5 Best Guitar Books For Self Teaching

Self-teaching is the process of creating yourself. Nobody can take your wisdom away from you, which is why it is so valuable. Don’t delay your passion anymore, and start right away! So, here’s a helpful guide for those who are searching for best guitar books for self teaching.

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Best Guitar Books For Self Teaching

Here are our top picks for Best Guitar Books For Self Teaching :

The Guitar Handbook by Ralph Denyer

The Guitar Handbook includes everything you could ever want to know about acoustic and electric guitars. Ralph succeeds in simply breaking down music theory to understand! This classic has yet to be dethroned.

the guitar handbook

This is a resource for learning the guitar and a reference guide to guitarists, styles, equipment, and a chord library. The content is meticulously organized and exact. Construction, electronics, and how to set up a guitar are all covered in-depth in this book. It also includes parts on numerous musical styles and twenty cutting-edge methods great guitarists use.

While the first edition is excellent, the current edition has been updated to reflect technological advancements over the last two decades. The publishers have updated the sections on guitar models, guitarists, and amplifiers with full-color images. In addition, the final component has a chord library that will come in helpful when you wish to broaden your musical horizons. It is one of the best guitar books for self teaching.

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Hal Leonard Guitar Method Greg Koch and by Will Schmid

The Hal Leonard method has been for a long time and is one of the most popular beginner guitar books.

hal leonard guitar method

The Second Edition is fantastic because it includes all his books in one! “Hal Leonard’s Method” is essentially designed for anyone, at any level, as it progresses through volumes 1, 2, and 3. He brought together some of the best technical skills worldwide to help you learn faster. Following an introduction to basic guitar anatomy, this book introduces chords in usable sequences so that you can begin playing songs soon after learning the basics.

You can use this book as an absolute beginner with or without an instructor. Everything is available online, and the lessons can be as short or as you like. The ease of having a book and audio files and exercises is like a guarantee of improvement in learning to play the guitar. It is one of the best guitar books for self teaching.

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Guitar Aerobics by Troy Nelson

Doesn’t the name itself attract you to the book? Those lessons are accompanied by online audios that include “workouts” to help you remember what you’ve learned! Not only do you get the theory, but you also get a variety of workouts to choose from!

guitar aerobics

There are 365 exercises you can do to improve in various ways. The exercises in the book are brief enough to learn and memorize, and each day’s training focuses on a different technical skill to keep your practice varied.

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Teach Yourself to Play Guitar by David M. Brewster

Teach Yourself to Play Guitar has neatly organized everything a beginner needs to learn in a simple design. The content includes fretboard basics, guitar tablature, open chords, rhythm playing, and many other topics that will help you progress quickly.

teach yourself to play guitar

The explanation of chords, theory, and scales is not as detailed as others on our list, but it is adequate. The emphasis on the fundamentals of guitar playing is the best part of this Teach Yourself edition. Their explanation style is straightforward and straightforward. As a result, this is also a good option for adult beginners. This book will teach you how to play your first few songs in no time. It is one of the best guitar books for self teaching.

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Idiot’s Guides: Guitar Theory by David Hodge

It’s ideal if you’re new to guitar but want to be a serious player within a year or two. It will take you through the fundamentals before introducing advanced techniques and music theory.

idiots's guide guitar

The book gradually builds on previous concepts as you gain a basic understanding. The approach is straightforward – step-by-step instruction using simple terminology to ensure comprehension. Hodge has succeeded in creating guitar lessons that stand out from the crowd.

It is appropriate for students looking for a comprehensive book that focuses solely on theory. It includes 320 pages of clearly explained concepts and 60+ minutes of play-along tracks. The quality and content are difficult to beat for the price.

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Finally, after reviewing the best guitar books for self-teaching, I believe that theory knowledge gained from books should be supplemented with practical video lessons! The various exercises available in the books allow them to keep track of their progress at all times. Nowadays, one can easily access free online tutorials on YouTube.

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