C.J Box Books in Order – Complete List

Are you finding it difficult to find the correct order for reading C.J. box books? This is a complete list of C.J box books in order. These books are famous for their premise and intriguing storylines. It amazes you with well-written characters and action sequences. If you are looking for classic adult stories, this is it. 

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C.J Box Books in Order

You can start with a few books: Open Season, Savage Run, Winterkill, and follow the order.

These books will not fail to excite at every turn of the page.

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Open Season

Joe is a notorious character who likes to take bribes. He takes it personally after the death of a local hunter. The death takes place in his backyard. He is sure there is a reason behind his death.

open season

The murder becomes a new mystery for Joe. He continues to investigate it. Books by C.J. box are always interesting to read.

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Savage Run

Wyoming Warden Joe Picket is an investigator. After a blast in the forest, he arrives. He checks upon the death of an environmental activist. The case gets solved with an easy explanation. The reason can be that the environmental publicity stunt went wrong, and the accident took place.

savage run

But it wasn’t convincing to Joe. He eventually investigates more and unravels clues. A very thrilling book in C.J Box books in order.

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A heart-wrenching novel in the C.J. box novels in order. The story of Joe Picket craves to hunt the kidnapper of his beloved daughter.


In a dark, dense forest, he with his shotgun edging battle mountain. When the killer gets personal by involving his daughter, no one can stop Joe now.

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Trophy Hunt

When Joe Picket suspects, it will be true. The story involves an intriguing plot. The locals quickly resolve the issue by labeling it a grizzly bear. But Joe could feel that it was more horrifying than that. His doubts get confirmed when two disfigured bodies are found.

trophy hunt

I won’t kill the suspense. So, read to know what happens next. Order of C.J. box books is there to help you. 

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Dull Knife

A New York bestseller, in the C.J. box novels in order, we have Dull Knife. A chilling story about death. In a scorching winter, Joe was sliding to approve licenses. When he checked a group of fishermen, he noticed a yellow glow.

dull knife

That glow was getting thinner as he gets closer to it. What was that? Read to know the most thrilling book in the C.J. box collection. 

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Out of Range

The determination to investigate the case elevates when Joe finds out about the death of his friend. A good friend kills himself. Joe gets the responsibility of his district.

out of range

Eventually, he gets closer to the truth. Several investigations make it more difficult to understand the case. The spiraling of clues and theories doesn’t stop. He comes to a point where he can be a victim too.

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In Plain Sight

The story involves Joe’s exciting investigation. It starts when A woman gets vanishes leaving everyone suspiciously.

in plain sight

Joe feels that the killer or kidnapper can be one of his sons. A story that is extremely compelling and grips the audience till the end.

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Free Fire 

The story revolves around one of the most horrifying killings in Wyoming history. Joe starts to investigate it.

free fire

It was found that four campers were slaughtered in an area called Free Fire. An area without any residents. The story gets more and more engrossing when you read ahead. 

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Blood Trail

Blood Trail is an extremely violent novel. When a body is found, it is killed in the most terrorizing way. It was dead at the mountain camp.

blood trail

The warden gets a feeling of fear. Is the murderer psychopath or someone who seeks revenge? 

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Below Zero

After a call from Sherry, the entire family comes in shackles. Joe was there at the death of Sherry. He knows that Sherry can’t survive the massacre years ago.

below zero

But the elder daughter believes that there can be a chance that she is still alive. An absolute read in the list of C.J box books in order. 

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nowhere to run

Spending his last days of being a warden, Joe was feeling strange things. He gets suspicious while going on mountains.

As he couldn’t resist but investigate it. He goes through reports and places. There was looting and slashed tents with butchered elk. 

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Cold Wind

If you are wondering, what is the newest C.J. box book? Cold Wind is one of the latest and extremely captivating novels. It’s an award-winning novel.

cold wind

It revolves around a death that takes place from a wind turbine. His wife gets arrested. The situation gets tough for Joe when he finds that missy is her mother-in-law. It was perplexing for him, as the signs point out her guilty. 

