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Colleen Hoover, The name every Bookstagram and Booktok user would be aware of. Pretty sure even people who have never read her books are aware of her heart-crushing book climaxes. We have listed the 10 best Colleen Hoover books for you to binge-read. From romance to psychothriller, Colleen Hoover has written them all.

best colleen hoover books

Some of Colleen Hoover’s best books are Slammed, Heart bones, Maybe Someday, and Layla. Colleen Hoover’s books impact readers so much that her readers are her biggest marketers. It is amazing that her first book “Slammed” became a New York best seller without any publisher’s marketing.

Colleen Hoover is undoubtedly the United States’ best author in contemporary times, with sales higher than 20 million books. In this article, let’s go through some of her bestselling books with incredible ends that get etched in hearts. 


Colleen Hoover Books In Order

Below is the list of the best Colleen Hoover books in order.

2014Ugly Love, Maybe Someday, Maybe Not
2015November 9
2016It ends with us
2017Verity, Without Merit

2018All your perfects
2019Regretting you
2020Heart Bones, Layla
2022It starts with us

List of The Best Colleen Hoover Books

The list of best Colleen Hoover books is given below. It includes novels by her such as It ends with us, Maybe Someday, and Layla.


Verity is a deviation from Hoover’s usual romance novels. It is a thriller story featuring Lowen Ashleigh as the lead. Lowen desperately searches for a job when she gets hired as a ghostwriter for Verity Crowford. Verity Crowford is a best-selling author who suffers an unfortunate accident leading to a coma. 


Jeremy Crowford decides to hire Lowen to complete his wife’s novels. But when Lowen accidentally stumbles on Verity’s secret auto-biography. She is faced with an intense dilemma to uncover Verity’s horrifying secrets or take them to the grave.

Buy: Verity

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Heart Bones

Next on the list of top Colleen Hoover books is Heart Bones. Heart Bones is a book with a fair share of soothing sunshine and stormy rain. The book tells the story of Beyah Grim, who carved her future with great struggle. But just one slight push and all her life crumble. 

Beyah faces the unexpected demise of her only family.

heart bones

Her mother’s unfortunate demise lands Beyah in her barely known father’s home in Texas. She meets her filthy rich neighbor, Samson, who shares the same sad soul as her. Eventually, they both end up having a summer fling. But it wouldn’t be Colleen Hoover’s story if the summer ended so smoothly.

Buy: Heart Bones

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It Ends With Us

This book features the characters of Lily and Ryle. Lily is a girl who has struggled a lot and grew up in her efforts. In comparison, Ryle is a stubborn and rather arrogant surgeon. But Ryle puts down his walls for Lily. It ends with us being Colleen hoover’s ultimate highest-grossing book on the list of best Colleen Hoover books. 

it ends with us

The trouble in paradise soon begins, and Lily reminisces about her past love, Atlas. And what will happen if Atlas re-enters Lily’s troubled life? Well, you should pick this book to find out.

Buy: It Ends With Us

Ugly Love

Ugly love begins as a seemingly conventional story of “ No time to love.” It features Miles, who doesn’t want to love, and Tate, who has no time to love.

ugly love

Their agreement of no future expectations seems good for a while. But as they say, promises are to be broken, and their love begins to get ugly.

Buy: Ugly Love


Slammed is the first-ever Novel of Colleen Hoover, landing her on the New York Times best-seller list. It features an 18-year-old girl named Layken who is struggling with her father’s death when Will, her neighbor, comes into her life. 


A sudden emotional bond occurs between Layken and Will. Soon, Layken begins to find solace in Will. When a harsh truth begins to bring down their relationship, will their relationship stand the harsh truth and have a happily ever after?

