Best Book Blogging Ideas – All Should Know!

To start with the best book blogging ideas, book bloggers ask what they could write about and why their blogs aren’t getting much traffic. People can get captured in the niche or run out from book blog ideas for creative posts as a book blogger. On the other hand, writing reviews for up-to-date copies are monotonous.

That being said, you could even write about books, readings, literature, and blogging yourself on a tone of unique matters.

book blogging ideas

To have your imaginative wine grapes mashed up and brewing, use ‘blog post idea’ templates, read someone else’s posts regarding book blogging, and see what your favorite book bloggers are blogging about. Of course, I still enjoy looking at Blog Trends and Pinterest Trends to see what’s hot.

But, just in case writer’s block strikes much like too many late-night Old Fashioneds.

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Our Top Book Blog Ideas

Here are all the top 10 book blog ideas for learners and newcomers. Find content ideas, keywords, basic book blogging ideas, and book blog topics for your book blog.

Thoughts while reading 

If writing complete book reviews aren’t your style or you can’t think of enough things to say, you might jot down your thoughts while reading and posting those! They may also be vague, making sense only to those who have read the novel, such as “OH MY GOD, WHAT WAS HE DOING!?” I enjoy reading articles like that!

Write And Tell Others About Your Favorite Category And Genre

Why do you think it’s your favorite? What are some of your favorite writers or books in that category? What makes you think people should read books in that genre?

Book Hauls

Show off all those new books you got! These blogs connect to me because they are simple to haul

Blog about how you came across them and why you choose them. Did friends refer you? Was it the cover or the synopsis that pulled you in?

Why Do You Pick Up A Book?

Currently, I’m thinking about writing this blog soon. I’m still curious as to why people want to read a particular novel. I’m a sucker for a well-designed cover. Write about something that makes you want to pick up a book right away!

Monthly Wrap-Ups

If you’ve written a lot during the month, compile it all into a single blog post. Then, you can build a little index of the month’s posts by linking all of your articles with a summary or an extract. 

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Your Favorite Book Covers

As I previously said, I adore a nice book cover. It’s what drew me to a book in the first place! Tell others about your favorite book covers, and also why are they your favorite?

book blogging ideas

Do the colors or the images appeal to you? What emotions do they evoke in you, and do they accurately represent the content of the book?

Write Your Favorite Places For Reading Books

When talking about book blogging ideas, Take us all on a walk of your favorite reading spot, whether it’s a bookstore, your sofa, or a comfy chair in your library. What distinguishes it from others? What made it the perfect place to read for you?

Give Others A Trip Off Your Bookshelf

For me, reading and writing these blog posts is a lot of fun! This topic was one of my favorite topics to write about, and it was one of the first ones I did on my shelf tour

Tell us about how you set up your racks, the books you love the most, and how you personalize them.

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Give Some Great Bookish Advice

I recently published a post titled 6 Ways to Read If You Can’t Afford Books. Consider some topics on which you might give advice! Maybe five tips for breaking out of a reading rut or some great Instagram photography advice? See what you might think about it! This is also one of the best book blogging ideas.

Take Part In Blog Tours

I’ve been on some blog tours, but I’m bad at trying to explain them! For most blog tours, you will not have to write about whole books; instead, you can post material like a paraphrase, a guest post, or conduct an interview and ask questions for the author of that book. It’s very fun to collab with them!

When It Comes To Blogging – Content Is The King

It’s 2021, and I still want to conclude that blogging on books can generate significant earnings. However, with the rise in blog posts over the years, it takes a much more organized and strategic approach to make money through blogging. But during all these years, there is one thing that has remained consistent – content is King!

book blogging ideas

Good content is sold, and there is absolutely no doubt regarding that. To explain more on this, a good strategy and marketing plan with expertise in posting content across search engines must be developed. The fact that all of these are in place improves the total traffic capacity of a blog. Once you start on a book blog, you can get your content on the platform to ensure proper visibility of what you publish, and you should also consider Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

Your Passion For Books

 Well, let’s start with the most obvious idea; what made you start book blogging in the first place. As common as it sounds, this is one of the most interesting topics that readers want to listen to from you. So, what drove you into it in the first place, your Passion for books, your views and thoughts while reading them, your suggestions about endings and characters, etc.… 

This can even work as a motivation for young writers in the brewing. Your experience can also connect you and tour readers as it will be relatable to many people.

