Salem Witch Trials Book | Best 5 of 2021

salem witch trials book

What does Halloween hold for us?! Of course, this day is pivotal for remembering the dead and people who have left us for good. Amidst the various horror themes that one believes in, one such theme is commonly known as witchcraft, sorcery, black magic, wizard craft, to name a few of the synonyms pointing to … Read more

Best Halloween Books Of 2021 | Top 5 Books

best halloween books

The writings of skilled authors build a symphony of emotions that we weren’t even aware of. It would bring a better understanding of the world and help develop an empathetic response to troubling circumstances. For horror lovers, this Halloween reads list is for you. This list of the best Halloween books will have you gripping … Read more

Best Cosmic Horror Books To Read | Top 11 Reads

best cosmic horror books

The cosmic horror, the genre, is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s that category which many people make sure they avoid. But the influence and popularity of cosmic horror books are getting a steady increase and hence a greater demand. For those who have not heard about these books before, Lovecraftian horror books are a subgenre … Read more

Best Christian Books in 2021 | Top 9 Reads

How to choose a good Christian book Many types of religious books are available in the market related to Christianity for the reader in the market, choosing wisely for reading to be beneficial to the reader. This type of book is not beneficial to everyone who reads. This point makes your purchase helpful. First of … Read more

Best Psychological Thrillers Books To Read In 2021

best psychological thrillers books

In here is no fire or ash, no sulfur or shattering glass. Only silence, empty and cold”. Now, you must be wondering what I am quoting right here. These are some famous dialogues of renowned psychological suspense books. Novels are known for their grasping, mind-boggling and eccentric state of mind that keeps you on your … Read more