Top10 Picks for Best George Washington Biography

People tend to find biographies interesting because they give us an insider view of famous and honorable people. But, these books become more helpful when they are related to people who inspired the whole generation and many more. One of those people is honorable George Washington. George Washington was a statesman, an American soldier, United States first President, and Founding father. He was born in a family of Virginia planters. He did not have a formal education but attended a lower Church for schooling. With the help of his knowledge and progressive attitude, he became the most respected person in United States politics. We have great picks for George Washington’s biography to read in 2021. Let see a the yop picks for best George Washington biography that will give you a peek into his life:

“His Excellency: George Washington” which is written by Joseph J. Ellis

The writer of this book, Joseph J. Ellis, is a professor specializing in the Revolutionary era and a famous author. He is a Pulitzer prize winner for his book “Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation.”
Ellis’ book shows Washington as an emotional person, despite his chilly look and attitude. This biography will give you quality over quantity. Ellis provides an excellent introduction of Washington in the beginning. Therefore, for those unfamiliar with George Washington, this autobiography will make them well-familiarize with Washington’s life. This book portrayed Washington as a multifaceted man but in a good sense. The book describes George Washington’s military life, mission, failure, success, and suffering.

“his excellency george washington” which is written by joseph j. ellis
“His Excellency George Washington” which is written by Joseph J. Ellis

This George Washington biography describes how he led the independence battle against the British to rescue his motherland from foreign rule. For example, George Washington came from a low-income household. He struggled much in his youth due to a lack of fundamental necessities. However, things changed once he enlisted in the military forces. He rose to the top of the army to govern the country. Throughout his military career, he had involvement in several engagements, the majority of which he lost. But he never gave up. To conclude, this biography is worth your time.

“Washington: A Life” whose author is Ron Chernow

Ron Chernow is a well-known author and historian. He is a Pultizer price awardee for “ Washington: A Life.” He received the most recognition for his inaugural book “ The House Of Morgan.”

This biography will give you clarity in some of Washington’s conspiracy and rumors, such as him using wooden teeth and his slave human teeth or George establishing his spy network and using double agents. The authors showed that George Washington has not succeeded in a night. He has put his ultimate efforts into protecting his country and fought against all odds. Significantly, the book displayed that George defeated New York City in August 1776.

washington a life whose author is ron chernow
washington a life whose author is ron chernow

Afterward, George made plans to fight against the British; he used his brain and secretive approach and got involved in a tiny group known as Culper Spy Ring. All his attempts eventually led to freedom. He afterward became the first-ever president of America and won this position with the immense support of his entire country. He made substantial contributions to the social, industrial, infrastructural, financial, and other significant spheres. During his reign, he drafted the constitution and led his people down the progressive road.

He significantly increased the military strength of the United States. He created a mighty America by uniting multiple states into one. Chernow also wrote about Washington’s wife, Martha, and her fears related to the battlefield. Moreover,  The only limitation is that this book is three times of Ellis’ “ His Excellency: George Washington.”

“Washington: The Indispensable Man” by James Thomas Flexner

James Thomas Flexner is a biographer and well-known American historian. He won the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award for his biography of George Washington. This book was published in 1974 and summed up Washington’s life from growing up in Virginia to his death in Mount Vernon. Hence, “Washington: The Indispensable Man” engages people with an excellent story writing style and gives charts, maps, and illustrations that bring words to life.

 washington the indispensable man by james thomas flexner
Washington The Indispensable Man by James Thomas Flexner

Therefore, this biography is an all one guide for those who want to know about George Washington.

“Washington’s Circle: The creation of the President” by David S. Heidler and Jeanne T.

Heidler After teaching history for their whole life, David and Jeanne have retired from the teaching profession. David S. Heidler and Jeanne T. Heidler’s collaboration on research, writing, and editing has resulted in numerous awards and recognition.

washington’s circle the creation of the president by david s. heidler and jeanne t.
Washington’s Circle The creation of the President by David S. Heidler and Jeanne T.

Heidler drew a rich picture of Washington while addressing the importance of his cabinet, which he trusted to advise him as he took on a position he had before rejected to accept. Therefore,  Washington’s Circle provides an in-depth portrait of many secretaries and governors within Washington’s cabinet.