Book Reviews 

Another common yet effective technique. A good and honest review is always appreciated and welcomed by the readers. It doesn’t always have to be a series pen down of critical views and opinions. It can be a funny light, noted storytelling, or sometimes even an intellectual thought flow.

book blogging ideas

At times it can even be about characters alone rather than the whole book. In the end, it’s the story of the characters that you’re telling, not the book. Most times, readers are confused about which book to read because of the number of opinions. Thus a good review can always throw some light into this confusion. 

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Read Alikes

Now, this is a category that can go well with the book reviews. An irresistible combination. Readers who are impressed by your reviews will surely go on to take a peek into this category. Books that are like the ones that you have reviewed on.

book blogging ideas

 This category can also include books that you suggest. The ones that you feel give the same impact as previous entries. Everyone loves to stay in the dreamy zone, even after a book ends. This is exactly why readers sought after similar books. This is very essential in best book blogging ideas.

 This does not mean that the books should be of the same genre; it gives the readers the same feel. Thus, for example, a romantic one could even follow up a mystery novel.

TV Adaptations Of Books

This is a very interesting and debatable topic. Over the years, many well-known books, especially sequels, have been adapted as shows and films. You could write about your favorites among them and about the changes in the storyline that takes place when these are adaptations of books

Book sequels are always preferred over their tv adaptations for their originality and elaborate detailing. However, you could list out the pros and cons of tv adaptations of books along with your views on how it should be done.

Books That Changed Your Opinion

 We all have our favorite genres and stories, along with the ones that we don’t prefer to read. But sometimes come those few books which changed our opinion on them. Readers are always curious about selecting, how you pick them, and what makes those special.

 Books are really special in this way; they can easily change our opinions by the depth they take us into. And readers are always interested in knowing about such books.

Quote Section

In the world of social media, quotes are always a trend. Every book holds that one special quote that you can’t take put out of your head. A quote that resonates with your life and surroundings.

book blogging ideas

Listing out some of these quotes is, in a way giving the readers a glimpse of your life. You could even give a short explanation of what your thoughts are about it and how you feel it resonates with you.

Author Profile

Everyone has their favorite author. And everyone wants to know about yours. So, writing a small summary on him/her describing their works on various genres, their most prolific books, and what attracted you to their books.

You can suggest some must-read books of the author and reasons why readers should. Your favorite character of the books can be presented to the readers, describing his/her qualities. 

Blogging Ideas

Yes, you read it right, blogging ideas. Every blogger hits a slump at one point or the other. And these small ideas could well be the restart that they need at that moment. List out some ideas that you feel may help someone that has hit a slump get over it. The ideas which helped you get over a slump may very well help another person. In addition to that, these could also help a young writer in the brewing step out of the shadows.

Peek At Your Personal Life

Sometimes giving a peek at your personal life is exactly what the readers want. So being a blogger isn’t just about writing about books and reviews; it is also about telling blogging ideas

There is a certain influence that you have as a blogger over your audience. Your thoughts, actions, everyday routines, etc.… everything has an impact on the readers. This also helps the readers get to know you better rather than just as a writer. This is one of the best book blogging ideas.

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A Book That Is Special To You

 Talk about that one single book that is always special to you. A book that left a deep mark in your heart. You will be surely surprised to see the number of people who resonate with your opinion on this.



These were the best bogging ideas. It is always good to let the readers know about your view on some special books and the reason for it being special. This could be even your very first book in some cases. This will allow the readers to share the same with you. A slump is always bad, but you can always come out of it with these little tricks.


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