Books Set In Massachusetts [Top 14]

In the beginning, before knowing about the books set in Massachusetts, we should know the history of Massachusetts. Massachusetts is an important landmark of American history because it was the first colony in New England. Pilgrims founded it in 1620. In 1692 Massachusetts was also the location of one of history’s most well-known master the Salem, which trails 20 people will then execute it for supposedly being witches; the other two infants died in prison. Boston is a cradle of liberty. The dumping of the tea sent by the East India Company into the sea and the revolutionary war in Massachusetts. Let us discuss books set in Massachusetts in detail.

books set in massachusetts

Boston has famous universities like Harvard, MIT, and Tufts, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg . The greater Boston area has more than 100 colleges, and universities with 2,50,000 students enrolled in Boston and Cambridge alone. So, there is a very good possibility that you may be a student if you are going to Boston. Some fun information about Massachusetts is that the Dunkin’ Donuts started here by William Rosenberg in 1948. Today the Dunkin’ Donuts is sold at 12,000 restaurants and 36 countries.  Alexander Graham  made his first-ever phone call to his assistant Thomas Watson in 1876 in Boston. 

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The sports history of Massachusetts is also quite interesting as the game basketball was invented here by professor James Naismith; another popular game invented is mint Annette today, known as volleyball. With all these going on, Massachusetts has some dark sides. The crime rate here is the fourth highest in the country. 


Why Should We Read Books That Are Set In Massachusetts?

Read the book you just thought of, do not waste time. Do not be materialistic when reading books because reading books itself gives so many benefits. Reading not only develops a person but using the knowledge provided by the books can also help in monetary gain. But if you want to know a specific reason to read Massachusetts state books or books about Massachusetts, or books set in Massachusetts. It is simply because it might inspire you to visit the state. You will also be able to know the worst of Massachusetts and the best of Massachusetts. It might also inspire you to prepare for the best universities like Harvard. So keep up with the books that are set in Massachusetts.

Amazing facts about Massachusetts:-

  • Besides quality education, lifestyle, and wealth, the State of Massachusetts is known for the following things.
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne, John Cheever, Henry David Thoreau, and Louisa May Alcott are a few famous authors from Massachusetts.
  • The famous novel Little Women is rumored to be based on the literary family of Massachusetts.
  • Massachusetts also has a unique history. One of the many includes the first lighthouse in America.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the world’s best technology school to date, followed by other universities.

Books Set In Massachusetts

Let us now dive into the best books set in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Chronicles 

Now coming to the books, the first book which I found very interesting is The Massachusetts Chronicles. This book is written by Christopher Lloyd, Linda Combs, and Mark S. The book will tell you a lot about the big events and photographic time story written with the help of more than 40 newspapers.

books set in massachusetts

All the events are written in chronological order according to the time and importance of the event. The book has a very wide perspective as it does not showcase only one side of the event because more than one writer writes it. After you read the book, you will know the history of the states about the British colony.

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Geography Of Massachusetts 

The second book is “Geography of Massachusetts “the book was written in 2010 by the Nabu Press. Then old book reproduced this book in 1923. This book has cultural importance as it has all the information about the culture in different parts of Massachusetts. The book also reflects the geographical understanding and landmark explanation in detail.

books set in massachusetts

The book becomes interesting as it tries to showcase the qualities of book sets in Massachusetts. The only drawback is that the book has some imperfection as it is reproduced from an old book; it may have some missing pages and poor qualities of the picture. But truly, all these drawbacks can not define the quality writing of the book. The imperfections can’t define the value of the book.

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All About Massachusetts 

The history and geography are done now you might want to know something interesting, so the next book is “All About Massachusetts. Bandanna OSHA wrote this book.  The book was written in February 2020, so it has the latest information, which is all verified.

book reading

The up-to-date information helps you to know more about the place. The book is a lot interesting because of the pictures given in the book. This book was drafted for the kids. But it made adults to read this. The dives into all or the maximum number of facts about books set in Massachusetts.