“George Washington’s Secret Six” by Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger

Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger are two amazingly talented and famous authors. Their creative writing style makes every book a page-turner. This biography focuses on the Long Island spy ring of the American Revolution. According to the narrative, he made a quick escape from New York City in August 1776. This book portrayed Washington’s problematic situation when he got to know that they could not defeat the British army in the war. So, he decided to outsmart British royalty and their military.

 george washington’s secret six by brian kilmeade and don yaeger
George Washington’s Secret Six by Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger

George Washington’s secret of six books depicts this lesser-known story in chronological order starting with the New York loss. Washington gathers reliable, savvy spy rings and agents to defeat their rival British.

“Washington’s Revolution” by Robert Middlekauff.

Robert Middlekauff was a professor at the University of California teaching colonial. He was a Pulitzer Prize finalist and Bancroft award winner for his great writing style and way of portrait incidents of history to its best. Middlekauff begins his book Washington’s Revolution with an overview of Washington’s childhood and how he trained throughout his growing years to be the person who brings a change in the coming future. To conclude, Washington’s Revolution portrait the story of the war from Washington’s point of view, as well as an account of a conflict that was that man’s to win or lose.

“washington’s revolution” by robert middlekauff
“Washington’s Revolution” by Robert Middlekauff

The biography shows us that Washington was commanding and relentless; he made it happen once he set his mind to anything. These suggestions of six amazing biographies will help you learn about George Washington’s life in different aspects and phrases.

“You Never Forget Your First: George Washington’s Biography” by Alexis Coe

The creator of this all-time biographical book, Alexis Coe, depicts George Washington’s entire life journey. The author emphasized George Washington’s struggle, success, mission, achievement, and other phenomena in this work. George was raised by a poor, helpless, and single mother. He had to deal with a lot of difficulties throughout his childhood, but he never gave up. He worked so hard and earned the honor of being a national hero.

washington’s revolution by robert middlekauff
“You Never Forget Your First: George Washington’s Biography” by Alexis Coe

After marrying, he took up weapons against the British to take away his freedom and rights. He was defeated in countless encounters, yet he never gave up. The book tells the biography of George Washington, the country’s founding father.
It details his involvement in many engagements and confrontations against the British.


“George Washington: The Political Rise of America’s Founding Father” by David O. Stewart

This biographical book advocate for the political ascension of George Washington, America’s founding father. The historian demonstrates the life of George Washington from his childhood to all his accomplishments. The book describes that the U.S. master politician and the most crucial caption was made by immense education. Washington evolved himself and started educating him over political matters and America’s economy. Also, the author demonstrated how he utilized merit and might to dominate the country and extend his authority.

george washington the political rise of america’s founding father by david o. stewart
George Washington The Political Rise of America’s Founding Father by David O. Stewart

George Washington served as a military commander. He rose to prominence after battling for freedom against the British. After winning the struggle against foreign overlords, his compatriots pressed him to become president. After retiring from the Continental Army, he was unanimously chosen as the United States’ first president. During his reign, he drafted the American constitution and instituted several significant improvements. To inspire others, the book presents George Washington’s life narrative.

To conclude, this book discusses his struggle, achievement, and failure and his goal, vision, and general political ideology.

“Deeds, not Words” by Helen Pankhurst

The U.S. first President George Washington’s motto illustrates that he believes in implementations rather than just words. George Washington was bold, fearless, honest, which made him one of the world’s most outstanding leaders. Henceforth, To depict the great President’s personal and political life, many writers have written books over him.

deeds, not words by helen pankhurst
Deeds, not Words by Helen Pankhurst

You might also be interested in finding free books online

“George Washington: A Life from Beginning to End” by Hourly History.

The book consists of the entire journey of Washington from being a member of the Virginia military to becoming the indefectible leader of the world. Hourly portrayed how after being refused by the Britishers for commission in the army and struggling for control of Ohio valley to become the extraordinary political leader of the U.S., Washington came a long way. Moreover, Hourly described Washington’s integrity that became a prototype for ensuing peer groups to imitate.

you never forget your first george washington biography by alexis coe.
You Never Forget Your First George Washington Biography by Alexis Coe

Moreover, The entire book tells the remarkable journey of George Washington.

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