11 Best Nora Roberts Books

If you’ve never heard of Nora Roberts before, you are in for a real treat! Nora Robert is a deal breaker if you’re into romance, suspense, and slice-of-life genres. Her character style and story writing will make you fall for her work. These are some of the best Nora Roberts books you will look for. 

Nora Roberts is among the most well-known romance book novelists. She has published over 200 books and sold about 300 million work units worldwide. Her publications have been converted into 40 different languages. Her writing has garnered numerous awards, including three Locus Awards, four First-Time Hugo Award nominations, and six RITA Award nominations.

She is an expert in engaging readers with her original tales and compelling heroes and heroines. So, we’ll tell you about Nora Roberts’s top 11 novels. If you will, consider this a reading list.

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Let’s Discuss About 11 Best Nora Roberts Books

Here are the 11 best Nora Roberts books mentioned below.

Savor The Moment 

The story revolves around Laurel McBane starting to work at Vows, a wedding planning service, with her best pals Parker, Emma, and Mac. She is too low-key to appreciate all the perks her clients receive fully.

savor the moment book

Delaney, Parker’s older brother, is an intelligent, strong man who has always been her dream man since childhood, and she appreciates him. There are almost 54000 ratings and a 4.14 rating. Also, It is among the best Nora Roberts romance novels. Above all, people who like to read the romantic genre should try it.

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Happy Ever After

Happy ever after is one of the best Nora Roberts series, part of the Bride Quartet series Mackensie, Parker, Laurel, and Emmaline, four childhood pals, have founded a tremendously successful wedding-planning firm.

Three of the four ladies fell in love while assisting hundreds of overjoyed couples in planning their weddings, but Parker stays unmarried and committed to her profession.

happy ever after nora roberts book

Parker devotes her entire time to her business, but as she reconsiders her connections, she realizes that someone is likely to distract her attention. With more than 56000 ratings and a 4.17-star rating, this is the best Nora Roberts book in the series.

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Bed Of Roses

It is the second part of the bride quartet series with more than 60000 ratings and a 4.11-star rating, one of the best Nora Roberts books.

bed of roses nora roberts book

Emmaline Grant has been attracted to romance, so it’s no wonder she’s discovered her passion as a wedding florist. She loves playing with flowers daily and collaborating with her two best friends.

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Jewels Of The Sun

The story revolves around a refugee searching for a place to call home. Jude Murray escapes America, determined to re-evaluate her life, and seeks refuge at Faerie Hill Cottage

jewels of the sun nora roberts book

She immerses herself in Irish history and finds hope for the mystical past’s future. With over 62000 and 4.22-star ratings in this category, this is certainly one of Nora Roberts most popular books. Click here for the best Historical books to read in 2023.

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The Obsession

The Obsession is a psychological drama with a love aspect. It has approximately 68,000 ratings, with an average rating of 4.21. The night Naomi Bowes followed her dad more into the woods, she lost faith. By rescuing the girl locked in the basement area, Naomi exposed her father’s heinous actions and made her known.

the obsession nora roberts book

No, regardless of how close she comes to joy, she can’t escape Thomas David Bowes‘ wrongdoings. If you’re into thrillers, these are the best Nora Roberts books in this genre. 

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Born In Fire

Born in Fire is the first book of the Born In Trilogy, sometimes known as the Irish Born Trilogy, and has a rating of 4.21 out of 71,000.

Margaret Mary, one of three sisters in the novel, is a glass artist with an independent streak as strong as her violent temper. Rogan Sweeney, the owner of a Dublin gallery, has noticed the soul in Maggie’s paintings and promises to assist her in establishing a career.

born in fire nora roberts book

When he visits Maggie’s workshop, their passionate connection rekindles her heart, and love gradually heals her traumatized past. Read this article to learn about the best vampire books.

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Year One

Year One is a romantic novel and the first book in the Chronicles of One series. Including over 78,000 ratings, it currently has an average rating of 4.02.

year one nora roberts book

It is among the best Nora Roberts books, with a storyline that revolves around a survival world where almost every person encountered may be a brute or a saint. However, a mission awaits them, which will change their destinies and the lives of those who survive.

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Sea Swept

It is the second book in the Chesapeake Bay Saga: Sea Swept series, and each book is written from the point of view of a different brother. This book has already been rated over 68,000 times with an average rating of 4.23.

sea swept nora roberts book

Cameron Quinn, a great speedboat racer, traveled worldwide and spent his riches on alcohol and women. However, when his dying father reminds him to care for Seth, a troublesome young kid like Cameron changes his life quickly. Want to know about Mike Wood’s books? Read This.

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Dance Upon The Air

This novel on our list of the top Nora Roberts best books is the beginning of the story Three Sisters Island series. Dance Upon the Air has a rating of 4.20 based on over 67,000 ratings.

dance upon the air nora roberts book

Nell Channing feels she has finally found peace from her violent husband and the horrible life she escaped eight months ago when she landed on lovely Three Sisters Island. Despite the calm, peaceful environment, Nell is never completely relaxed. If you’re interested in trilogy reading, this might be the best Nora Roberts book series.

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The Next Always

The story has a modern romance genre, this is one of the books of this series, and each volume of the BoonsBoro Trilogy focuses on a separate brother. After that, the Next Always has received over 78,000 ratings, with a 4.12 average rating.

the next always nora roberts book

Clare Brewster easily adjusts to her lifestyle as the mother of 3 small kids while owning the town’s bookshop; due to the loss of her partner, she moved to her hometown. The Boonsboro series is one of Nora Roberts’ best books.

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Vision In White

Vision in White is the first novel in the Bride Quartet series, with over 132,000 ratings and a 4.12 average rating. The plot focuses on Mackensie Elliot, who spends most of her time behind the camera, ready to catch good times, although she had never experienced love as a child.

vision in white nora roberts book

Her father replaced his initial family with a new one, and now her mother, who has moved on to another guy, demands Mac for money and attention.

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What is Nora Roberts' finest trilogy?

The Three Sisters Island Trilogy follows three ladies who come together to Three Sisters Island to remove a centuries-old curse.

What is the writing style of Nora Roberts?

For Roberts, the creative process is writing for eight hours every day, which allows her to describe the story with whichever style she has chosen—romance, modern relationship, or romantic, dramatic tension that the plot requires, and write it as well as she can.

Is Nora Roberts working on a new trilogy?

In The Awakening, #1 New York Times best-seller author Nora Roberts launches a new series of adventures, love, and sorcery.

Nora Roberts writes, on average, how many hours a day?

Nora Roberts spends 6-8 hours a day writing and 90 minutes a day working out.


To sum up, the books on this list are all accounted for in the New York Times Bestsellers List. If you want to read the best books by Nora Roberts, then you can’t go wrong by adding any of these books to your reading list. Nora Roberts has written everything from romantic tales to inspirational stories, and these are some of her best reads.

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