11 Different Type Of Writers: What’s Your Writing Style?

Different type of writers prefers different writing styles based on the conclusion they want to give to readers. One can present a single thought in several ways. Some writers present sensitive topics funnily and creatively of writing. Then, some writers love to add plots at the end of every chapter.

11 different type of writers

Every writing style has its personalized set of banes and boons. So, don’t worry about what types of writers there are. Some types of writers are perfectionists, swift, snob, skilled plotters, and pantsers. The only rule of writing is never to stop your pen.

Although the writing style won’t restrict you from being a writer, it is always good to know about it. Based on the style of writing, you can use your writing potential to the maximum. Hence, let’s go through the different types of writers to find your writing style.

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The 11 Different Types Of Writers

We have enlisted 11 different type of writers with their set of unique ways of writing. Let’s look at all the types of writers.

The Perfectionist Writer

The perfectionist writer is hard to please, even with his writings. They always think their writings need one more edit. These novelists can rewrite their stories a hundred times and be international award winners, but they still think they can redo them better.

the perfectionist writer

If you are obsessed with finding that perfect word and recheck your work often, then you have those perfectionist writer traits.

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The Swift Writer

The swift writer is the antonym of the perfectionist writer. You will never find a swift writer with a lack of words. He knows how to put his words on paper in an instant. Once he has an idea, he knows how to present his imaginary circumstances on paper.

the swift writer

You must be a swift writer if you prefer putting thoughts on your paper as soon as you get them. You need a short amount of time to finish your work. 

The Snob Writer

Every person has surely met a snob writer in his life. You remember that writer who speaks more about his writing procedure than his actual writings. He is the one who loves to advise every fellow writer with his unique approaches.

the snob writer

You are a snob writer if you always find yourself advising procedures to write to people. You also have other love for the technicality of writing compared to the write-up itself.

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The Plot Writer

The Plot Writer always sticks to his outline story. He has his story already plotted in his brain even before he puts his pen to paper. No matter the consequences, he always goes with his plot.

the plot writer

As a writer, if you hate surprises and prefer to write along your planned outline. Then you are surely a plot writer.

The Pantser Writer

You will find many fancy story writers who fall in the pantser writer category. They rely on something other than the writing principles of the plot writer. They are” Go with the flow” types of writers.

the pantser writer

Pantser writers never think of the end of the story. These writers prefer to change the pace and direction of writing per the demands.

The Storyteller

Do you often get advice to write “the story of your life“? If yes, then you fall in the storyteller’s category. The storytellers experience a burning desire to put the life instance onto paper. 

the storyteller writer

Storytellers use different types of story writing to communicate their ideas effectively. Although storytellers incline fantasy to bring joy to readers, they usually use real-life instances as the story’s foundation. The storytellers’ unique narratives inspire the readers.

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The Closet Writer

Ever accidentally stumbled on a friend’s works of writing whom you would never imagine being a writer? Perhaps you got those secret hidden write-up hidings. Then that is what a closet writer is. 

the closet writer

Closet writers never like to be treated as authors. They often carry some of the wildest and most powerful writings in their cabinet. If you are a closet writer, then, believe it or not, those writings are amazing, and let the world enjoy them.

The Introverted Writer

Well, these writers share many qualities with the closet writers. Though people acknowledge them as writers, they are still shy to share their write-ups.

the introverted writer

Suppose you prefer closed rooms with a coffee cup and books piled up near you. You surely do fall in the introverted writer’s category.

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The Idea Generator

The hub of ideas is next on the list of different type of writers. These writers always find themselves surrounded by inspirational hubs. They find writing inspiration all around them.

the idea generator

Although you might think these are the luckiest writers with no writer’s block. You will often find these writers needing more inspiration. They must focus on one idea, and their brain wanders around a lot. In this case, you must focus your writing efforts on a single subject.

The Dreamer

These writers use writing to escape their fantasy worlds. They sometimes are closet writers too. For them, writing is more of a stress buster than an art.

the dreamer

If writing helps you get over your bad day, if pen and papers are your therapists, then you surely fall in this category.

The Dabbler

The last on the list of different type of writers are the Dabblers. If you are amused by every writing style and have tried writing every genre you have imagined, you must be a dabbler. Dabblers need to stick to a single thought.

the dabbler

 They love experimenting with all writing styles. They are writers with no niche building. You can never classify their writings.

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What are the most used styles of writing?

The five most used writing styles are journalism, persuasion, narration, description, and expository. These forms are more unbiased write-ups of a situation than the personal opinion sharing of authors.

Why is exploring writing styles essential?

The writing style is of utmost importance because the publishers need assurance of consistency. Consistency is important to target a specific group of readers and establish the reader-writer bond.

What does writing style mean?

Every writer has a way of establishing a connection with readers. The writer uses his characteristic language for his like-minded readers for effective conveyance. So, this way of communicating is referred to as his writing style.

What are the most important writing skills?

Every writer must sharpen these lists of writing skills to excel in their write-ups. These skills are excellent research, planning, and editing. They should also concentrate on proper grammar and spelling.


To sum up, every author enjoys different kinds of writing. The article includes perfectionist writers who always rewrite their drafts, closet writers who are shy to share their write-ups, introverted writers who prefer the company of their books to people, and dreamers to whom writing is a form of therapy that helps to escape reality.  Above all, we hope the article has helped you discover a different type of writers, and in turn, this discovery helps you improve your writing skills.