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M is for Mayflower

You might have boredom for a little time after reading all this information and events held in Massachusetts, but here is the time for a storybook about Massachusetts. Yes, you heard me right, a storybook. Theist Raven wrote this book and  Jeannie Brett illustrated it. This book is so much fun cause the book has a story about Massachusetts written in order of A to Z.

books set in massachusetts

Each letter tells a story in the form of a poem about Massachusetts. IT will not forget to entertain you, but it will also give you information and pick in history. What fascinates me the most is the rhyme scheme used beautifully. The book is just amazing for the kids, but the book is worth giving a try if you are going to Massachusetts.

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The Namesake By Jhumpa Lahiri 

The Namesake tells you a beautiful story about the Ganguli family who plans to settle in Boston from Calcutta back in the 1960s. Ashoke, the family man, is still a student at MIT, completing his engineering degree while his newlywed wife Ashima is taking care of the household back in India. The book provides a beautiful picture of both Ashoke’s and Ashima’s life; their simple love and longing to be with each other is another beautiful aspect of the book.

books set in massachusetts


The story shifts to the life of their first child after he is born. In their family, they will name their child with an official name, followed by the great grandmother’s name. But somehow, the family name never arrives in the mail, and Ashoke finally names his son Gogol. This story now revolves around Gogol’s love-hate relationship with his name. 

How he grows up and somehow goes away from his father’s given name and changes it according to his preference is an important aspect of the story. The story of Namesake talks about a simple family but an extraordinary realization about appreciating people around us. The way Gogol realizes the love and affection poured behind naming him by his father after his death is a beautiful example to take from the book on how we should appreciate everyone’s presence in our lives. Other than that, this book also provides a beautiful picture of old Massachusetts and the culture.

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Little Women By Louisa May Alcott 

This book is based in Concord, Massachusetts, and depicts the beautiful landscapes of Massachusetts, the town, the culture, and the people residing there. March girls named Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy are the protagonists of this story. Little Women is a beautiful story as it talks about liberation, love, affection, and passion. The book provides a beautiful insight into Jo’s struggle to follow her dreams of becoming a writer and also how the family deals with poverty.

books set in massachusetts

All the other girls play an equally significant role, giving you a picture of liberation from the norms imposed by society on women and the courage and love to follow your passion over anything. Little Women is undoubtedly a must to read and get the essence of Massachusetts if you are traveling there. Books set in Massachusetts will be the most interesting of all.

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The Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthrone 

The Scarlet Letter ; the story’s nameless narrator is based in Massachusetts. He discovers a bundle of documents in a customhouse’s attic. A manuscript was rolled with a scarlet and gold imprinted cloth in the shape of the letter A. the book is written based on this particular manuscript. When the narrator losses his job, he plans to create a fictional story based on the information mentioned in the manuscript, and thus, The Scarlet Letter came into being.

the scarlet letter


The story is about Hester and her daughter Pearl and their life in Boston; how Hester deals with survival and saves her daughter from the cruelties of the society and ultimately develops their lives through thick and thin is quite interesting. Other than that, this book provides a beautiful picture of Salem, Massachusetts. It will be a delight to your eyes once you read the book and try to recognize the places there. Books set in Massachusetts contains a lot of memories more than the words.

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Still Alice By Lisa Genova 

Still, Alice is a heart-wrenching story. This says how an Harvard professor named Alice Howland gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and how she deals with it in the course of her life. In addition, the book provides a beautiful and picturesque image of Massachusetts and is worth reading to know the struggles of an Alzheimer’s patient. 

books set in massachusetts

It is a beautiful yet heart-wrenching story when we see Alice struggling to remember the bare minimum and how her memory fades, and her life ceases into a constant fight between her mind and her capabilities of remembering things. 

