Start Book Review Blogs In 2023 | A Complete Guide

Book review blogs might be a good choice for bibliophiles. It is an excellent way to express our thoughts with like-minded people like us. Are you a noob to blogging? If your answer is positive then, don’t worry.

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A Complete Guide To Start Book Review Blogs 

We listed some essential steps to create your awesome blog for the book review. Let’s get started!

Choose A Domain Name And Trusted Web Hosting Company

A domain name is your website’s name, or in simple words, it just part of the URL

Example:,, etc.

Choose a domain name that must be easy to remember. To know whether the name you want to use for your book review blog is available and not already taken. Just type in google as “domain name search” Click anyone one of the website links and Enter the domain name you desire, and check whether it is available or not.

Choose a Domain Name

After the selection of a domain name, we want to host our website on the web. It is similar to renting or buying a house where we keep all our stuff. Web hosters provide space on their servers where we can store all our website contents.

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Choose A Platform For Blogging

A blogging platform can be known as software or a service that lets you create, design, organize and publish content in the form of a blog on the internet. Easy to Set Up, Budget, Social media integration, Site features are the primary things to be considered while choosing a blogging platform or to setting up book blogs.

WordPress is a blogging platform that is open source. WordPress has a number of customizability options. More free themes and plugins are available. User friendly, and is absolutely safe and secure. This is a great place to start book review blogs. 


Blogger is a free service offered by Google to post blogs. It is easy to use. You don’t need any technical skills. It contains awesome free themes, allows the user to add widgets and edit HTML. It enables the user to integrate other Google services too. 


Weebly is a site builder. It is simple and possesses hundreds of themes. It has a drag and drops environment. Users can easily build their websites or blog. It gives a professional design look. Seo tools are also available, which helps to increase our site traffic. Customer support and service are included.

Choose The Right Theme for  book review blogs

Choose a simple and beautiful theme for your book reviews blog. The first impression matters a lot. The theme must be responsive (i.e.) the website design should automatically resize itself to nicely fit on the screen, which leads to a seamless user experience. The loading speed of our site is also important because we don’t like to wait for a long time. It causes us to lose our visitors. Font plays a vital role by keeping the audience engaged most of the time on your page. Browser compatibility must be taken into consideration. We don’t know what type of browser our visitors use. In this case, a cross-browser-compatible template would be the best choice.

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Write An About Page

The About page is where visitors know more about the author who is behind the blog, what the blog is about, and readers may be curious to know about the author and like to connect with them.

Write an About  Page

You may add your interests, the reason to start book review blogs, and social media handles too.

Produce Awesome Content 

Before getting started to review a book, first, completely read the book. Make a draft work. Structure your content, including some pictures which give liveness, beware of copyright issues. Give a quick introduction about the characters involved. Add details about scenes/events in the books and conclude with the short and sweet point of why you recommend or not recommend the particular book. Also add a rating for the book. This is a very essential step to every book reviewer trying to set up book review blogs.

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Read Other Bloggers’ Blog Posts

Everyone’s likes may differ. There is a wide variety of books under a different genre. By referring to other’s work, try to figure out what the actual audience wants us to deliver. Also, we may get an idea about new books. Add some personalized touch whenever you deliver your content.

Promote Your Blog

Sharing your book review blogs on social media is the best way to promote your blog. Also be active in blogging community forums. Post your blog link in the comments. Pinterest is another great source to drive traffic to your site. Don’t forget to use the hashtag while promoting your content on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Add a sign-up form to your blog. Also build an email list for your blog. An email list is known as a collection of emails of your readers who subscribed earlier by signing up. So that visitors may get a regular notification when you post some new reviews on your blog.

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So what are you waiting for? Start your blog today so you have a platform to pour your book thoughts into! We also hope this article was helpful for you.