Best Dark Romance Books – Top 11 Which Are a Must Read(2023)

The best dark romance books that take love to the extreme will have you second-guessing your feelings. With their raw emotion and deep themes surrounding forbidden relationships, these books will make you question what it means to fall for somebody.

What is dark romance? Let us tell you. The term “dark romance” refers to romantic books with serious themes and mature content intended for mature audiences. Dark romance books frequently warn about their content, such as Captive in the Dark, Asking for It, Pennies, Born Sinner, Buttons & Lace, and many more.

From lovers willing to break all the rules for each other to characters who mistake lust for love and vice versa, these are the 11 best dark romance novels that will take love to the extreme.

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The 11 Best Dark Romance Books:

Here are the 11 best Dark Romance Books you would love to read:

Captive in the Dark by CJ Roberts

Caleb is a man who cares about getting revenge. When he was a little boy, a mafia in search of power abducted him and sold him into slavery.captive in the dark by cj roberts He spent 12 years immersed in the society of pleasure-enslaved people, looking for the one man he believed to be ultimately accountable. The person who caused his pain finally manifested with a different identity but not a different personality.

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Asking for It by Lilah Pace

Vivienne Charles strikes a deal with Jonah Marks to fulfill her desires because she is scared of her own needs. Despite their bizarre arrangement, the love is amazing.asking for it book However, their pasts are likely to make the relationship turn. This is one of the best dark romance books by Lilah pace.

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Pennies by Pepper Winters

In this book, the protagonist narrates the story she tells “I formally studied psychology, but now I belong to a man.pennies by pepper winters Despite my desire for independence, I suffer in silence. Until Elder Prest shows up, I can’t leave. He claims me for a night before leaving and turning away for reasons I can’t imagine. Life gets much more challenging when he returns.

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Born Sinner by S.L. Jennings

Eden was captured alive by a gang of fighters who were dedicated to eliminating wicked weapons like hers.born sinner by s.l. jennings The story took a turn when She struck up a romance with their commander, but their bond could prove their demise. The born sinner is among the best dark romance books in this genre. 

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Buttons & Lace by Penelope Sky

Pearl is traveling when she is held captive and enslaved. She ultimately serves two masters, one of who is utterly cruel and the other of whom has a conscience and sensitivity.buttons and lace by penelope sky Ultimately, the pearl must decide whether to stick with the harsh and violent person or pick the person who cares about causing harm and using violence.

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Wanderlust by Skye Warren

The very first day Evie spends at a hotel becomes a terrifying experience despite her dreams of traveling the world. Rugged trucker Hunter is willing to do everything, including kidnapping, to retain her.wanderlust by skye warren Evie plans her escape as they travel across the nation in his truck, but she might discover what she’s been seeking next. This is one of the best books mentioned till now. It is one of the dark romance books with an interactive storyline.

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Periculum by Natalie Bennett

Before the accident, a strange tape that warned of demons, and carnage, played. The tape had a promise, a threat, and a puzzle.periculum by natalie bannett  As Liliana Serpine makes her way through hell in the shape of a lavish city, she must choose which people to believe. One individual sticks out from the others. He has a beautiful face and a menacing vibe. Bloody secrets begin to surface, and everything changes.

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Underestimated by Jettie Woodruff

Morgan’s relationship with her husband was never doing well. Although uncertain of what she wants from life, she discovers that things may worsen.underestimated by jettie woodruff  When she first meets her husband, and he does not offer her a choice, she discovers what true suffering is. She manages to get away, but when she awakens, she finds herself in exactly the same position as before.

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Yours by Dark Aubrey

This is one of the best dark romance books by Dark Aubrey. In this story, the protagonist Lekat is a lonely librarian who prefers her books to people.yours by dark aubrey  One day she chooses to go all out when her friend challenges her to kiss a handsome boy. She doesn’t realize that he is a serial killer.

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Rebel by Callie Hart

After seeing a murder, Alexis is subsequently captured twice and sold. Rebel, her new master, is linked to the guy she witnessed being murdered.rebel by callie hart In addition to being the president of perhaps the most influential biker gang in America. How far will the rebel influence Alexis de Ella, her only chance of bringing her opponents to justice?

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Danielle Lori’s sweetest oblivion

Elena Abelli, formerly the underworld’s favorite princess, is now placed under house arrest and sees her image shambles.the sweetest oblivion by danielle lori The last thing Elena wants is to give in to her desire for her future brother-in-law after hearing of her sister’s engagement with the infamous Nicolas Russo. She does, and to her surprise, Nicolas shows her love in return.

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Why do readers enjoy dark romance novels?

They stimulate the mind in quite different ways, yet their end results in a similar feeling of fulfillment. Both the protagonists and the viewer experience a sense of relief and delight when they either find genuine love or succeed in overcoming a terrible set of circumstances.

Who was the creator of Dark Romanticism?

Originally regarded as a Romantic writer, Nathaniel Hawthorne later embraced transcendentalism before discarding it in favor of the genre that brought him his greatest success

What tropes are there in dark romance?

Dark romantic clichés The brooding, tormented hero; the broken heroine; the perilous, dark world they live in; and the evil forces who threaten them are just a few of the many distinct dark romance themes.



Dark romance doesn’t have to be scary, but it can be! This list of 12 classic dark romance books that take love to the extreme includes books that are so dark they’ll make you feel uncomfortable. Prepare yourself to feel vulnerable as you read these books and learn how to handle your emotions.

If you love this type of fiction, then you’ll want to check out these more intense yet equally compelling reads. You will feel overwhelmed by the intensity of the themes and language in these books, try reading them in one sitting. In case you need a break from dark romance, then turn to a lighter read on the list instead and  Click here to explore more fantasy books.

Now that you know dark romance definition, you can dive into these best dark romance books. You will surely find something to love in these books, whether or not you opt for a 100% dark read!

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