Top 7 Websites to Find Free Audiobooks Online [2021]

In this article, we will discuss Some of the Best sites to Find Free Audiobooks Online. It’s simple to understand why audiobooks have become increasingly popular in recent years: There’s something enticing about stories given to live by professional performers who can bring dimension to a variety of characters. Audiobooks are your portable friend if you want to listen to tales while walking or lying down with your closed eyes.

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We adore audiobooks. We enjoy listening to them throughout our commutes. We’ll clean the house while we’re at it. At the same time, we’re on the move. Alternatively, we may do it while we’re cooking. It’s been some time since we’ve listened to an audiobook. Thankfully, these websites provide access to tens of thousands of free audiobooks, many of which may be accessed at any time and from any location. Hundreds of thousands. That’s a lot of reading material. Start paying attention.

While audiobooks are more costly than eBooks or print books, we can help you cut the price (and expand your collection) by directing you to this list of the finest websites to Find Free Audiobooks Online.


website open culture
website open culture

Open Culture has sifted through the same audiobooks available elsewhere online and generated a single list for you to browse. It comes up with a variety of audio content for classic listeners on the go while many of the same classics, such as Frank L.Maya Angelou and Charles Bukowski’s poetry, for example. Alternatively, you may watch a video of Neil Gaiman reading Coraline.




Lit2Go is an open online collection of Mp3 (audiobook) tales and poetry. Each of the excerpts has an abstract, citation, playing time, and word count.
Many of the texts have a reading method associated with them. Each reading passage can be printed or downloaded as a PDF for use as a read-along or extra reading material in your classroom.

Lit2Go provides audiobooks, plays, short tales, and poems that have been specifically designed for classroom usage. You’ll get citation information, playtime, and word count with each free audiobook. Some, like Shakespeare’s Hamlet, come with a PDF that can be read along with the text.



If you want to Find Free Audiobooks Online, then Learn out loud is a great website. Learn-Out-Loud aims to deliver free content for educational reasons, and they’ve done a fantastic job at it. Their website has over 3,000 free audiobooks to assist you to broaden your horizons, and if your listening habits are more flexible, you can also check out their larger directory of audio and video material, which includes lectures, seminars, speeches, and much more.

This is beneficial for anyone while you’re walking or driving or cleaning or if a student, this can be a good engagement for you to learn and improve skills at the same time.



Your local public library or school can also use OverDrive to get free audiobooks and e-books. To access free titles through this resource, you’ll need to provide your library card number or school/work email address. After you’ve logged in, you’ll need to save the names of all the libraries where you have borrowing privileges so you can view the full range of options.

By partnering with local libraries, the Libby app by OverDrive gives you access to the most eBook and audiobook content on this list.
They have nearly two million books and movies in their collection, and they work with over 30,000 libraries. OverD is where you’ll find the most recent audiobook releases.



Audible has the widest variety of audiobooks available anywhere. Listen to live readings of your favourite books, as well as premium podcasts and audio shows. On this site you can Find Free Audiobooks Online  in a huge range.
With a 30-day trial, you can get a free book! Even if you cancel, your books will be kept forever offline. Don’t you like books? You can swap it for free at any time with another. Audible is without a doubt the most well-known name in the audiobook industry, and it is rightfully so given its massive collection of over 200,000 unique titles.

You’ll also have the opportunity to approach hundreds of Audible Original titles that you won’t find on any other service through this platform. If you listen to podcasts, you’ve probably seen Audible ads on your favourite shows. Fortunately, it succeeded.


gutenberg project
gutenberg project

Project Gutenberg is the oldest digital library in the world, and it is operated entirely by volunteers. It, like many of the sites listed above, only offers public domain works, but it stands out for its linguistic diversity: the site offers audiobooks in more than 50 languages.

However, make sure the audiobook you choose is narrated by a human, as this website also features computer-generated recordings that are nothing short of strange. (Since you’re undoubtedly intrigued, here’s a computer-read version of George Eliot’s Middlemarch.) Enjoy!




This is one of the Best site to Find Free Audiobooks Online. Digital Book allows you to search through a database of public domain books from sites such as Librivox, Gutenberg, and Open Library, as well as books from Amazon (and Audible). Although not all books are free, many are, and they have over 100,000 free audiobooks and eBooks in their inventory.
You can save books on a personal bookshelf to read later without having to download them if you sign up for a free membership.


That’s all for the Top 7 Websites to Find Free Audiobooks Online. A word of caution! All of these audiobook options are free, but they’re all legal. Proper attribution should be given to the Author and Sources from where you’ve got your audiobook. Surely you can find illicit copies on the internet, but that doesn’t benefit the authors and publishers you know.

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