11 Best Elin Hilderbrand Books To Warm Your Heart

A heartwarming read is something we all need more of in this digital age. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary book that takes place today or a classic about a simpler time, there’s a read for everyone in this list of best elin Hilderbrand books.

Romance novelist Elin Hilderbrand has had books published in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Some of her bestselling books are The Perfect Couple, Winter in Paradise,28 summers, barefoot, and many more.

These books will make you feel warm and fuzzy from the outside, and they’ll also help keep your heart healthy on the inside. From modern fairy tales to timeless classics, Here are the 11 best Elin Hilderbrand books to warm your heart.

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List Of 11 Best Elin Hilderbrand Books

Let’s discuss the 11 best Elin Hilderbrand books mentioned below.

The Beach Club

The Beach Club will be the perfect start if you’re first wondering which Elin Hilderbrand book to read. It has all the ingredients of a perfect summer read – a love story, a family drama, and an island setting.

the beach club

The book tells the story of Mack Peterson, his wife, and the beach club he has been working for over 12 summers. The story takes a good turn when a hurricane hits the beach club. This book contains a fantastic family drama with several key events in addition to romance.

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Winter In Paradise Elin Hilderbrand Book

Irene Steele is the lead character of Elin Hilderbrand’s novel Winter in Paradise. She and her partner live in a Victorian property in the lovely city of Iowa. One day when her husband was on his way on a business trip, he was involved in a helicopter crash.

winter in paradise

She decided to unclear the details surrounding her husband’s death. Later she discovered her husband’s secret life when she and her children landed on the island. It is among the best Elin Hilderbrand books of all time, full of love, drama, and suspense.

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28 Summers

The best-selling book “28 summers” by Elin Hilderbrand portrays a character called Mallory Blessing. She was a cancer survivor and the mother of the protagonist, link. After her death, her son was asked to call a number from the slip her mother left her behind.

28 summers

He most definitely does not imagine Jake McCloud answering. This book includes a fantastic family drama with several key moments and a great love story. With more than 146,000 ratings and a 4.22-star rating, this is among elin Hilderbrand’s most popular books. Click here to learn about best romantic MM Novels.

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A Summer Affair 

This novel was written by Elin Hilderbrand and published in 2008. It is Elin’s first novel. The story takes place in Nantucket. The novel is about a mother’s summer affair with a wealthy older man.

a summer affair

The author wanted to explore what happens when a mother falls for an older man who does not want children. With over 39,000 ratings and a 3.67-star rating, the summer affair is one of the top-rated elin Hilderbrand books of all time.

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The Blue Bistro

The Blue Bistro is a novel by Elin Hilderbrand. The story is about Adrienne Dealey, who has been working for hotels for the past six years and is now desperate to earn some fast money.

the blue bistro

When she gets an offer from the owner of the Blue Bistro, she jumps at it and has an instant connection with the thatcher. With over 40000 ratings and a 4.00-star rating, this is one of the most engaging novels by Elin Hilderbrand. Read this article for best Graphic Novels.

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Winter Street

Elin Hilderbrand wrote a four-book series titled Winter Street. The first four volumes were published in 2014,15,16 and 17, back to back. Father of four, owner of Winter Street Inn, and a homeowner with his wife, Mitzi, is Kelley Quinn.

winter street book

 The tables turn when the kids return home for Christmas. And everyone’s drama began to show up. With over 57000 ratings and a 3.81-star rating, this is one of the best elin Hilderbrand books.

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Summer Of ’69 Elin Hilderbrand Book

The summer of 1969 is the setting for the book. The novel begins with the Levin family having four children Jessie, Tiger, Kirby, and Blair. They always look forward to spending their summer at their grandmother’s historic home on Nantucket Island.

summer of '69 book

The tale is chock-full of love, romance, heartache, and the struggles of growing up. The summer of ’69, which has almost 110,000 reviews and a 3.96 rating, is a great summer read.

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The Love Season

In Elin Hilderbrand’s novel The Love Season, Marguerite Beale, a former cook at the popular restaurant Les Parapluies, receives a call from Renata Knox, her goddaughter. It has been 14 years since Marguerite last saw Renata since her mother, Candace Harris Knox, passed away.

the love season

While planning to visit her new fiancé’s family in Nantucket, Renata decides, beyond her father’s wishes, to make contact with Marguerite to find out more about her mother’s life. The Love Season is a story of love, betrayal, and finding oneself, which adds this novel to one of the best elin Hilderbrand books.

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The Castaways

Elin Hilderbrand’s novel The Castaways is a story about four couples living on the island of Nantucket. Greg and Tess MacAvoy are one of these couples. They are best friends and pillars of their close-knit community.

the castaways elin hilderbrand book

However, Greg and Tess lose their lives when they are sailing for their anniversary shortly before the start of another picture-perfect summer. With over 40,000 ratings and a 3.73 star- rating in this novel, we see how people react to change and cope when things don’t go as planned.

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Golden Girl 

Vivian Howe is a woman who has everything. She is a well-known writer and a mother of three kids. Vivian leaves early one morning for a jog close to her Nantucket house.

golden girl

Suddenly, she hears tires screeching as a car slams into her from behind. The driver drives off without waiting to assist Vivian or make an emergency call. It is a good read for beach book lovers, with over 101,000 and 4.18-star ratings. It is among the most interesting books by Hilderbrand.

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Here’s To Us 

The novel is about Deacon Thorpe. He is a successful man with a great appetite for life. One day Deacon Thorpe was found dead.

here’s to us

It was not an accident or illness that killed him but his appetite in his favorite place on earth, a dilapidated house in Provincetown, Nantucket. With over 44,000 ratings and a 3.76 star- rating, this is one of the best works by Elin Hilderbrand.

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What author is most like Elin Hilderbrand?

One of Elin Hilderbrand's favorite novelists is Dorothea Benton Frank, who has written over 20 books #1 bestsellers.

Will Elin Hilderbrand end her writing career?

In 2024, Elin Hilderbrand, dubbed the queen of the beach read, intends to stop publishing novels.

Is the perfect couple a movie?

The Perfect Couple, a book by Elin Hilderbrand, has been ordered by Netflix as a limited series. The executive producer and showrunner will adapt the book for the screen.

How many children does Elin Hilderbrand have?

Elin Hilderbrand is the mother of three kids. Maxx is a twenty-year-old student at the University of South Carolina. Dawson, 18, is a junior at the Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, and Shelby, 14, is a student in grade 8 at the public high school on Nantucket.


Love is a beautiful thing, but sometimes it can get ugly. That’s where the magic of the stories in the Elin Hilderbrand books comes in. These novels are about real love and real people dealing with real issues. They’re also refreshingly romantic and manage to keep things light-hearted simultaneously. The top 11 Elin Hilderbrand books for a good feeling are listed below.