Best Christian Books In 2023 | Top 9 Reads

If you are someone who is in search of best Christian books to read, I have got you a list of them. Read this article till the end to know more about the list!

Many types of religious books are available in the market related to Christianity for the reader in the market, choosing wisely for reading to be beneficial to the reader. This type of book is not beneficial to everyone who reads. This point makes your purchase helpful. First of all, you need to understand the problem in your life. So, you could decide on the book. There might be many types of the problem might be possible. Are you struggling with your marriage problems? Having difficulties in financial problems? Or you want to become a better catholic person? Different types of Christin books cover different topics. You can say different problems. Decide which spiritual message you need. It makes it easier to choose the best Christian books on which will be helpful for you.

best christian books


How To Choose A Good Christian book?

  • Good Christian books are written to know Christianity or to get the right or true message. Given by the god. It not to keep your faith in a single religion.
  • Many best selling Christian books are written on the basis or you can on the teaching of specific churches, some of the books take to close toward Christianity.
  • Some concept is not explained, or you might say translated fully to convey the message, leading to confusion.
  • It also decides who has written the book before buying it. These were important and deep topics and can’t be decided by anyone. It might create issues over there.
  • This type of mostly written by a priest or a person who has gone through it.

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Reviews Of Best Christian Books

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top Christian books

When God Doesn’t Fix It by Laura Story

As Christian, we are raised to solve all our problems or difficulties in our life. But what happens if this will not happen? God has denied fixing your problem. In this, the author Laura’s husband was suffering from a brain tumor.

when god doesn't fix it

They only expect that God will help. But she comes to know that God has their way. It also helps to establish a deeper relationship with God.

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Moving mountain by John Eldredge

Prayer’s are not simply that you close you’re and as liking for this and that it requires skill to pray efficiently. Everyone can’t do this. In this book, the author explained or provided the steps for praying the god effectively. This book explores the different types of prayer and how it can help enrich your daily life and establish a spiritual relationship with God.

Moving mountain by John Eldredge

It is helpful for every Christian. because there is no perfect prayer to pray the god. This book helps to engage better conversation with god.

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The 5-love language by Gary Chapman

This book is popular among the couple because it tells that no relationship survives without god for that reason, this book has the ranking as the best Christian books. This book understands the proper relation. How to love each other according to god will. The book offers wisdom and how they apply in daily life and help to put happier relationship the one-year Christian history. Very few understand the actual root of Christianity.

5 love languages

This book clears the smoke to provide the reader a deeper understanding of where and how faith was formed. The book tells that how god has chosen normal people for their extraordinary purpose.

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Just Do Something by Kevin DeYoung

Always people sit and think that god voice will what to do next. But, god helps those who help themselves. Actively searching for god helps to get closer to god.

just do something

This book teaches that God will help to towards your successes. You need to make the first move. One of the best Christian books.

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Telling a Better Story by Joshua D. Chatraw

How to Talk about God in a Skeptical age – When we talk about Christian books, the first thing that comes to our mind is God or Jesus Christ. However, living in the era where Generation-Z or GenZ rules the world, it is hard to make them understand the non-skeptical aspects of God. This book helps the readers understand the best possible ways to talk about God and enlighten the readers in a sensible and calm tone. Joshua D. Chatraw concentrated more on dreams, aspirations, heartaches, and losses to gain young readers’ interest. Moreover, the book mainly focuses on the apologetics and evangelism genre.

Telling a Better Story

Joshua was asked, in an interview by Christianity Today, about his focus on the role of story in apologetics, to which he answered that “Apologetics can quickly become a monologue rather than a dialogue.” by which he meant that people tend to think in stories, and not on syllogistic reasoning. By telling the ‘Christian story,’ they can relate to their ideas and see where they might clash or converge with the spiel.

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Why Does God Care Who I Sleep With? by Sam Allberry

Sam Allberry anchors on the biblical view of sexuality. In the beginning, Sam shares his struggles with sexuality in veritable trends. He has courageously acknowledged the obstacles faced by Christians in forming a biblical sexual ethic compelling today. Later he answers the questions raised biblically and elucidates the rationale why God gives specific orders.

Why does God care who I sleep with

Lastly, he concedes that the question of sexual ethics brushes on our ultimate desires, which could only be fulfilled through healthy relationships with God, and other people. He explained the concept of our desires, which are way too far and deep from sex.

The book is eye-opening and changes our opinion on sexuality and common misbeliefs. This book even reminds us about the bible’s positive blueprint for love, sex, marriage, and encounters on homosexuality, sex before marriage, cohabitation, gender identity, or transgender rights. Sam has tried to uplift the barriers of disbelief of Christianity. This book will make you laugh. A smile might even make you change your opinions about certain beliefs. It is compelling and practical, clear and faithful. It is a great pick among the best Christian books.

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The Everlasting Man by G. K. Chesterton

This book begins with an argument on the logical validity of Christianity. C.S. Lewis talks about the pantheists (people who believe God is the universe) and later talks about Christians and how their beliefs are different from pantheists. Christians believe God made the universe and is far distant from it. They believe that God wants humans to work hard and make the universe a better place. Although he also talked about their beliefs on the devil (Christians believe in the existence of the ultimate devil and for good is not equal to evil but rather claiming evil as the spoiled good). He also touches on the topic of atheists and how they question the existence of God.

the everlasting man best Christian books

According to Lewis, atheists criticize the Christian belief in God based on just and unjust. The existence of heaven and hell is also mentioned in this book. Lewis elucidates the concept of hell and heaven by the number of sins and good deeds people do. He tried to convey the message that all actions have consequences, people who choose to walk on the path of God are to get rewarded in heaven, and people who choose to do their sins have to pay their prices in hell.

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Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas

A biography on the bravest and most heroic man of the twentieth century. This book is New York Times bestselling. Eric Metaxas has magnificently presented the particulars of a pastor, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who courageously stood against Hitler as a double agent to help to free Europe from the Nazi regime.

Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas best Christian books

Eric managed to bring in all the factors that make a book bestseller- romance, thrill, crime, etc. He also talked about Bonhoeffer’s personal life, his religious beliefs, his passion for romance, and his determination to stop Hitler. Eric has precisely accounted for every detail of Bonhoeffer’s life, and he makes his readers believe in his ideology “Being a Christian is less about cautiously avoiding sin than about courageously and actively doing God’s will.” Although at the age of 37, Bonhoeffer got hanged to death at the Flossenburg concentration camp, his beliefs and ideologies, and courage are still alive in this popular Christian book.

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Playing with Fire by Billy Hallowell

Billy Hallowell, in his book, explains the logic behind these supernatural events and spiritual warfare. Billy’s book counters on different questions related to such events, etc., but the core question that he at times pointed at was What is our obsession with the other side? He tries to unravel the deep-set secrets of the demons and their existence. And stated that exorcism has taken upon Hollywood and is putting the ideas of being evil rather than fighting the evil, which has been our age-old struggle.

playing with fire best Christian books

He also asks why and searches for answers constantly. He also claims that even priests and pastors can succumb to the strange and terrifying effects of intense spiritual warfare. Spiritual warfare and supernatural events are also more intense. They are also more impactful than mentioned in the holy books of the bible. They also left a mark that horrifies our core sense of understanding and leaves us terrified. Did Billy write the bookkeeping the following questions in the epicenter:-Are Demons active today? If they do exist, what are they? Fallen angels? Or Nephilim? Also can demons inhabit human beings? Playing with Fire is a combination of various views and perspectives surrounding supernatural activity, also making it one of the best Christian books.

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These were the list of Christian books to start reading this year. Also we hope you enjoyed it!

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