best chess books for advanced players. It provides you with instructions to follow while playing a chess game. The language of the book is easy to comprehend even though it is written, keeping advanced players in mind. chess fundamentals

It specifically provides you with an opening, middle, and endgame plan and strategy. This is so that you have a clear idea of what to do at each step of the game. This book is quite helpful in providing you with an idea to follow throughout the game. 

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The Master of Chess

This book primarily focuses on chess knowledge, which is essential for playing. Understanding how the game works can help you make better decisions and find opportunities for success. This book also has the best knowledge of the game. It’s perfect for players who want to get deep into strategy. The author, Karolyi, is a chess player who has won more than 200 international tournaments.chess! lessons from a grandmaster

A lot of the information in this book is more advanced than what you’ll find in other books. So this one is best for players who want to get serious about their game. It’s an excellent resource for players who wish to play at a high level. If you’re looking for one of the best chess books for advanced players, this is a great book to start with.

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My System

The first book on this list is My System by Aron Nimzowitsch. This book is an essential book for chess players of all levels. It’s a complete course on chess strategy that teaches players how to think about their moves. The book teaches you the different phases of the game and how to control the system

The book also breaks down your opponent’s game and provides you with ways to anticipate their next moves. It’s an excellent book for newcomers who want to learn how to play chess or for more advanced players who want to learn more about different phases of the game (and how to win).

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Thus, these are some of the books meant for reading for advanced players and enhancing their thinking and knowledge. Here, we presented some of the best chess books for advanced players. Lastly, to sum up, chess is a game that improves with practice and keeps a healthy mind. Everybody can become advanced players with dedication, so keep on thriving and enjoy the game!

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