4 Ways to Find a Book from Vague Descriptions

Have you ever stuck somewhere and wondered where is that character from with big brown hair and hazel eyes. Also, whether you had a hard time figuring out your favorite line from a book but don’t remember the title?

find a book from a vague description

We’ve all been there and know how frustrating it can be sometimes or the other but don’t worry. We got you covered with 4 ways to find your book from your vague description or foggy mind.

1. Go Through Google

First, gather all the details that you remember from your hazy memories. And write down all of them in your google searches.

find a book from a vague description
Yes! All the minor details that you remember from the book like the character name or a scene or even a line. For example, you know the line, “naked truths aren’t always pretty” but you don’t know the name of the book. Try searching this line on google search. You might end up with the author’s name or some other hints to find you the book more clearly. Or to make it more clear and easy, you can try using Google Books as well. It shortens the possibilities of all the other books and gives you the best result. Suppose you search the same line from the above in google books, it will help you find your line from all the books available. And provide you the result with the books which have that reference or particular line in it.

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2. Use Social Media

Try using various social media platforms like Reddit, Quora, Twitter, Instagram, etc. These platforms have active communities filled with members who are book lovers and that can also help you find your desired books. Just start posting with a query on these platforms. And wait for the response from the people who might know the book’s name.

use social media
You might find it difficult at first to ask strangers for your query. But remember collective efforts are much better and more efficient than individual efforts. Do not hesitate!

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3. Ask BookTok

BookTok is a fast emerging sub-community on the famous app TikTok, mainly focused on books and literature. The creators there make several videos or trendy reels on a book review, discussions, suggestions, or sometimes even jokes about the book they read.

ask booktok
Try exploring the reels and videos by the creators, you might find your book, or maybe asking in the comment section with certain keywords or other details about the book will help you get quick responses from all the book lovers across the world.

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4. Search Your Librarian

Even after following the above three steps, you still do not find your desired book which is still a mystery for you, then ask the professionals near you who is a librarian that might help you. It is of no surprise the amount of knowledge they have in terms of books and literature and asking them for your help would be the best decision you’ll ever make. They are always there for you in case you need help.

search your librarian

Maybe they help you get from them might not get you to your desired book but certainly, they will guide you to your desired results and even help you find better ways to find them. Finding a book with a little clue or hints might be challenging and fruitless but it’s not always impossible.

We hope these four tips and tricks give you some better ideas to find your book from a vague description and lead you to your desired results.

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