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The Master Falconer

This is one of the most dramatic novels of C.J. box. It’s also a bestseller. The story revolves around a heroic plot. It has a western-style and charming vibe.

the master falconer

When the man brings trouble for joe Picket, he decides to do justice in his own style.

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Force of Nature

A top-notch thrilling story for Joe Picket fans. Joe Picket’s friend is in the special forces. One of the commanders does something awful.

force of nature

So now either they eliminate him or anyone who knows about him. A hard decision for Joe to help his friend or go against the law. 

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Breaking Point

Butch is a nice man to be around. He is a hard-working man who loves his daughter. But later the day, when Joe was talking to him, Butch gets disappeared.

breaking point

After hunting, he goes to the mountains. This was followed by two more murders. Joe starts to investigate as much as possible. 

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Stone Cold

The novels of Joe Picket never fail to amaze. This is electrifying and will give you goosebumps. It involves mysteries, action, thrill, and whatnot.

stone cold

There are sudden disappearances of people. There is a lot of unraveling going on around the suspect. He lives in a town of black hills with a woman. A must-read if you are a fan. 

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Shots Fired

C.J. Box is always being consistent in making their fans happy. By its amazing storytelling and compelling plot. The story revolves around suspense and hooks the audience till the end.

shots fired

These are the three stories that were not published before. If you ask how many joe Pickett novels are there? The answer won’t be accurate with new stories coming around. A gem in the list. 

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Joe Picket’s daughter runs with a man. Joe never liked that man. But he has more reasons to dislike him. The news spread around of a dead woman.


It was horrible, involving brutal force. She is barely alive, but the chances are too low for her recovery. An amazing book in the list of C.J box books in order.

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Off the Grid

A story about a desert. People call it Red Desert. As the place punishes in mysterious ways. When Joe’s friend Nate gets in danger, the story gets exciting.

off the grid

Off the grid is an outstanding example of C.J.’s box creations. A New York bestseller is a tale of two friends dealing with crimes. 

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Vicious Circle

Joe gets stuck in a complicated situation. It’s very dark, and he cannot figure a way out. He realizes that he might become a victim. A family of Cate can be behind this situation.

vicious cycle

A thrilling story that deals with mysteries and investigations. 

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The Disappeared

The new governor doesn’t know anything about Joe Pickett. But he has a delicate job for him. Three female British executives visit the British Embassy. These women vanish out of nowhere.the disappeared


Picket is aware of handsome cowboys who can persuade women easily. But three are too many. 

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Wolf Pack

Warden Joe Pickett deals with the FBI and DOJ because of his bad behavior. The story continues when Joe gets his job back.

wolf pack

The bad news is that he gets to know about numerous killings in mysterious ways. Her own daughter Lucy is dating a suspect. 

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Long Range

New York bestseller Long Range is a murder that hard to solve. A murder that Joe must investigate. A blazing story with lots of twists and turns.

long range

The readers might find themselves clenching their teeth. 

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Dark Sky

Wyoming game warden, Joe goes on a hunting trip. He realizes that he can become a victim of the hunt. Silicon Valley leads him to make a profit out of it. A thrilling novel that revolves around a deep dark forest. 

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Shadows Reel

Joe’s job has put his family in danger numerous times. But now, his wife discovers that her family is in trouble because of her. A bestseller that involves murder, mystery, suspense, and thrill. An anonymous package arrived at her wife a day ago.

shadows reel

She finds a photograph inside it that is of a dangerous Nazi official. Why is the reason behind this action? Read to know. 

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Should Joe Pickett's books be read in order?

C.J Box offers a number of standalone books, so you don't have to read them all in order, but we do recommend that you do.


C.J box books in order are packed with entertainment, emotions, and action. It’s a movie in a form of a book. If you love drama, style, and action, I am sure you will live C.J books. Enjoy reading with popcorn.

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