Nightfall: Devils Night Series

Penelope Douglas launched the Devils Night series in 2015 with the first novel named Corrupt. Since then, three books have been publishednelope Douglas in the series, and nightfall is the final novel of Devil’s Night by Pe. Regarding series, check out the Complete List Of Harlan Coban Books In Order. 

devils night series
devils night series

The Devil Night series includes (in order)-

  1. Corrupt (2015)
  2. Hideaway (2017)
  3. Killswitch (2019)
  4. Conclave
  5. Nightfall (2020)
  6. Fire Night

It also consists of two short stories, Conclave and Fire Night, which are part of the series accompanying Killswitch and Nightfall.

Before reading Nightfall by Penelope Douglas, readers must read the other volumes of the series published before Nightfall to make sense of this volume. Following the Corrupt, Hideaway, Kill Switch, and Conclave were posted on October 1, 2017, February 9, 2019, and November 22, 2019.

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About the author of the Devils Night Series

Penelope Douglas is the author of the Devils Night series. Penelope Douglas was born in Dubuque, Iowa, and is a romance author. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in public administration from the University of Northern Iowa.

devils night series

The author went to Loyola University and earned a master’s degree in education. She realized her passion for writing quickly and began writing romances. Hideaway, Corrupt, Bully, Until You, and Rival are some of her titles.

About Nightfall of the Devils Night Series

Nightfall is a romantic fiction by Penelope Douglas, published independently in 2020. It was their second book, published in 2020 by Penelope Douglas. Nightfall belongs to an exceptional series, The Devil’s Night Series, by Penelope Douglas. The Devils Night Series is a series of five volumes, kicking off with the first volume, published in 2015. 

devils night series

A romantic thriller keeps its readers in a continuous state of perplexity and offers grounds to continue the story. 

Nightfall is a multi-layered saga covering over 2,000 pages, four volumes, and a novella. This story is rich, layered, and engaging from beginning to end! 

From start to finish, Douglas’s long-awaited Devils Night Series finale, Nightfall, pulsates with an underground cult-like heartbeat that lives on the very visceral edge of Magical Realism. Complex battle lines of love and abuse are formed from the start. Here, Douglas shines a light in the darkness, delivering some philosophically significant one-liners and thoughts that ground her characters in the heart of the human experience.

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Nightfall (devils night series): The Plot

The plot of this volume of the Devils Night Series revolves around a girl named Erika, raised in a well-off family, and the elder brother of the man Erika is expected to marry. Michael Christ is a handsome young man who was a popular teenager in school and has turned into a professional basketball player. Erika fantasized about Michael as a teenager, but he treated her as nothing more than a girl meant to marry his brother. Erika leaves her hometown and moves to a new city, expecting to shape the future ahead of her. Still, her excitement is short-lived as she lives in the same building with the man she fantasizes about all her adolescence. With a rich profusion of romance and thrills, this first volume of Devil’s Night is the only stand-alone in the series.

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Nightfall (devils night series): The Characters

Will and Emory, our two conflicted characters, are introduced through a non-linear narrative. This great past contextualizes the here and now, providing layer upon layer to our two conflicted protagonists. Will’s forbearance is similar to a saint’s poetry in his love and affection for the shattered Emory. He struggles to trust and is coping with complicated victim-based guilt issues daily — to suffer in relative silence to keep her failing grandma safe. Even though they cause significant harm to one other along the way, they both have excellent motives for their actions, and the moral problem of “who screwed the other up the more” is present throughout.

devils night series

As is her wont, Douglas pushes the envelope on all sides, but her ability to create tension, the unexpected, the task, anticipatory, and erotic, keeps the story together. With wild sex trains and secret rooms in churches, things did feel a little Adult Hogwarts at times, but what remained constant was the unwavering love and dedication her characters have for each other.

Throughout the devils night series, it became clear that Thunder Bay’s characters were just a smidgeon away from becoming the cast of Deliverance for the obscenely wealthy and powerful. The sentiment is the same in Nightfall, yet it creates an utterly chaotic and entertaining experience. There are tonnes of laughter and buckets of love in this film, from the opening scene at Blackchurch to the happily ever after ending.

Nightfall (devils night series): Climax

The climax, Nightfall, was a monster. Not simply in terms of length (which is excellent) but also in the sheer volume of material and events presented. It tells both Will’s and Emory’s stories while also tying up many loose ends from the previous books. Nightfall of the Devils Night Series follows the same pattern as the earlier volumes in the devils night series, switching between past and present. The story takes place 8-9 years ago when Will and Emory’s friendship deteriorated during high school. Will and Emory are now trapped in the remote mansion/facility known as Blackchurch, but they aren’t alone, and they aren’t the same individuals they were in high school. It delves into who they were, why they made the decisions, and how they became who (and where) they are now.

devils night series

Apart from the premise, Penelope Douglas’ writing is always fantastic and precisely what you’d expect from her. She’s a terrific author who excels at writing dark romance. As she always throws in enough twists and turns to keep you guessing to find out what happens next. The devils night series also has two endings, which is a great little extra! 

Penelope Douglas never fails to manifest her exceptional talent for sketching characters’ personalities in her stories. After reading Nightfall: Devils Night Series, we meet a newly formed Will as he transitions from a kid dipped in sweetness to a hard-hearted adult. In previous volumes, the boy worked hard to find love, and it’s exciting to see him finally find it; after all, the boy deserved it. Will and Emory’s relationship is toing and froing to leave its readers in a state of bafflement. This addition to the series beautifully answers why this series of insanity took place. 

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What is the genre of the novel Nightfall: Devils Night Series?

Nightfall comes under Romance novels, Fiction, and Erotic literature.

Is there any movie or TV/web series based on this novel?

No, there is no news about the development of any movie or web series about this series right now or shortly.

This novel is suitable for readers of which age group?

Nightfall is an erotic thriller novel for ages 18 and up.

Will there be more novels in this series?

There are no intentions to write any further novels at this time.


I loved the Devils Night Series because of how Penelope described every female character in it. Erika, Banks, Winter, Alex, and Emory were all described as bold and strong women who give competition to men. They are described as women who would stand equal to their partners. The other thing that Pen focused on was that there is beauty inside every dark soul. One needs to allow that light to come out by embracing who they are.

The answer to this question is subjective. Some characters deserved better closure than they got. Also, a few things about this book were unreal. As the way these kids behaved is not something you would see in the real world. Some of the parts of this book are provoking, including murder, rape, attempted rape, child abuse, and coercion. So, if you are a bold-hearted reader who likes reading dark romances, then this book is worth your time.

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