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Shutter Island By Dennis Lehane 

This is for the minds which crave thrilled. When comparing other stories, Shutter Island is a different story. It is based in Boston’s Long Island. It talks about a fictitious island where the protagonist Marshal Edward and his partner Chuck Aule arrive to investigate a patient’s missing case from Ascheccliffe Hospital located on Shutter Island.

shutter iceland

The story gives you a dark picture of Massachusetts yet intrigues you to discover the place on your own. Shutter Island is a thrilling and interesting story with an amazing plot that will not only hold you tight throughout the story but will also weave the interests of experiencing Massachusetts in your way.

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The Journal Of John Winthrop, 1630-1649 By John Winthrop 

John Winthrop was a puritan convert who and other members of the Massachusetts bay company. They emigrated to the U.S in 1630.

His notes often vary from brief entries to sometimes more contemporaneous reporting. His journal is a primary source to learn the history of Massachusetts in the 1630s.

a book

No other journal has recorded religious and political events in that period in such a candid manner. Books set in Massachusetts are so unique as they vary from one another.

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Black Bostonians: Family Life And Community Struggle In The Antebellum North By James Oliver Horton 

One of the foundation texts of the renewed social history of the 1970s.This book makes you curious about the life of non-white Bostonians, particularly African and African descended people.

books set in massachusetts

It acts as the voice and sight of the poorest people of the city. It describes the history of the Massachusetts 54th civil war regiment, which has its fair share of fame.

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Common Ground: A Turbulent Decade in the Lives of Three American Families By J. Anthony Lukas 

This book follows the lives of three families in Boston during the turbulent periods of the 1970s. The assassination of Martin Luther King and the subsequent events sets the theme for the book.

books set in massachusetts

Moreover, mandatory busing and its after-effects on students and their families cover the central plot. Common Ground looks at how these families coped with these issues. In addition, it describes the history and development of the different Boston neighborhoods.

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Interpreter of Maladie By Jhumpa Lahiri 

This book mainly presents the challenges faced by the characters in adapting to an unfamiliar culture. It discusses important themes such as communication and after-effects when one lacks the former.

Interpreter of Maladie by Jhumpa Lahiri 

 Moreover, emotional maladjustment is an overarching theme in this book.

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Mapping Boston By Alex Krieger And David Cobb

This book brings to life the history of America’s greatest states through maps spanning over centuries. It shows the evolution of the New England region from early settlements to what we see today. Each map is accompanied by a description offering insight into its context.

mapping boston

It also brings to life the physical reality of the city as experienced by its residents. We hope that this article covered the best Books set in Massachusetts and it’s history.

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What is Massachusetts famous for?

Massachusetts is an American state. Also, it is one of the most educated and wealthy states. The most prominent thing that Massachusetts is famous for is its top universities. Other than Harvard University, MIT, Boston University, etc., are there to provide world-class education.

Is Massachusetts a good place to live?

When it comes to living in the United States of America, there is no comparison to Massachusetts. Massachusetts has a higher standard of living, whether in personal finance, education, health, lifestyle, or wealth. Also, in one of the recent data released by WalletHub, Massachusetts is one of the best cities to live in compared to other states of the United States because wealth is the ultimate result of quality education, finance, and health.

Is Massachusetts and Boston the same?

No, Boston and Massachusetts are not the same. There is a lot of difference between both. Massachusetts, also known as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is one of the 50 states in the United States of America. In comparison, Boston is the capital of Massachusetts. Therefore, the short answer is no; both Massachusetts and Boston are different from each other. The latter is a part of Massachusetts.

What is the best time to visit Boston, MA, USA?

The best time to visit anywhere is between June to October. Also, if you want to visit and enjoy concerts and other daily experiences, try visiting off-season as the stay turns out more pocket friendly. But to enjoy the pleasant weather, try to book your place anywhere between summer to fall.


This was my list of top books set in Massachusetts. I really hope you’ve gained some valuable information regarding books set in Massachusetts. If you are aware of any other books set that aren’t mentioned here, please leave them in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

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