7 Best Chess Books For Intermediate Players

Chess is not the cup of tea for everyone, and it is a peculiar type of game that requires n number of skills like quick decision making, strategic thinking, knowledge, etc. It is ok if someone doesn’t possess all these skills to play chess, and they can strengthen it as time goes by various resources like the chess books for intermediate players.

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Best Chess Books for Intermediate Players

Books are always a useful resource. Once you are a post beginner, wherein you are well aware of all the basics of the movements and positions, proceed further with the strategies and tactics to build your empire in this world.

Chess Fundamentals by Jose Raul Capablanca

This book is a perfect recommendation for anyone who wants to improve their game. It helps one to imagine walking in the Author’s shoes.chess fundamentals

This book also speaks about the Cuban Chess Prodigy’s game, his moves, strategies, openings, endings, and its mistakes and lessons. The intermediate players recommend highly of this book.

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Chess–Move by Move by Irving Chernav

The major attraction of this book explains logic. The author takes the readers to 33 games and explains move by move. He also points out some alternative moves which will bring in-depth clarity to the reader’s mind.

logical chess

For all the players, if they learn the logic behind the actions, then they can improve their game to a great extend. Once the reason is apparent, it will be easy as pie for one to analyze the game and play better. This is one of the best chess books for intermediate.

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How to reassess your chess: Chess Mastery through Chess Imbalance by Jeremy Silman 

This is an excellent book that gives a coherent plan of action, and it is precise and straight to the point. It makes the readers develop a point of view from the opponent’s side. It also presents a specific situation and explains all possible theoretical and practical solutions.

how to reassess your chess

This book will ultimately enable the player to have all counterattacks, which will help one take his game to the next level.

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Chess: The Ultimate Chess Tactics and Strategies by Aleksandrand Andy Dunn

This book is another masterpiece in every sense as it not only teaches one to master tactics and strategies, also to sacrifice pieces to win the game. It describes the importance of offering the details to play the big game.

chess:the ultimate chess tactics and strategies by alkesandr smirnov and andy dunn

It has a collection of some ideas and insights of grandmasters, and it contains top-level tricks to win the board quickly. A combination of all these makes this book one of the best chess books for intermediate players. 

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Chess!: Lessons from a Grandmaster by Yury Schulman and Rishi Sethi 

A Belarusian American and his student wrote this astonishing piece of work. Since the duo writes it, it already has the view from a grandmaster and student. It presents a variety of cases and board games that helps to understand the game for each one.chess! lessons from a grandmaster

This chess book for intermediate players helps the readers know the importance of chess and its relevance in a person’s growth in real life. It is written to reach the root level of chess and make one understand it intensely.

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Bobby Fischer teaches Chess by Bobby Fischer

One of the chess community’s renowned, Bobby Fischer, has given this phenomenal book. Because of the internal structuring, everyone considers it as one of the best chess books. This is also the most desired chess book of all time. This is one of the best chess books for intermediatebobby fischer teaches chess

Self-assessment and repetition of the moves until we get it right is the best learning from this book.

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Ruy Lopez Tactics by Tim Sawyer

All that begins well ends well. This book probably follows this principle. The primary point of this book is the opening combinations and moves. Making impactful opening moves creates a panic attack in the opponent’s mind.chess tactics

Why is it important? Its relevance is described very beautifully. It also teaches the algebraic notations that can be used for famous opening games and forced checkmates. All of this makes it also one of the best chess books for intermediate.

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So, Intermediate players can consider these books as a reference. Also considering a wide variety of books, one will learn and apply various moves and tactics. Also, one can pick the tactics and activities that work best for them. Alright! I also hope this article was helpful to you in selecting some best chess books for intermediate. Thank you!

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