4 Best Books For Fathers of Daughters

As a father, you want to ensure that your daughter has the best possible foundation for her future. That starts with a functional and healthy relationship with herself and those around her in life. For that, a father needs books about fathers and daughters to make the relationship much better.

A strong connection between fathers and daughters can help shape who they grow up being, which affects many aspects of self-esteem, including whether someone feels loved by themselves. Father’s concern and love for his daughter are essential if she wants to grow up feeling confident, respected, and self-assured.

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Best Books about Fathers and Daughters

If you’re a daughter’s father, it’s essential to build a strong relationship with her. That can be tough, but luckily there are plenty of splendid books to help fathers connect with their daughters and build that bond.

Mallory’s Guide to Boys, Brothers, Dads, and Dogs

Description: Award-winning author Laurie Friedman wrote this book to help dads teach their daughters what a “daddy’s girl” really is. The illustrations are bright and fun, and the message is simple yet powerful: Dads love their little girls unconditionally!

mallory's guide

Why it’s excellent for fathers of daughters: This is a sweet, simple book that dads can read to their daughters to tell them just how much they love them. The illustrations are charming, and the sentiment is heartwarming which makes it the finest of books about fathers and daughters.

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For Daughters Only: A Guide to Having Confident, Loving Relationships with Men by Shaunti and Feldhahn

Description: In this book, Shaunti Feldhahn draws on extensive research to offer advice to daughters on how to have healthy, lasting relationships with the opposite sex. She discusses everything from dating to marriage to raising sons.

for men only

Why it’s excellent for fathers of daughters: This book offers a wealth of practical wisdom for daughters on having successful relationships with men. It’s based on real-world research so that dads can trust the advice. It also includes a chapter for dads on how to give their daughters the best guidance possible, which is a great way for fathers and daughters to bond over the material. This is one of the best books about fathers and daughters.

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How to Love Your Daughter Unconditionally by Dr. Gregory Jantz

 Description: In this book, Dr. Gregory Jantz offers practical advice for fathers on how to show their daughters love in a way that will genuinely make them feel loved. He discusses ways to build trust, encourage self-confidence, and much more.

how to love your daughter uncnditionally by dr. gregory jantz

Why it’s excellent for fathers of daughters: This book is all about showing your daughter that you love her unconditionally, even if she makes mistakes along the way. It also includes helpful advice for dads on healthily dealing with their own negative emotions. All this makes it one of the best books about fathers and daughters.

The Wonder of Daughters: Celebrating Your Journey from Nervous Father to Proud Papa by David Guy 

Description: In this book, author David Guy shares authentic stories from dozens of fathers about what it was like for them when they had their daughter for the first time. He then offers helpful advice that will help today’s dads be successful in their relationship with their daughters.

the wonder of daughters

Why it’s excellent for fathers of daughters: This book isn’t just based on anecdotes shared by dads; it also contains research and expert advice, so parents can benefit from it long after they’ve read it. It’s an excellent resource for dads who want to build a strong relationship with their daughters from the start.

These are a few of the best books for fathers of daughters. Each one offers unique advice and perspectives on the father-daughter relationship. Dads can choose whichever book speaks to them most, or they can read them all! No matter what, these books also will help fathers and daughters connect and create lasting memories together.


If you are also the daughter’s father or have just become one, this list is for you. Whether it’s to help with raising them as they grow into womanhood or simply finding ways to be there for her during those teenage years that can feel like an eternity, these five books will give insight and guidance through every stage of your daughter’s life. Also, be sure to check out our bonus book at the end too!

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