Buy: Slammed

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Maybe Someday

The book Maybe Someday is a classic story of finding love, friendship, and betrayal from unexpected bonds. Sydney, A 22-year-old girl, stays with her best friend roommate, Tori, and is passionately in love with her amazing boyfriend, Hunter. It sounds like a perfect dream life! 

maybe someday

Well, unexpected events render Sydney lonely and homeless. But, her guitarist neighbor, Ridge, comforts her in distress. Will this unexpected bond with a mysterious neighbor lead to something else? Yet another amazing part of this book is you can enjoy all the songs in the book for real.

Buy: Maybe Someday


As the quote says, “ignorance is bliss” Sometimes truth is the most hurting thing to listen to. Hopeless is the first book of the 4-Book series. The Novel features the characters of Dean holder and Sky. 


Sky lives a normal home-schooled away from people’s attention. But, once she starts her public school life, she fails to resist her bottled feelings and caves into the persuasive efforts of the Dean holder. However, Sky soon learns his best-kept secrets and realizes Dean isn’t what she thought him to be.

Buy: Hopeless

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All Your Perfects

All your perfects is a well-written book that perfectly depicts the story of what happens in “happily ever after.” It is one of the top Colleen Hoover books to read with its heart-breaking storyline.

all your perfects

It stars Quinn and Graham, a married couple profound in love for 7 years. But, all those secrets they kept buried from each other begin to crawl out. Eventually, it starts threatening their already fragile marriage. Only reviving past promises can keep their marriage alive. This story also dies justice in showcasing the guilt and internal struggles of infertility.

Buy: All Your Perfects

Reminders of him

Reminders of him are the most recent book in the best Colleen Hoover books list. The story narrates a troubled mother’s quest to reunite with her daughter. After Kenna’s release from prison after five long years. She goes back to her town, where all the chaos began. 

reminders of him

The townspeople resent her for her past mistakes and shut her down. Ledger Ward, a Bar Owner in the town, is the only person open to Kenna. They soon begin to become emotionally connected. But, if anyone discovers their growing romance, everything is at risk for both of them. Kenna must find a way out of her past claws and find a way for a hopeful future.

Buy: Reminders of him

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Well, everyone is aware of Colleen Hoover’s romantic novels. But this book on the list is a dark thriller novel. The story features Leeds and Layla, who experience an instant bond. An unfortunate accident leaves Layla with an uncertain future. Although she seems fine physically, she finds herself extremely disturbed and is no longer the woman Leeds fell in love with.


Hoping to rekindle the dying love, Leeds takes her to places filled with their memories. But Layla’s outrageous behavior troubles his plans. The bizarre experience creates an inevitable drift between them. Meanwhile, Leeds meets Willow, A B&B guest, and starts bonding with her because of their similar concerns. He is determined to help Willow, but his ways threaten Layla’s well-being. He must make the right choices to save them.

Buy: Layla


Which Colleen Hoover's book is the best to start with?

Suppose you are a newbie to Colleen Hoover's writing style. Then, it will be best to start with her most popular and highly rated Novel; It ends with us. But, if you are a thriller reader, Verity and Layla would be more suitable.

What is the saddest book of Colleen Hoover?

Although every Colleen Hoover book has its share of tragedy, all your perfects stand out as her saddest book with its take on troubled marriage.

What age is good to start with Colleen Hoover novels?

Colleen Hoover's novels usually deal with sensitive topics and also heavy subjects. Age 18 is the best age to start with Colleen Hoover's books.

Which authors should I read next if I like Colleen Hoover's books?

If you like the writing style of Colleen Hoover, you should read books by authors such as Elle Kennedy, Sally Thorne, Penelope Douglas, and Taylor Jenkins Reed.

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To sum up, this article features the ten best Colleen Hoover books you will surely fall in love with. It enlists two of her psychology thriller stories, Layla and Verity. It also includes her best-selling romantic novels, It ends with us, Slammed, etc., and her most recent book, Reminders of him. Above all, we hope you will be thrilled with the twisted climaxes of these best books by Colleen Hoover. Happy Reading!

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