Books For Dad | Top 5 Books For Dads In 2023

The amount of time you’d have to remain cramped up at home is about to come to an end. It is only fair to stop streaming and start reading again. In the spirit of the ‘Stop Streaming’ proposition, I got my father a couple of books for his birthday last week. Although he is my dad, I found it difficult to choose books my dad would like. So I decided to search the net for books for dad. However, the results that I got were parenting books. And I don’t believe that I’m about to have a sibling. So grab the best books of the decade or the best books for your dad and have a happy reading!

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Top 5 Books For Dad In 2023

It only feels appropriate to write an article for you, an adult kid who wishes to choose books for dad, especially if you’re bad at making Birthday cards (Trust me, I know the feeling).

The President Is Missing By Bill Clinton And James Patterson

This is one of those books for dads who, like my dad, watch an unhealthy amount of news. Does he yell at the TV too? To have him interested in more than just what happens out there, it is important to get him to immerse himself in a combination of Mission Impossible and the President of the United States. Taking you through a quasi-realistic journey of a national security threat to the country, the President has to wear the hat of the national defense to protect his nation.

the president is missing

Moreover, the book was authored by a former president and the master of thrills. Clinton and Patterson have used a realistic approach towards the story to tell people that, if this happens, this is how it would happen. Plus, it is also advantageous to ask your dad for money to watch an action movie which he may not have agreed to before this. Check this one out from this list of books for dad. It is also possible then your dad will enjoy some history fictions, check out that list here.

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Chicken Soup For The Pet Lovers Soul

This is one of the best books for dads who are the kind of people who love pets. Or maybe your dad doesn’t, but you want a pet. This is one of the best books to nudge him towards adapting one for you. The compilation of several short true stories of people’s experiences with their pets, dogs, cats, and many others you’d never thought of. This is truly one of the best ones in the entire series, as it is very touching to observe the relationships that people have had with their pets. The way that the bond is penned down is unlike any other. Plus, it may even make your usually strict dad tear up while reading it, although it failed to do the same to Chandler.

chicken soup for the pet lovers soul

One of the best relationships one could have is with their pets. Reading about it in black and white is entirely different as it is one of the best advertising factors for the adaption of any pet. Having been cramped up with the same people for almost a year now, and a very dismal year it has been, it would be a refreshing change to experience something more touching and encouraging as we resume the New Year.

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Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty

This is a very special book indeed. The most soothing experience one can ever have is reading something in black and white. It is one of the best books for dad if your dad is the kind of person who is working all the time. Does he find it difficult to relax and throw his feet up once in a while? And is the antics of his boss Rishi always frustrating him? Just teach him to think like a monk.

think like a monk

If you’re not a monk, buy him the book “Think like a Monk”. I’ll admit that it won’t help him become a monk. But it will promise you a more relaxed father around the house and this a book that will make him think. I took to the last part of the book; there is a little something for you in there. This makes it a very special entry on this list of books for dad.

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Project Hail Mary: A Novel by Andy Weir

What kid hasn’t dreamt of becoming an astronaut? Remember, your dad used to be a kid too. It seems like 2023 has started on a positive note on the literary front. Andy Weir to the rescue. The lone survivor of a mission in space is tasked with saving all of humanity. Suppose your father is the light-hearted kind who would be open to reading something that is improbable if not impossible (still possible since Elon Musk is really into space). In that case, this is exactly what the doctor orders.

The book explores several themes which would be possible in the world of Terminator, except in space. This book would either serve as a not-so-heavy read, or it would serve well as it would collect dust on the shelf as you may have greatly miscalculated your father’s want to have become an astronaut when he was a child.

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Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad ones by James Clear

Now let me ask you this, is your dad the kind of person who loves to talk politics and business when you just want to watch that comedy show you like? Better yet, does he rope you into the conversation when you have absolutely no interest in talking about something heavy? I would suggest, break the habit.

atomic habits

Thanks to James Clear, it is possible to subtly teach your dad not to do the above as often as he does since some of us just want to laugh sometimes. As the name suggests, one of the best ways to restart life. Following the horrors of last year is breaking old habits and building new ones. One of the books for dad, which everyone can also read. As it is one of the best prescriptions to start afresh.

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As I may have mentioned earlier, I gave my dad a book last week for his birthday. It was one of the 5 I’ve mentioned above. All of these are good books for dads, but can you guess which one I got? And if you’re running low on budget and cannot afford to gift your dad a book, check out the list of the best free kindle e-books.