Best Book Blogging Ideas – All Should Know!

book blogging ideas

  To start with the best book blogging ideas, book bloggers ask what they could write about and why their blogs aren’t getting much traffic. People can get captured in the niche or run out from book blog ideas for creative posts as a book blogger. On the other hand, writing reviews for up-to-date copies … Read more

Top 10 Southern Authors

southern authors

The art of storytelling is one thing that the Southern Authors are famous for. Over the past few years, the oral aspect of storytelling has been a tradition in the South. Historically, southern literature is quite distinctive as a tradition of authors and themes. Today, most people think of Southern literature by reminding themselves of … Read more

New WW2 Books You Must Read!

new ww2 books

The new WW2 books as a backdrop is merely a testament to the fascinating yet powerful subject that dominated the world from 1939 to 1945. These books emerge with fresh perspectives and draw up an account of some of the events and details about the deadliest strife in human history.  The following books investigate the … Read more

Top 10 Upcoming Books

 From bestselling writers like Morgan Jerkins novels to magical realism, thrillers, and musical memoirs, there’s something for everyone. Check out our upcoming books of 2021 to pre-order now, and be sure to add them to your must-read list. You’ll thank yourself later! See Also: Cheap Bookshelves to Shop For in 2021 | Top 6 1. … Read more

LGBT Books – Top 10 from the rest

lgbt books

I came upon a question that was if I have a queer sense of identity despite the unfolding COVID pandemic directly to maintain and to feed. My reaction is rather simplistic: books. I always discovered a lifelong introvert, not just comfort but certain social proximity in the pages of other people’s histories. The feeling that … Read more

Best Iceland Books you all should know!

  Iceland, a Nordic island nation, is not just about its spectacular scenery with volcanoes, geysers, and hot springs, but also about its strong literary culture. As Iceland publishes more books per capita than any other country globally .The capital of Iceland, “Reykjavik,” is recognized as a UNESCO City of Literature. The people of Iceland … Read more

Top Books set in Massachusetts

books set in massachusetts

In the beginning, before knowing about the books to read before going to Massachusetts, we should know the history of Massachusetts. Massachusetts is an important landmark of American history because it was the first colony in New England. Pilgrims founded it in 1620. In 1692 Massachusetts was also the location of one of history’s most … Read more

The Best Italian Books – Top 5 Italian Novels

best italian books

 I’m going to give a brief idea about the best Italian books that I had gone through. This post contains the best books set in Italy, both fiction and non-fiction, to inspire your real-life travel.  And before traveling to Italy set books, I read several of these books and compiling this list. I have found … Read more