Books Set In North Carolina | Top 5 Books In 2023

The books set in North Carolina are absolutely beautiful. Located in the south-eastern zone of the United States of America, North Carolina is a beautiful state. Surrounded by mountains and exposed to the ocean, it makes a perfect premise for a story to weave. Any author would love to take advantage of such a scenic place if given the chance. North Carolina can foster all kinds of seasons – summer, winter, autumn, or spring. 

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There are many novels set in North Carolina. And there seems to be a huge success rate for these kinds of books. A story comprises a beginning, middle, and end. There are characters, conflicts, and plots. Another main component is the setting. It helps the reader with their imagination. Readers now have access to a picturesque place in their minds while they read the words of the book.

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Few Facts About North Carolina

  • Most of the states’ capital earnings are from the state’s capital city, which is 
  • January is the coldest month in North Carolina.
  • Most people nowadays consider North Carolina as a place to stay for working, growing families, or people who have planned their future in North Carolina.

Top 5 Books Set In North Carolina That One Must-Read

So let’s now dive into the topic. Come on in!

Necessary Lies by Diane Chamberlain

This wonderful North Carolina book is set up in Grace County. The story is about the struggles of women. It also interjects on the issues about race. A complex book places its story in a rural surrounding. It is a story about a family who lost their parents. The young, fifteen-year-old girl is left with an ailing family. Her name is Ivy Hart.

necessary lies

The situation transforms into a complex story when a woman named Jane (a social worker) comes into the picture. The entire book describes the trials and tribulations of these characters. This is a book that leaves the reader thinking.

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Books Set In North Carolina The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks picks the best of best places for the narration of his stories. Lots of romantic love and tragedy often fill his stories. He instantly puts his readers in a frenzy by introducing painstaking but engaging dilemmas. This time Nicholas picks the oceanfront for this story. It is about a man returning from the second world war. He reminisces about a girl from his teens.


He comes to this town in North Carolina looking for this lady. Somehow, the protagonist makes contact with this woman and falls in love. However, there is a tragic secret that the protagonist keeps to himself. This spark of suspense leaves the reader guessing.  If you are looking forward to reading books set in North Carolina then this is a great one to start your journey with.

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Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen

Garden spells is one of the North Carolina books in which the story is based in Penland Street, Bascom, North Carolina. It is a fictional story. With some mystery and magic, this story has the readers by its grip. The protagonist in this story is Claire Waverly, a 34-year-old lady who lives in solitude by herself. She has a business catering food to people in town.


She is in awe of her late grandmother, who took care of her since childhood. There is a tree in the garden which is believed to have some magical powers which have powered the catering business for Claire. However, her sister enters the scene to stir things up. From this point on, the story takes an interesting turn. If you like this book, you might also like some books about witches, click here to check out some of the best witchy books.

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Books Set In North Carolina Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier

Not only the best-seller book, but one of the highly recognized NC books. Charles Frazier’s Cold Mountain is a historical fiction. It depicts the situation from civil war. A story of a soldier who walks into the war and comes back gloriously for the love of his life. These stories are personal to the author. They have been part of his family’s pass-down stories for over a few decades.

cold mountain

Through this book, the author shared the stories he heard from his ancestors about wars in their time. This is one of the books set in North Carolina that gives the readers a peek into the mind of a soldier who is entangled by love and solitude at the same time.

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Books Set In North Carolina Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

Like the other books in this article, this story is also takes inspiration from a small town in North Carolina. It is about a girl who is different in terms of what society attests to be the “norm” Also she does not follow the rules and constraints set by the people around her, which makes her an outcast. where the crawdads

Struggling with this isolation, she decides to take a path of her own. She finds people who connect with her and enjoy her company. She goes out of the way to prove that she, too, can be somebody. This book accounts for the struggles faced by many individuals in society. This is an absolute must read in the list of books set in North Carolina.

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North Carolina seems like a tempting set-up for all the authors. Also the versatility and variety of terrain give the author the freedom to tell the story most charmingly.  The various small-towns of this state becomes the hub for the books about North Carolina. Also these towns have age-old traditions, people are more connected, and the interactions are more vivid. When compared to a regular metropolitan city, a small town in North Carolina has a beauty of its own. 

Things To Do In North Carolina

Though North Carolina is known for its scenic beauty other than that, here are the few places one can visit.

  • One can visit the Billy Graham library. It was made in the honor of the Christian figure Billy Graham.
  • U.S National Whitewater center this one is a water park one should visit with family. It is really fun.
  • North Carolina Museum of Art is another place tourists should consider visiting.
  • The zoo is everyone’s favorite, so try visiting the North Carolina zoo.
  • This place called old Salem has classy buildings and is best for afternoon or evening walks.
  • Visitors can also visit Carowinds, a fun amusement park in charlotte.


Who is a famous author from North Carolina?

There are many North Carolina authors out there, but the most famous North Carolina authors are Thomas Wolfe, Maya Angelou, Ron Rash, John Ehle, Randall Kenan, Gail Godwin, Reynolds Prince, Margaret Maron, and Nicholas Sparks are few among them.

How many Nicholas Sparks books are based in North Carolina?

Nicholas Sparks has written many books, and twenty books are set in North Carolina. Also, 'A Walk to Remember' and 'The Choice' are a few highlighted and well-known novels that are set in North Carolina.

Who is the most famous person from North Carolina?

Many famous people claim or call North Carolina their home. But among these many is Ava Gardner who is an actress, the famous Christian figure Billy Graham after whom a library is made, Andy Griffith an actor also a grammy award holder, and Zach Galifianakis a multi-talented actor, comedian, and writer are a few famous and noteworthy persons.

Why do people want to live in North Carolina?

North Carolina is a beautiful place that receives all four weather that includes summer and fall, also known as autumn, winter, and spring. The beautiful mountain ranges and the waterfalls make the place more desirable. Also, the capital of the state has a median earning as compared to other parts of the country, which makes the place more desirable for living. Therefore, people want to live in North Carolina.


In Conclusion  Therefore, the books set in North Carolina makes it seem the author gravitated to the idea of setting up their story amongst the most beautiful valleys of North Carolina. Leave your valuable comments.

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