8 Best Kindle Unlimited Romance Books in 2023 You must read!

Romance books are always captivating to read. But how do you choose the best ones from hundreds of romantic books? Therefore, we introduce some of the best kindle unlimited romance books of the year.


Best Kindle Unlimited Romance Books to Read in 2023

Making faces by Amy Harmon, and Falling For you by Té Russ are a few kindle love stories that you should try.

These are the top 8 books filled with heart aching, intense, dramatic, and cute love stories. This will swoon you all day. Stories that you fascinate about are here. What are you waiting for? Get your hand on juicy and captivating romance stories right now.

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Making Faces by Amy Harmon

If you are looking for some intense love and drama, this one’s for you. The book is the modern version of beauty and beast. It will make you realize the pain of loss. It’s inevitable to run from the beast inside you. Everyone has that beast and beauty inside of us. A story where one loses life and identity. A remarkable love story between a warrior and a small-town girl. Kindle romances are often filled with compelling stories. This one’s a must-read.

making faces by amy harmon

One of the most heart-wrenching love stories where you will cry and love at the same time. When he comes back from war, a wounded warrior falls in love with a simple girl.

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The Marriage Code by Brooke Burroughs

A classic enemies-to-lovers story. A girl rejects his boyfriend’s proposal and starts to save her job. The only thing she loved too much. The male protagonist gets his promotion, and both are stuck together as nemeses. Circumstances turn against them. As his parents expected him to get married.

the marriage code by brooke burroughs

He needed a bride. Emma, the female protagonist, offers him a deal of being her bride. He accepts it even though he hates her. The overall story will make you laugh and love their chemistry. One of the best kindle unlimited romance books.

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Falling for you by Té Russ

A beautiful and unpredictable love story of two young people. Their life changes when they fall in love as strangers. Harrison, the protagonist, has no idea that he will be meeting the love of his life while strolling on a casual day. A stranger falls into his arm, and that is how they meet.

falling for you by te russ

Kindle unlimited romance series presents heart-warming stories of excellent characters and captivating storylines.

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Reclaimed by Jaymin Eve

Love is a complicated game, as we all know. You make choices you never wanted to make. This book is all about that. A story where you feel the power of love. And what love can make you do. Do you have the strength to choose yourself over toxic love? The narrative will give you a ride of toxic love and its strength. Whether the charters are a victim or just trapped in the web of intense love.

reclaimed by jaymin eve

The girl in the book questions herself and tries to evolve from it. But we all know how this ends. When the beast uses her for his selfish motives, she decides never to lead her life under the influence of men. Count it as one of the best romance books on Kindle unlimited.

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The Five Stages of Falling in Love by Rachel Higginson

Rachel writes this book as the story of love and grief. When Elizabeth finds that she has lost her true love and the father of her four children. She gave up hope. In this time of grief, she ignores new friends and dives deep into sorrow. When she feels she doesn’t have anything to offer more, Ben comes into her life as her new neighbor. Even if she rejects any help and shoulder to cry, Ben gives her both. He pushes her out of her deep grief.

the five stages of falling in love by rachel higginson


This makes her realize that there is so much more to love and live for. One of the best kindle unlimited romance books that you must read.

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Win Some, Lose Some by Shay Savage

A story of a shy boy who meets a girl. When the male protagonist finds himself a girl who isn’t giving up on him, they get close. The man is awkward and likes to be in isolation. He finds struggle in everything in his life. Surviving with her disabled sister, he gets orphaned. When he meets this girl, his life never changes forever. The girl pulls him out from his shady and depressed feelings. She makes him realize the beauty of life and accept love too.

win some lose some by shay savage

A beautiful story that you must give a try. I loved the characters and the relatability of this story.

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Ride by Harper Dallas

Steamy books on Kindle unlimited are getting very popular. This is one of them. A nasty, arrogant boy who is very much popular with girls. Wherever he went, girls would follow him. Everyone knows about his reputation and charisma. Brooke, the female protagonist who had a crush on him, decides never to be distracted by him. She is determined and ambitious about her career and won’t let the bad boy ruin it.

ride by harper dallas

Moreover, Chase (the bad boy) wants to be in her bed. Brook knows it very well. But is she capable of ignoring him for a long time? Read to find out more. If you are looking for some best kindle unlimited romance books, go for this one.

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Famine by Laura Thalassa

Laura creates this story with a unique premise. Four horsemen come to earth with the motive to destroy it. Ana feels that she will die early, but she could never imagine that horse riders would be the reason for it. Famine, one of the horsemen, keeps Ana around for a reason he cannot understand. Her childish threats attracted him.

famine by laura thalassa

Even though they hate each other, but could not keep their hands off some nights. Now their fate decides whether they will be enemies or lovers.

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Can I share my Kindle book with someone?

Can I share my Kindle book with someone? Amazon allows you to share certain Kindle books with anyone you want, as long as you have the email address associated with their Amazon account.

Are Kindle Unlimited books free forever?

Kindle Unlimited books present you with free books as long as you subscribe to them. However, if you cancel the subscription, they are no longer available for free.

What is the most read book on Kindle?

The most read book on Kindle is the girl with a Dragon Tattoo. It’s a thrilling story of a girl who meets a journalist and unravels the rest mysteries. It’s a murder mystery and love story with captivating characters.


Romance books are a great way to spend your free time. These books helps you to relax and day dream of your own little fantasy world. Engaging tales of juicy love stories are here. Some of the best kindle unlimited romance books are available online. Read them to indulge yourself in a world full of love and drama. The characters and stories will keep you hooked till the end. These are some of the stories that will make you cry emotionally. Yet it brings heart-warming love to you. Kindle love stories are so popular that you cannot miss them. These are fresh and colorful tales of romance and steamy passion. If you want some juicy love with swoony characters, this is for you.

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