Best Indie Books To Read In 2021 | Top 5 Picks

best indie books

You might not have heard of these indie books, but that does not mean they don’t deserve your attention. Check out this list of the best indie books. These books will never fail to entertain you. Not into this genre? Cosmic horror, historic fiction or psychological thriller, we have got you covered. 5 Best Indie … Read more

Best World War 2 Books For Middle School In 2021

Have you ever wondered why it is necessary to study history? History helps one know about past events and gain knowledge on how everything that is today is the way it is. History is one of the subjects that most students find boring and useless. Still, when it comes to tragic events that hold important … Read more

Top 5 Must Read Spooky Books In 2021

spooky books

Many people believe that all the best spooky books that make use of horror are scary and written in an eerie and unsettling way, but it is not so. Horror is written to be a place for the readers and the author to connect and introspect fear, trauma, anxiety, and phobias in their conscious and … Read more

Books Set In North Carolina | Top 5 Books In 2021

The books set in North Carolina are absolutely beautiful. Located in the south-eastern zone of the United States of America, North Carolina is a beautiful state. Surrounded by mountains and exposed to the ocean, it makes a perfect premise for a story to weave. Any author would love to take advantage of such a scenic … Read more

Best Vampire Books | Best 10 Books To Read

best vampire books

Are you someone who looks at vampires and wishes you were one too? Do you look at Vampires and can swear they exist somewhere? Are you someone who gets easily hooked up to stories about Vampires and wants them to keep going on? Well! If you agreed to even one of the above questions, you … Read more

Salem Witch Trials Book | Best 5 Of 2021

salem witch trials book

What does Halloween hold for us?! Of course, this day is pivotal for remembering the dead and people who have left us for good. Amidst the various horror themes that one believes in, one such theme is commonly known as witchcraft, sorcery, black magic, wizard craft, to name a few of the synonyms pointing to … Read more

Best Halloween Books Of 2021 | Top 5 Books

best halloween books

The writings of skilled authors build a symphony of emotions that we weren’t even aware of. It would bring a better understanding of the world and help develop an empathetic response to troubling circumstances. For horror lovers, this Halloween reads list is for you. This list of the best Halloween books will have you gripping … Read more