Best Sci Fi Books In 2023 | Top 5 Picks

You will find a lot of sci fi books or sci fi book series in the market and may get confused as to which to buy. So we made a list to walk you through some of the best sci fi books. Let’s get into the list of the best sci fi books available in the market without any further due.

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5 Best Sci Fi Books

Here’s my list of best sci fi books for you to read in 2023.

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Reconstruction By Alaya Dawn Johnson

Reconstruction is one of the very best sci fi books that brings together ten stories by Alaya Dawn Johnson, a novelist, artist, and scholar—two of which are being published for the first time! These stories, like most of Johnson’s work, are about marginalised people discovering (often supernatural) ways to survive in structures that seek to destroy them, making it one of the good sci fi books .


 The collection covers the globe, both in terms of geography and genre—the title story, for example, is about a formerly enslaved woman who uses protective magic for a Black Union Army regiment, while “The Mirages” is set in a post-apocalyptic Mexico City. Johnson’s versatility can be seen in her two vampire interpretations: Although “A Guide to the Fruits of Hawai’i,” is a lighthearted tale about summer camp, the Nebula award-winning opening story, “A Guide to the Fruits of Hawai’i,” (which you can read here!) transports us to an alternative version of our own universe in which vampires have overrun the Earth and trap humans as food sources.

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Best Sci Fi Books We Could Be Heroes By Mike Chen

An extraordinary and great story about unlikely friends and the power of self-determination.

In his latest book, one of the best science fiction books , Mike Chen, author of Here and Now and Then, tells a behind-the-scenes superhero tale. Mind Robber, a supervillain, keeps colliding with Throwing Star, a costumed superhero. Obviously, the two clash, but things get even more complicated when they meet at the San Delgado Memory Loss & Dementia Support Group.

we could be heros

Why did both of them suffer from terrible memory loss two years ago, and how did it happen? Why do they both seem connected to a company named “2D Industries”? Is it possible for a hero and a villain to work together? To investigate their own pasts and discover who they are behind their masks? This amazing plotline makes it one of the best sci fi books available.

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Kindred, Fledgling, Collected Stories By Octavia E. Butler

Octavia E. Butler’s Parable of the Sower, a great pandemic/climate collapse/gestures at all read, eventually made it to the New York Times Bestseller list in September of last year. Now, one of science fiction’s and fantasy’s great icons is having a Library of America volume, one of the classic sci fi books! Gerry Canavan, who also wrote a chronology of Butler’s life, edited the novel, which begins with an introduction by author and scholar Nisi shawl.


Butler’s classic Kindred, one of the best sci fi books, is about a young Black woman who is repeatedly torn from her home in 1970s San Francisco to find herself stuck as an enslaved worker on a plantation; Fledgling, a haunting vampire tale; eight short stories. And five essays—two of which were previously uncollected—are among the works included in the book.

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The Memory Theater By Karin Tidbeck

Jagannath was a series of short stories by Karin Tidbeck that ranged from timeless voids to Hell Itself. Tidbeck now brings us to The Gardens, a land of feasts and revelry where a select group of elite Masters enjoy themselves in a timeless realm, in The Memory Theater. However, for the children who serve them, the natural ageing process means that a Master could end your life completely.

the memory theater

Dora and Thistle are well aware that they only have a limited amount of time until their time runs out. They decide to leave and set out on a dangerous journey between The Gardens and our own planet in search of a fabled figure who can set them free. Will they be able to locate the person they’re looking for until it’s too late? This incredible storyline makes it one of our highly recommended books on this list of the best sci fi books. 

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Best Sci Fi Books Spirits Abroad And Other Stories By Zen Cho

“Nineteen sparkling stories that weave between the lands of the living and the lands of the dead”

Zen Cho, author of Sorcerer to the Crown, creates characters that are nimble in their transitions between our mundane world and a magical world that can be just as irritating in one of the best scifi books .

Small Beer Press is reissuing this series of ten novels, which was first released in 2014 by Buku Fixi. It was a joint winner of the 2015 IAFA William L. It gives us new takes on ancient lore—especially the tales of Malaysia.

Spirits Abroad and Other Stories By Zen Cho sci fi

 Pontianak, a vampiric girl, struggles to reconcile her schoolwork and her overwhelming desire to prey on humans. Chang E, the moon goddess, journeys out into space—but is it for the sake of adventure or to get away from Earth? An elderly Datin reflects on her failed love affair with an orang bunian. It is a kind of spirit who prefers to live in the deep woods or mountains to escape humans. Cho’s stories explore the intersection of those mundane and mysterious realms. As well as the ways in which life among humans can drive the spirit crazy. It is one of the best sci fi books of all time.

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All these books in the article are handpick by myself and are rate as some of the best Sci Fi novels. I’d be glad you give these books a try and let me know how you loved them. If you are aware of Sci Fi books that aren’t here but deserve to be in the list. Please drop their names in the comments section!

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