11 Best Ken Follett Books

What better way to time travel the historic World than books? And some such books by Ken Follett stand as the epitome of learning more about history through his fiction and thriller-based historical write-ups. So here we present the 11 best Ken Follett books.

ken follett books

Some of Ken Follett’s best historical fiction novels include The Century Trilogy, The Kingsbridge series, A Place called Freedom, On wings of Eagles, and Night over Water. These Ken Follett’s fictions include thrillers merged with relevant historical events. 

The novels by Ken Follett cover the critical historical moments of the World. The storyline is based on different time zones and effectively depicts the life of people in the era. Here is a list of the best Ken Follett books to read.

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List of The Best Ken Follett Novels

Below are the 11 best Ken Follett books for every history buff to binge-read.

The Century Trilogy

This Ken Follett’s book trilogy includes three historical novels. The Century trilogy’s first book is Fall of Giants. This epic historical fiction weaves together the story of five families set in the time of the first world war and the tragic struggle of women in the era. This story takes you through the lives of lowly miners and the elite society in the glittery castles. 

the century trilogy

The Century trilogy series’ second book is Winter of the World. This book follows the story of five families set across the continents who are about to face the tragic fate of the second world war. From the Nazi rule to the Spanish civil war, this book gives a detailed insight into the people’s lives during the cold war.

The Century trilogy’s last book is the Edge of eternity. It includes events such as civil wars, presidential impeachment, revolutions, assassinations, etc. This book concludes the above and takes you through a historical roller coaster. 

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Kingsbridge Series

This series includes four of Ken Follet’s novels set in the time frame of prominent cathedral events. It is a collection of four novels. The first book is the most popular, “The pillars of the Earth ” and stands as one of the best books by Ken Follett. It includes controversial tragedies like the white ship sinking, anarchy, and the assassination of the archbishop. And the second book is World without end. This book covers the lives of people during the Edwardian war.

kingsbridge series

Kingsbridge’s third book is A column of fire. The book depicted the turbulent environment of the World when Queen Elizabeth came to the throne. It Covers various issues of rebellions, spies, and plots surrounding the royal family.

The fourth book of the Kingsbridge series is the recent 2020 release, The evening and the morning. This novel is a prequel set in the period of Welsh and Viking attacks on the king. Also, people love to read Queen Victoria books. You will love it by reading.

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Eye of The Needle

This novel is an excellent thriller blended with historical events. The story features Henry Faber, A German spy, the most feared enemy of Britain. He goes by the name “Needle” and arrives in London to sneak information into Germany.

eye of the needle

The mission goes flawlessly until one-day, events turn around, and Henry is framed for a murder. To escape charges, he fled to a small island in Scotland.

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The Key To Rebecca

This story features Alex Wolff, An extremely dangerous German spy. As Alex is dedicated to sneaking out Britain’s secrets through the book Rebecca, Britain’s Major Vandam has sworn on Alex’s death.

the key to rebecca

Who will succeed in the mission? The story takes place in Cairo during the world wars.

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A Dangerous Fortune

This Ken Follett’s novel is a political thriller. The story features a group of elite society students from a prestigious institute based in London.

a dangerous fortune

A seemingly accidental death of one student drags the other society elites into turmoil.

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A Place Called Freedom

The novel features the character Mack, who opposes the mistreatment of the coal miners. And he tumbles on Lizzie, who happens to be the wife of the Coal mine’s owner.

a place called freedom

They both struggle against the societal classes and find a place of freedom.

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Hornet Flight

The story features a Danish pilot, Harald discovers a German hideout.

hornet flight

First, he must escape from the Germans. But to give the information to officials.

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 This standalone novel is set up in the lands of Egypt. The Egyptian officials are getting closer to their mission: The Nuclear Bomb. And to prevent war, the special ops are on a mission to steal uranium, an essential element for a nuclear bomb.


And if they fail the mission, the answer is a single event of Nuclear war.

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Night Over Water

Night Over Water is one of the best Ken Follett books, narrating events during world war two. This novel features Britain elites and nobodies on a flight bound for the USA.

night over water

They all have a single goal to escape the clutches of world war. What happens overnight on the flight is a dramatic turn of events across the Atlantic.

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Lie Down With Lions

This epic ken Follett novel is set across the Afghan nation. It features two men who come to Afghanistan as aid workers and a young American woman.

lie down with lions

The epic twists and turns around the love, terrorism, and lust that unfolds in the novel.

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The last one on this list of best Ken Follett books is Jackdaws, another novel about the events of world war 2. The Special Op lead, Flick, finds herself lost when her husband goes missing, and her whole team is murdered.


She is left with none but herself to make the mission successful. Will Flick fulfill her special operation?

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Which Ken Follett book is the most popular?

The most popular book of ken Follett is the Pillars of the earth.

What other books can I read if I like the writing style of Ken Follett?

Some other books similar to Ken Follett's writing style are The name of the rose, The clan of the cave bear: Earth's Children, Sarum: The novel of England, and Dissolution: A ShardLake Novel.

Should I refer to the prequel the evening and the morning before reading the pillars of the earth?

Though the evening and the morning novel is a prequel, it doesn't contain any connection to the characters of the pillars of the Earth since the story leaps two hundred years.

What is the sequence of Ken Follett's series The Kingsbridge?

The Kingsbridge contains a series of four books. They are the pillars of the Earth, the World without end, A column of fire, and a recently released the evening and the morning, the prequel of the pillars of Earth.

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This article features the best Ken Follett books. This list includes two series, the Kingsbridge with four books and the Century Trilogy. It also includes standalone books like Lie down with lions, Triple, Night over Water, etc. All these novels feature fictional characters whose story follows historical world history with a major focus on world wars. We hope you enjoy Ken Follett’s take on world history with his thriller-filled twists and action-filled novels.