10 Great Examples Of Book Trailers And Why They Are So Effective 

Book trailers are one of the greatest things that attract bibliophiles. In this article, we will enlist 10 great examples of book trailers and describe why they are so effective.

Some of the great examples of book trailers for readers are Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Opposite of Always, Wild, From Bad to Cursed, Now I See You, The Good Girl, Impyrium, Everless, War Storm and The Scattering.

These are some of the best book trailers that have been provided for book readers. However, we will enhance their effective nature further in a better way. Interested in knowing the Best Books For Couples? Click here!


Top 10 Great Examples Of Book Trailers For Book Lovers

Just to give you a final thought on the answer of what is a book trailer. It is a short and simple way of promoting the book to the readers in the form of a video. The book trailer, launched before the book, has the power to hold the attention of the readers till it gets published. Also, they assure that they have an appealing nature. Increase your reading habit by just clicking here!

Below we will discuss 10 great examples of book trailers in detail.

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

The author, Ransom Riggs began his career as a director of short stories. This is indeed a significant book for children. The writer makes sure to hook the audience till the end.Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

The trailer of the book has been created in such a marvellous way. The mystery behind the strange things coming up is never unfolded in the video. Therefore, readers would be excited enough to know the mysterious surprise it brings.

Moreover, the call to action presented at the end of the video is promptly a great sign of its effectiveness. The story revolves around an orphanage on a mysterious island. It is a mix of horror and fiction that ties people to haunt for more secrets. 

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Opposite Of Always

Opposite of Always, a book written by Justin A. Reynolds is just another love story set in high school. Out of 10 examples of book trailer, this is under the category of romance. This book chooses to showcase love and life that are worth living every moment.Opposite of always

The trailer for Opposite of Always is short and catchy. Unfolding the death of one of the protagonists, the story asks the audience to look for the life of the other one.

It makes sure to engross the minds of the young readers. The visuals used in the video are up to the mark and go as per the concept of the book.

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Wild, authored by Cheryl Strayed was initially a book trailer and then later came up as a movie. The trailer is an account of narration of non-fiction events. Produced on an adequate budget, the author compiles the challenges he faced while hiking the trail.Wild

As the video starts, we can see a set of pictures of the Pacific Coast Trail. The trailer sounds like a movie trailer making sure to engage the audience. One cannot ignore the music it uses that brings originality to the content.

Revealing what the book is all about; the trailer gives us a glimpse of the courage we need to face the challenges. Viewers will find themselves connecting with the character. 

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From Bad To Cursed

From bad to cursed is a good examples of book trailers. The trailer of the book, From Bad to Cursed has shown its magic to the people with its star power. Hyperion, owned by Disney, has released this book. Therefore, the trailer video stars one of its actresses, Zendaya.from bad to cursed

Set up in a single room with some props, this has been fabricated on a short budget. The music goes well in the background as the voiceover is produced. Added special effects do not go neglected.

The story involves a girl who suffers to get along among famous people. However, she lands herself in problems. The trailer promises to hold the reader till the end. 

Buy: From Bad To Cursed

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Now I See You

Now I See You speaks about life lessons in a not so serious way. The author, Nicole C. Kear was told that she would go blind at the age of 19. Now i see you

The trailer is full of humour that tickles the audience. This would give an enjoyable experience of reading rather than a teary one. Nicole embraces all the teachings of life hilariously.

Targeting the right set of readers, the trailer of Now I See You sets up the perfect setup one could ask for. The animation involved is quite sober. 

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The Good Girl

Mary Kubica, the writer of this book has chosen quite a simple way of creating a promotional video. She prefers text instead of a new script. The video starts as some texts keep fluttering on a photographed sheet.The good girl

We can tell from the trailer that this is going to be a thriller mystery. The readers would find themselves in a situation where they would be asking what will happen next.

Set up in a few scenes and mysterious audio, the trailer promises to deliver the best reading to the readers. Mary chooses an interesting way to fascinate the audience. Wanted to read something different? Read  Tom Clancy books.

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The thing that makes the trailer of Impyrium great is the use of high-definition graphics. This is one of the best examples of book trailers Revealing the genre of the book to be fantasy, it assures to engross the viewers. The mixture of 2D and 3D animations has created an excellent trailer.Impyrium

The character gets into a conspiracy that will shake the world of Impyrium. It will definitely be a great read for the readers.

The involvement of high-quality animation is itself the thing that makes the trailer stand out. The effectiveness of this trailer lies in the high quality of the animation. 

Buy: Impyrism

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Sara Holland comes up with a professionally written book. This can easily be concluded with the trailer of the book that uses detailed animation. Included in fantasy, the story is set where people exchange time for money for goods.Evermore

The trailer has been designed using powerful creation. The outstanding contrast harmonises with the equally perfect sound effects.

If one uses such high emulsion of animation, it becomes expensive. One has to hire a great team of animators. 

Buy: Everless

War Storm

Authored by Victoria Aveyard, this is a great work of fantasy and science fiction. The crisp video of this book does not reveal much about it but gives a brief idea of the story.War storm

It just speaks about the introduction of the character that presumes the main tagline of the tale. From the trailer, the readers will be excited to know the reason for the thoughts of the character.

Sometimes the efficiency of the trailer is because of the small details it provides. This elevated the attentiveness level of the readers. 

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The Scattering

Kimberley McCreight, the author of The Scattering is yet one of the 10 great examples of book trailers. This captures the sense of the audience by creating curiosity in their minds. It surely gives a feel of a thriller suspense book.The Scattering

This trailer is an example of gathering the required attention in a short duration. It is just about 30 seconds but still maintains the curiosity level till the end.

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What is the meaning of a book trailer?

A book trailer just sounds and acts like a movie trailer. It is a form of a short duration video that promotes the book before its release. It compels the viewers to buy the book.

What do you put in a book trailer?

The book trailer demands certain things. Along with effective sound effects, the trailer must also include relevant reviews. A strong call to action at the end further asks for readers’ attention.

How much should I pay for a book trailer?

The cost of making the book trailers can be a little expensive. The use of 2D animation can be done for $300. The cost goes on increasing with added elements up to $15,000.

How long is a book trailer?

The book trailers must be short and crisp enough to engage the audience. It must be of a duration of 30 to 90 seconds. They manage to come up with the interest of the readers.


Book trailers have been the most effective way to attract book lovers. It has become popular because of its cinematic view. Moreover, it speaks to the motive of the character that readers find relatable. We have tried to introduce you to the 10 great examples of book trailers through this written account. Happy Viewing!