The Best Italian Books – Top 5 Italian Novels

 I’m going to give a brief idea about the best Italian books that I had gone through. This post contains the best books set in Italy, both fiction and non-fiction, to inspire your real-life travel.  And before traveling to Italy set books, I read several of these books and compiling this list.

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I have found several more to bring me back to our college days; that is when we all are hanging over with our friends and enemies too.

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The Best Italian Books

Here are the top picks for best Italian books:

Angels And Demons

In this Italian novel, he is a symbologist. He has taken up a case to analyze the mysterious symbol that he had murdered. Now, we get into depth to more interesting things about this novel. In Angels and Demons,  a Harvard Symbologist summoning his first assignment to analyze a mysterious symbol. It has seared into the chest of the murdered physicist of the case. He had to do the murder. The Symbologist discovers the illuminate, a powerful underground organization which is set to carry out the vendetta against the catholic church.

angels and demons

He heads to Rome upon learning a timed bomb has been placed in the Vatican city. He follows a trail of ancient symbols throughout Rome in an attempt to stop the bomb from detonating. So the symbologist and his team members are doing a smart investigation and finally, he won the case by detecting the murdered physicist. I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t heard of this, it is truly one of the best italian books.

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The Best Italian Books Milkfed

Milkfed novel is a type of comedy standup hobby. Broder (The Pisces) is back with a new novel about a 24-year-old in Los Angeles named Rachel, an eating disorder, a disordered relationship with her mother. At a therapist’s recommendation, Rachel goes on a 90-day detox from her mom.

milk fed

Instead, she finds herself falling for a fro-yo heir, Miriam and whose family’s Judaism looks deeply different from Rachel’s own. So it is a story about religion, sexuality, food, and your fucked-up feelings. I would recommend this book for, asking for the best Italian books.

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 My Year Abroad                                                            

 The suburban American hero of Lee’s new novel, Tiller, is a self-described “slightly-below-average guy in all categories.” The story is starting with his obsession with Pong Lou. It is a borderline caricature of a Chinese American entrepreneur who sells drinks with alleged restorative qualities. The novel — set when it was still possible to journey to China and it alternates between Tiller’s whirlwind past.

my year abroad

As he traveled across that country as Pong’s assistant, and his presence in which he’s residing in Middle America with a girlfriend who is under witness protection. As with Lee’s debut 1995 novel Native Speaker, or the more recent On Such a Full Sea which is set in a dystopian “New China,” this one subverts as many ethnic stereotypes as it perilously evokes. My Year Abroad is a syncopated surprise, with an ending that will be sure to leave you texting all your friends. It is one of the best italian books.

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The Best Italian Books Hundred Boyfriends

This type of novel tells us the types of emotions and feelings in a relationship that we are taking up. You could describe Brontez Purnell, who lives in Oakland, as a writer, choreographer, filmmaker, curator, actor, and artist, or you could cover your bases and call him a “national treasure.”

hundred boyfriends

 100 Boyfriends is a collection of short stories so wrigglingly alive and counterculturally refreshing that it deserves a new noun a pod of whales, a murder of crows, a jubilee of Brontez Purnell stories? Also I’d wager that he sets down the best first lines of any living writer. It is one of the best italian books. It will also be in the list of all the Italian Readers.

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Fake Accounts

This novel has the details of fake accounts created by the cheated persons. A debut novel from critic Oyler, Fake Accounts, is one of the best Italian books where a woman who, at the dawning of the Trump presidency, discovers her boyfriend is a decently famous Instagram conspiracy theorist.

best italian books

As the back cover reveals the discovery and there will be a dramatic twist in the life of the nameless author. That made me to get hooked upon on this book. If you’re looking for fiction that understands the complexities of life online and how  the world seeps into reality, this is it.

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So, this was my list of best Italian books. Italy has such a good diversity when it comes to writers, hope you find your new favourite one! I also hope this article was useful to you in someway. Please leave your much valued feedback in the comments below.

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