6 Best Chess Books for Kids Review

A game of chess is all about solving a mystery. Chess is a royal game that necessitates a lot of mental effort. It’s not just about one chessboard with two players on each of its two corners; instead, each piece’s movement from one chessboard can keep both players engrossed for a few hours. Here, we would be discussing the chess books for kids and reviewing them.

Controlling each move, understanding the opponent player’s strategies, and lastly employing specific secret methods on the chessboard are some of the skills required to checkmate the opposing side’s king.

As a result, the most important thing for any child at a young age is to play chess at a basic level. In this regard, Chess Books for Kids play an important role in teaching children winning chess strategies.

A teacher or a guide can help your child practice more effectively. Still, the correct chess books for beginners appear to be essential for learning specific chess rules, each component, board layout, movement of each piece, fundamental skills, and plans with graphical illustrations to win the game.

This article will look at six of the best chess books made exclusively for youngsters and advanced learners!

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Six Best Chess Books for Kids

Book: How to Play Chess for Kids: Simple Strategies to Win!

Author: Jessica E. Martin

Review: How to Play Chess for Kids: Simple Strategies to Win teaches children to play chess more intelligently and is one of the best chess books for kids. Jessica amazingly wrote this book specifically for children so that any youngster may learn chess while having fun and obtaining all points in a straightforward method.

how to play chess for kids
how to play chess for kids

Even a five-year-old baby will digest this book because of all of the instruments. Everything is presented prominently and concisely in this book.

When your child begins reading this great chess book, they will understand how to move each piece, the laws of chess, and how to capture any pieces to win. The author provides a wealth of chess tactics and ideas in her book.

Book: The Chess Tactics Workbook

Author: John Nunn 

Review: The Chess Tactics Workbook is for chess players who have a basic understanding of the rules and want to start winning games. 

chess tactics
chess tactics

Each chapter begins with a basic concept and includes dozens of exercises with solutions highlighting the most critical points. There are pointers on what to look for in each chapter to help you spot tactical concepts. 

As the chapters proceed, we observe how tactical ideas are interwoven, with ideas from prior parts reappearing in a devastating one-two punch. The book concludes with six test papers that provide little information on the issues covered.


Book: Chess for Kids

Author: Michael Basman

Review: Chess for Kids is a fantastic book to read and one of the chess books for kids because it briefly introduces basic chess rules, extensive chess tactics, talents, and some top-secret methods.

The vital strategies, control over each move, and the basic knowledge presented in this book will only help your child advance in their ability to defend against opponents in the club, tournaments, or even chess championships.

chess for kids
chess for kids

The best thing about this book is that it doesn’t show the move, tactics, or strategies explicitly. The author uses all of his abilities to capture the children’s attention. He has only recently begun introducing your child to the Pawns, Bishops, King, Queen, and all other individual moves.

The book includes a giant Chessboard Graphics picture depicting each scenario and defining the text explanations. This visual method aids the children in quickly learning the moves.


Book: How to Play Chess for (Absolute) Beginners

Author: Maxen Tarafa

Review: How to Play Chess for (Absolute) Beginners is an excellent chess book that allows the reader to picture the entire chessboard, including each move and the stronger opponent’s strategies.

how to play chess for absolute beginners
how to play chess for absolute beginners

Unlike many other chess books, this one left out all non-essential chess knowledge such as openings, tactics, forks, and even chess history that would be useless to kids or beginners.

It includes a variety of interactive checklists and exercises that allow children to practice learning each move and strategy.


Book: How to Beat Your Dad at Chess

Author: Murray Chandler

Review: How to Beat Your Dad at Chess is one of the best chess books for kids since it has a cartoony image that will impress both kids and beginners. 

how to beat your dad at chess
how to beat your dad at chess

It has plenty of graphics and written instructions. This book is suitable for children, adults, and teenagers who want to improve their chess skills. 

The essential ideas offered in this book are well-presented. They meet the basic needs of both adults and children.


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Book: Chess for Children: How to Play the World’s Most Popular Board Game

Author: Murray Chandler and Helen Milligan

Review: Chess for Kids: A Beginner’s Guide to the World’s Most Popular Board Game is one of the chess books for kids. The basic chess moves described here make learning chess fun for kids. The most complex and challenging aspect of a chess game is the piece’s movement, which is covered in depth in this book.

chess for children
chess for children

The basic rules of chess and all of the process steps are included in this book. This helps children develop their creative thinking. 

It will take less time for your youngster to grasp the chess rules and each move after reading this book. This book is one of the most excellent chess books for kids. It introduces the boards, explains the piece arrangement, and describes all approaches and strategies.

This book is the perfect chess guide for youngsters. It takes into account the illustrations, typeface, page size, title, and internal contents.

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