Children’s Books About Dogs [Top 10]

The fictional characters we read as a child get etched in our minds. They stay with us, even as adults. And those fictional Dogs, A man’s best friend, takes a much more beautiful place in our hearts. Many Authors wrote books based on dogs to illustrate their messages of love, kindness, and courage. We have listed the 10 best children’s books about dogs for your kids to cherish.

books about dogs

Some of the best children’s books about dogs are The poky little puppy, Stay A Girl, A Dog, A Bucket list, City Dog, Country Frog, Hello Good Bye Dog, and Harry, the dirty dog.

All these listed children’s books are written in the simplest languages and have the best illustrations to attract any child. So let’s look at the best children’s books about dogs.

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List Of Top 10 Best Children’s Books About Dogs

These kids’ books about dogs contain elements of self-love and empathy, written in a language so simple for a child to understand. Here is the list of best Children’s books about dogs.

The Poky Little Puppy By Janette Sebring Lowrey

This dog story for kids has a simple storyline with five dogs who dig holes under the fences. Out of the five dogs, One is always late and gets lost in his world, exploring the woods.

the poky little puppy by janette sebring lowrey

Eventually, the other four dogs find him. But, they are late home, and their mother punishes them by not giving them desserts for dinner.

This story finally preaches why it is wise to listen to your mother’s words as a child.

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Stay: A Girl, A Dod, A Bucket List by Kate Klise

This story revolves around two characters Eli, the dog, and Astrid, the girl. Eli has been around Astrid since the day she was born. Eli could sense her nearness to old age and decided to spend it most wisely with her loved one, Astrid. And, as time passes, they eventually get closer.

stay a girl, a dog, a bucket list by kate klise

Eli makes a bucket list of the things she wishes to do with Astrid. This simple picture book makes the children realize the concept of appreciating things and bonds while they last.

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City Dog, Country Frog By Mo Willems

One of the best children’s books about dogs is by Mo Willems features a City Dog and a Country Frog friendship. In the Fall, when the city dog visits the country. An unexpected bond comes into existence.

city dog, country frog by mo willems

And, in the summer, they play city dog games. But, in the coming winter, the situation was about to change.

It is a charming story of the beauty of unexpected friendship built over time. Any child will cherish Mo Williams’s poignant writing and incredible illustrations.

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Mr.Scruff By Simon James

The next on the list is Mr. Scruff, one of the best picture books about dogs. It is a silly but sweet kind of story. It features four pairs of partners of dogs and children. In their world, everything goes by rhyme and likeliness. But that soon disrupts when Mr. Scruff finds his partner in a young boy, Jim.

mr.scruff by simon james

This story is about unconventional friendships that are formed not based on the likeness between each other.

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Harry The Dirty Dog By Gene Zion

This story is the most relatable to any child. Harry, the dog who hates to bathe. He hates it so much that he hides his scrubbing brush in the yard and sets off on his adventure. But, when he returns home, he is so dirty that he is unrecognizable, even to his parents.

harry the dirty dog by gene zion

This story is a funny take on cleanliness, with the best writing methods and illustration effects.

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Hello Goodbye Dog By Maria Gianferrari

In the story, Moose, the dog, cannot stay without his favorite person, Zara. But, unfortunately, Zara starts school and has to leave home. Moose follows her to school but is sent back home since dogs are not allowed at school. This story surely resonates with any child with an inseparable bond with their dogs.

hello goodbye dog by maria gianferrari

Suppose Moose trains as a therapy dog. Eventually, Zara finds a way to take Moose to school with her. Then, the school will allow him. The Author has differentiated, and educated people about service and therapy dogs through this simple yet heartfelt story. Click here to check the best books on drawing comics.

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Gaston By Kelly Depucchio

This story revolves around two families. One is a family of poodles with one bulldog who tries her best to fit in with her poodle sisters. 

gaston by kelly depucchio

Surprisingly, they meet a family of bulldogs with one poodle. It makes them realize that the babies have been swapped. Although they try to exchange, it finally makes them realize family is much more than looking alike. This story resonates with every child who finds it hard to fit in. 

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Dex: The Heart Of A Hero

Dex is a tiny dog who dreams of being a superhero. Because of his small arms and legs, he gets bullied by a cat. But, what happens next is the cat gets stuck on the tree.

dex the heart of a hero

Although the cat bullied him, he decided to save the cat with his heroic heart.

This book has dynamic illustrations, and the story sends a beautiful message about being kind and the rewards of helping others.

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The Best Days Are Dog Days By Aaron Meshon

The last but one on the list is The best days are dog days by Aaron Meshon. It is the tale of a dog who goes on an adventure with his human sister in their neighborhood. Any little girl with a four-legged best friend would love this story.

the best days are dog days by aaron meshon

This story perfectly illustrates and portrays a dog’s emotions in the best way possible.

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The Incredible Journey By Sheila Burnford

The last one on the list of best children’s books about dogs is the classic story, The Incredible Journey, by Shiela Burnford. This story is the best one on the list and the most popular throughout the decades.

the incredible journey by sheila burnford

This story involves a Retriever, A Siamese cat, and a Bull terrier who get lost in the wilderness. These three pets must rely on their survival instincts to escape from the wilderness and return home safely.

This story has been the source of inspiration for the two biggest Disney movies,” The Incredible Journey.”

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Who wrote the children’s book The Good Dog?

The Author of The Good Dog is Avi.

What is the Dog Man’s reading level?

Dog Man is suitable for any kids of second-grade level and above.

Why is Dog Man so popular?

Dog Man explores the concepts of kindness, love, and empathy in a good manner. The story universally appeals to all ages across the world.

How to write a book based on dogs for children?

It is best if you focus on character design and a seamless story. You should perfect a character’s background, detail strengths and weaknesses, unique habits, etc.

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This article Best children’s books about dogs have the best-illustrated books with simple storylines. It also explains the elements of hard work, kindness, and friendships in a simple and child like manner. The kind heart of Dex, Moose’s love for Zara, and the unusual family of Gustan are all worth a read. Kids and adults, too, will enjoy reading all these stories.