7 Best Creative Writing Books For Beginners 

Which are the best creative writing books for beginners? “Creative writing” beautifully combines two words, creative and writing. Before we go into the topic, let’s define creativity. Creativity means inventiveness, the ability to produce something new using one’s skill or imagination. Creativity is everywhere, may it be painting a white canvas in colors, recycling discarded cardboard into decors, creating illustrations, or adding a new touch of spices to a recipe. 

Writing has been a medium of human communication for ages. It involves the representation of a language with written symbols (alphabets). Before a few thousand years, humans could not even write. But today, written information can cross borders and be passed down to generations. 

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The Best Creative Writing Books for Beginners

Creative writing is a boundless form of writing, unlike other forms of literature such as journalistic, academic, or technical. It gives the writer his creative freedom. It includes fiction and non-fiction. One of the significant aspects of creative writing is originality. In today’s world, creative writing is one of the most sought-after skills. It includes various genres like Drama, Thrillers, Horror, and Science-fiction. 

If you are a beginner, you might have come across various learning methods, the most prominent online courses, and books. You might find many books on the internet written by an uncountable number of authors. Here are the seven best creative writing books for beginners to save your time shorting. 

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The Oxford Essential Guide to Writing by Thomas S. Kane

Creative writing is a skill that gradually improves. It helps if you have a solid foundation to write an errorless composition when you start. This can serve as one of the basic building blocks of writing. You need to develop a firm hold on grammar and vocabulary.

the oxford essential guide to writing by thomas s.kane

This book is a perfect guide and one of the best creative writing books for beginners. It has a dedicated section for Grammar, Usage, mechanics, style, and Strategy development, and also the unity of paragraphs; Description, and Narration.

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The Cambridge Introduction to Writing by David Morley

Through this book, you can dive into Creative writing, making yourself aware of the process and the various challenges you may face. You can gain an idea of creative criticism from this book as it is the best creative writing book for beginners.cambridge introduction to creative writing

If you want to know the simple difference between the fiction and Non-fiction forms of writing, this book will guide you perfectly. It has a dedicated section for Poetry writing. If you struggle with poet writing, this could bring an impactful change.

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The Art of X-ray Reading by Roy Peter Clark

The critical elements of story writing are Research, Setting, Characters, and Dialogue. This book mainly focuses on Research. It has a collection of 25 great works of literature and the secrets of how it can improve your writing skills.the art of x ray reading

Each chapter of this book discusses a specific piece of an author through an X-ray lens. At the end of each chapter is the lesson you learn from and how to apply it to upskill your work. It specifically touches on the literary tools used by the author and the intention of arrangement of words.

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The Elements of Style by William Strunk

If you have some prior writing experience and want to make your writing more professional and catchy, this book can serve your purpose. A slight change in each sentence or paragraph can bring about a massive change at the end of the composition.the elements of style

This book can teach you the most needed basic rules such as; how to begin and end a paragraph with conformity, how to omit needless words, how to put sentences in the positive form, and if to split a penalty. If you have a tremendous power of imagination yet struggle to put it on paper, this book will surely help you overcome it. The combination of all this makes it one of the best creative writing books for beginners.

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On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King

As we have discussed the storyline elements, this book emphasizes the development of a character, the origin of a character, where they come from, how they are likely to behave when put in a particular situation.a memoir of the craft

The author discusses the various literary devices, such as symbolism used in a specific work. Also, it prevents you from excessive exaggeration by using unnecessary adverbs. 

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Linguistics Why it Matters by Geoffrey K. Pullum

There are around 7000 distinct languages used among human communities. In India, there are 121 languages. A writer can also choose any language to express. In this book, you will get an insight into the use of language while writing, the art of Dialogue writing, an essential element of paper, and how to express your thoughts through dialogues.linguistics why it matters

So, you can learn to distinguish: phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics—the flexibility present in grammar and how we can use it.

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Becoming a Writer by Dorothea Brande

One of the significant traits of a wonderful writer is also to accept criticism and improve on it. In this book, the author also stresses the various difficulties you might face and the importance of self-analysis; maintaining specificity, causes of repetitiousness, etc.becoming a writer

It also has entire chapters on surveys, sources of originality, and learning to see again. It also can upgrade your work to pave the way to plagiarism-free content.

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However, the key to improving your creative writing skill is reading and also analyzing different genres of books. We also hope our suggestions help you in shaping your writing in the best possible way. 

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