BookBub Free Books: Basic Guide For Beginners

BookBub: free books for readers that allows you to live up to date with all of the modern-day and most excellent for your preferred genres. It works by using analysis of your profile and deciding on genres to create a listing of capacity reads for you. All of which might be handily dispatched directly in your email.

bookbub free books

But right here’s the kicker – BookBub does not, in reality, promote any books. They’ll come up with alternatives from shops with Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and others. They additionally provide readers with precise and fantastic options. They are now not the most effective find for top-of-the-line readers for you, but in which you could get them for a great deal.

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How Can BookBub Free Books Help You Out?

After seeing what BookBub can do for readers, this has to be fantastic for the writers on the receiving end of their recommendations, right?

bookbub free books

And that is correct. BookBub offers a top-class book promoting provider for those fascinated. USA Today first-class-promoting writer and writer of The Self-Publishing Formula Mark Dawson have this to say about BookBub:

“BookBub: Free Books is the premium place for tracking new readers, and they offer a number of the best author assets in the enterprise….”

And when he says it is the gold trendy, I wholeheartedly agree. Let’s review how BookBub is going above and beyond the decision of obligation in managing your e-book merchandising–both new release and pre-order.

BookBub can help you get more pre-orders than ever before.

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BookBub: Free Books 

BookBub: Free Books does its most OK job regarding pre-orders, and here’s how

Real-Time Updates from the Authors You Adore Most

BookBub offers one of the high-quality ways out of doors of the writer’s pages to hold you notified. When putting in place your BookBub profile, you have got the option to comply with precise authors.

bookbub free books

And whenever your preferred authors launch whatever e-book-associated, you may be the first to know. This isn’t simply new releases. You’ll be notified whenever their books go on sale, pre-order, or are otherwise available.

Get Book Suggestions from People You Trust Most

Ever get stuck trying to determine your subsequent read? Sometimes, all you need is a good suggestion. That’s why BookBub’s made it easy if you want to get the guidelines of people who may also proportion similar tastes in books.

bookbub free books

You have the choice to see the tips of all your buddies, circle of relatives, or e-book club individuals. You also can see what the BookBub editors propose or even your favorite authors!

Launching a brand-new release is made even simpler with BookBub: Free Books

This is probably wherein BookBub supreme blessings a writer. Putting out a new eBook can be nerve-wracking. And with so many new novels coming out every single week, it’s hard to keep up.

bookbub free books

it is challenging to make sure that your e-book does not drown among the waves. But BookBub will let you out with this.

BookBub Ads

It is similar to the advert manner for pre-orders. Customize your campaigns to make sure you can place your commercials right where they want to exist.

bookbub free books

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Run Featured Deals

According to BookBub, after a featured offer, 70% of authors sell more copies of their other novels. And after seeing what they’re capable of, I’m inclined to believe them. A featured deal is wherein you can run a reduction on a returned-listed e-book and then sell your new release for a total fee in the discounted e-book’s again-count.

bookbub free books

So, for instance, in case you offered Part One at a reduction, your readers will see Part Two as a full-priced featured deal upon finishing. And if your Part One tale becomes fantastic, Part Two has a miles higher threat of promoting.

Why Should Writers Care About BookBub: Free Books?

BookBub’s said the aim is to get exquisite e-books in front of a voracious readership. And most posted authors know that getting a book written is challenging work, getting it published equally so, but locating readers can sometimes sense nearly impossible. Get started using BookBub, and you may be to your manner to more readers and doubtlessly more excellent word-of-mouth advertising in a while.

bookbub free books

Of course, this doesn’t imply that BookBub will exchange every author’s existence or maybe that every writer may have the opportunity to take gain of BookBub (as it’s miles competitive). But it’s miles one extra viable direction authors can take to attempt to locate more fulfillment with their writing after it’s been posted, whether not historically or independently.

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So, this is it! Just sign up!

BookBub: Free Books appears relatively straightforward, correct? Well, right here’s the factor.

bookbub free books

BookBub is pretty selective. They are highly competitive and vet their picks very intensely. Not simply all of us can take benefit from their featured offers.

During the utility procedure, they offer a “non-compulsory” region to position remarks as to why your e-book might be a perfect suit. This optionally available vicinity isn’t non-compulsory. You want to persuade BookBub that your e-book is worth their time. Along with, BookBub has its very own requirements that you want to meet, including:

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1.   Professionally Designed Covers

2.   A lot of exquisite Amazon critiques (assume 50-100)

3.   Good editorial reviews

But in case you do occur to bypass the rigorous inspection standards, there are such a lot of excellent testimonials to the usage of BookBub.


In this article, you will learn more about Bookbub and if you’re an avid reader this is the perfect place for you. All the books you can imagine, that too free!

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