5 Best Chess Opening Books To Win

“Every chess master was once a beginner.” Here, we will be discussing the best chess opening books. 

The opening move of the chess game is the success game. The ultimate skills are required to develop your pieces, check the opponent’s pawns and make moves towards the center, and become advanced players in chess. best chess opening books

There are many rules which need to be known by a beginner. The best chess opening books will help you peculiarly. It is ok if someone doesn’t possess all these skills to play chess, and they can strengthen it as time goes by; various resources like chess books for intermediate players.

Therefore, a book will direct you to the right pathway to improve your tactics. The comprehensive guidebook will keep you a few miles forwards from the co-competitors.  

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Top 5 Chess Opening Books For Openings

Here are the top 5 best chess books for openings. Read this article to find a list of the best chess books for kids. 

Modern Chess Openings- by Nick de Firmian

This is one of the best chess opening books. This book provides a beginner-friendly platform for chess beginners. The book consists of dynamic learning and seizing opening skills. The author has expressed more than twenty opening variants going through this book.modern chess openings

Also, the reader will offer you step-by-step psychological ideas to find a winning move. Hence, this lets you clearly understand making the right game plan and flexible opening to advance your game. It will also help you to tackle and overcome the potential barriers. 

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Back to basics: Chess Openings- by author Carsten Hansen 

The book will teach you the fundamentals of opening plays with strategies and game plans. You will have a clear understanding of the opening traps, variations, and solutions to opening problems, and learn the pawn structure more effectively.back to basics openings

You will be a master in Gambit play, semi-closed games, semi-open games, and flank openings. And will teach you the method of building an opening repertoire to advance the game. The author expressed exceptional experience in opening games, and his overview helps you climb up the ladder to chess excellence.

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Chess Openings for Beginners- by Craig Medina 

The book covers the fundamental tips for chess openings to win successfully at the initial stages. This is one of the best chess opening books. The author portrays all the components that need to make up a good game plan and sets the detailed insight of winning a game in 6 moves.chess for beginners

A rock-solid sense of psychology for opening is the vital part. And lets you sense how fast or late you will win or lose through this book. The most famous openings such as Ruy Lopez, the Italian game, the Sicilian Defense, Slav Defense, the Queen’s Gambit, and many more are written in this book. And it provides you with an overview of realizing the structure of pawns and the chessboard matrix. 

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Fundamental Chess Openings-by Paul der Sterren

In this book, you will find many tips and game plans to succeed in the initial stage. It will save you from all potential traps and solve the issues in play. The authors represent the different variations of each opening so that you can grab the chance to move forward. The book covers the obstacles and clues you find any failings in the game. It will provide a lot to develop your game towards the center.fco

It will require you to clear the back rank and connect your rooks to make it more competitive. Not making many pawn moves is the secret of conquering opening, and hence the author stuck to this tactic. This is one of the best chess opening books.

To this, you will learn how often you should move the queen and maximum how many times you have to move a piece. 

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Chess Openings Theory and Practice-by I A Horowitz 

To be the “Grandmaster,” you must have a grip in openings. And this book provides some extraordinary principles and techniques to make efficient openings. This one of the best chess opening books lets you grasp the matrix of chess very easily. The book involves implementing the game plan, overcoming common failings, and so on. It will make sure to fix all the traps and engage in your game. chess openings

You will come across a myriad of crystal clear opening overviews with outstanding strategies in the chess book. You will achieve increased thinking ability and impressive chess conceptions through this learning phase. It also reveals all the secrets related to smashing the opponents and grasping their minds. You could easily make a move towards the center to win. 

For the moment, books also provide the theories behind each opening move. You will have a transparent understanding of the king’s pawn openings, queen’s pawn openings, unusual and irregular openings, and many more through this book. Lastly, this book will work as a chess guru for you. 

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Can you use opening books in chess?

You can use your chess opening books in knowledge while playing the game.

How many book openings are there in chess?

There are 1327 plus total chess openings to date.

How do you read an opening chess book?

Read the opening at the specific or unusual moves, and try to understand what that opening will result for you and what advantages your opponent can get out of it.

What is the best chess opening?

Blackmar Diemer Gambit is considered the best opening, giving you 49% of the chances of winning.


These were some of the best chess opening books. A chess player also gets proficiency in chess openings. As a beginner, it won’t be easy to understand and apply the overall techniques and secrets of space unless you take guidance from an experienced mentor.

These books are also great mentors for beginners. And also helps you build the ability to transform into masterpieces with famous theories and moves.

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