7 Best Rom Com Books That Will Guarantee to Leave You Happy Today!

In this hectic life, take a break and indulge yourself in some of the best rom-com books. The Rom-com genre is getting increasingly popular every day, including romantic MM novels.

These books are great if you already love watching sitcoms or rom-com movies. Books like “The Unhoneymooners” by Christina Lauren, Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall, The Hating Game by Sally Thorne, The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood, etc. are extremely popular. Moreover, if you want to read something hilarious but all swoony and romantic? Go for these 7 best rom-com books that will leave you happy today.

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Rom-com itself is a full package of emotions and laughter. It makes you all mushy and also fills you with positivity, especially towards “love”.


7 Best Rom Com Books to Check Out in 2023

Find the 7 best rom com books which will leave you happy on a sad or hectic day. These are award-winning books to make you romantic and happy.

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The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

If you want to read something light and funny and then go for this one. It’s a story of two nemeses getting entangled in awkward situations.

The Maid of honor and best man of any wedding can be the best duo anyone dreams of. But there is a plot twist. They hate each other!

Amy’s honeymoon gets crashed due to food poison and thus they cancel their honeymoon. She requests her sister Olive and Ethan (best man) to go on their full-paid honeymoon.

the unhoneymooners by christina lauren

Deciding that they can enjoy the trip and ignore each other. But they find themselves in situations where they create an elaborate ruse. And it ends as a fake marriage for their boss.

The book offers laughs and typical enemies-to-lover romance. It’s a story of a nemesis who goes on a romantic trip and eventually turns into lovers? The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren is one of the best rom-com books to leave you happy and content.

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Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall

Luc O’ Donnell is a 28-year-old boy having excess emotional baggage. He is the son of an 80s rockstar and has outstanding fame and popularity. It’s a story of this man growing up in an emotionally cold and distant family. His situation gets worse when his awkward photographs get viral. His face lying down in the gutter, wearing bunny ears makes the photos funny and embarrassing. The entire scandal pushes his boss to give him an ultimatum.

boyfriend material by alexis hall

It further gets more hilarious and awkward when he gets into a relationship with a fake boyfriend to save his reputation.

If you are looking for the best rom-com books that can instantly become your favorite then this might be the one.

Read further to know how long Donell’s fake relationship lasts?

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The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

One of the most hilariously romantic stories I’ve ever read. It’s the best rom-com book you can read. This is again an enemy turn into a lovers story. The writing is very simple to understand. It’s an office romance with loads of sexual tension.

People often say, the opposite attracts, but does this apply here too?

the hating game by sally thorne

The two nemeses go to battle the moment they enter through those office doors, hurling aggressive harsh remarks and scorned-filled glances at each other. This eventually turns into a warzone after their promotion.

As you all know, how easily hate turns into love. Read further to know the witty-cute story of Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman. How do these nemeses turn into lovers?

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Act Your Age by Eve Brown

The third book in the Brown sister trilogy is going to make you laugh hard.

Due to her flightiness, Eve tends to attract chaos despite having the best of intentions. The incident has angered her parents, who are fed up with her for causing a wedding to be ruined.

act your age by eve brown

In an attempt to start on her own, she applies for a chef job at a B&B, but its owner is the complete opposite of her. She is sent away when he realizes they are doomed to fail together. It’s only when she hits him with her car that she realizes what’s happened. She feels awful and insists on staying and helping run the B&B while he recovers.

Their entire journey will make your stomach hurt by laughing. Will they be still enemies or the story will take a new turn? Read to know more!

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The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

This is one of the best rom-com books you will find on the internet right now. It’s a personal choice but I insist you on reading this. If you are looking for some hot office romance and sexual tension, then this is it.

Ph.D. candidate Olive Smith impulsively kisses Adam Carlsen after learning that she is happily dating her hot, young professor. He pretends to be in a relationship and convinces the board.

the love hypothesis by ali hazelwood

They start spending more time together to keep their facade up. But then, Olive’s career is threatened by a big science conference that threatens their relationship forever.

An award-winning rom-com will make you feel all mushy and swoony.

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The Boyfriend Project by Farrah Rochon

After realizing that they’re all dating the same man, the three women become friends instead of enemies. They spend time together and decided on working on their goals. They focus on achieving their dreams. Rather than finding a husband, they work on improving themselves.

the boyfriend project by farrah rochon

Samaih’s situation is going well until a new hot guy shows up. When she meets Daniel at work, she must decide if he’s a good match for a boyfriend

If the story of female friendships makes you have and motivated, then go for this book. It’s filled with hot romance as well as strong female companionship.

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Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston (best rom com books)

A lifelong rivalry between Alex Claremont-Diaz and Prince Henry is at the heart of this award-winning romance. A must-read for all rom-com lovers. They caught up in a confrontation with tabloids.

red, white & royal blue by casey mcquiston

The PR team makes a fake friendship between the boys to reduce the threat of damaged public relations between America and Britain. Eventually, this takes a turn and becomes a real friendship. Read further to know, if they potentially become more than friends and bloom into lovers?

A compelling story that will make you go all romantic for your crush.

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What's a good rom-com book?

The Hating Game (ebook) by Sally Thorne, The Unhoneymooners, The Love Hypothesis, Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston, etc. are some of the good rom-com books available.

What should I read if I like the hating game?

If you like the hating game by Sally Thorne then you should try the unhoneymooners, Act your Age by Ali Hazelwood. This story revolves around enemies to lovers plot with attractive and funny characters.


For every rom-com enthusiast, we gathered this list of the best rom-com books available online. These stories are captivating and make you go all mushy and romantic. Filled with engaging and hot characters that will make you fall in love with them. These are very popular rom-com books. Definitely will turn your day happy. Some of the books mentioned above are award-winning in the rom-com genre. Rom-coms make you hopeful to find your true love. So read fiction and romanticize your life.

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