Find Free Books Online [Top 10 Places]

Do you like books? Are you’re a voracious reader too? It might feel like an uncontrollable compulsion at times. And any bookworm will tell you that this is a costly habit. Fortunately, the astute reader is aware that numerous websites can legally download books without spending a dime. We’ve gathered a list of 12 of the finest places to find free books online, so you can indulge in even the most debilitating of book addictions without feeling guilty. And click here if you want to know the best book blogging ideas in 2023.

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Top 12 Places To Find Free Books Online 

Online book stores have made it easy for you. These stores provide great offers and a wide range of books. Check out our top picks:

The Online Books Page

 The University of Pennsylvania’s Online Books Page has a stunning list of over 3 million free ebooks. They do not host any of the books directly but instead provide links to where you can download them. Their website, however, seems like it was designed in 1996. Still, can we complain when there are so many ebooks at our fingertips? Although some recent books may surface, this is a terrific place to look for classics and rare publications that offer deep dives into unusual themes.

the online books page- find free books online

 The Online Books Page makes it easier to find books that are available for free online reading. The site provides a public database of over 20,000 book titles from various sources, including the Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia and Project Gutenberg. You can search for free book downloads by author, title, subject, or serial number. 


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Find Free Books Online Through Kindle Store

Providing free books has shown to be one of the most efficient strategies for publishers to grow their following. And, as the world’s largest book store, Amazon has become the destination for many authors who want to make their novels freely available.

kindle store

On the Kindle store, a search for “Free Books” yields almost 80,000 results. Rather than plowing through all of them, start with their top 100 free eBooks on their bestseller list.


Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a volunteer-run project to digitize and preserve literature, named after the first printing press from the 15th century (rather than the beloved hero of the Police Academy films). The majority of the titles on the platform are in the public domain, which means they are no longer protected by copyright and can be freely shared.

project gutenberg- find free books online

This website provides users with a diverse reading library, with over 57,000 free books available for download. You can look for specific titles or browse by genre, and you can download books in EPUB, MOBI, Kindle, HTML, and plain text formats.

Another benefit of this site is saving ebooks straight to cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive for convenient access.


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Find Free Books Online Through Book Bub

It’s hit-or-miss when it comes to finding fantastic free novels on the Kindle Store. Although Amazon’s algorithms are intelligent, they may not always give the books you want — significantly if you limit yourself to their free store. This is where Bookbub and other comparable promotion services may help. When you create a free account, you will receive an email every day with links to free and newly discounted books that have been handpicked based on your tastes. Isn’t that simple?


If you’re seeking a specific educational textbook or business book, Bookboon can assist you in finding it. Thousands of free ebooks are available to download and read on this website. To download books, go to the accessible area and fill out a few fields. Bookboon also has German, Dutch, Danish, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Spanish, Czech, and English.


Free Booksy

Most other book promotion services promote free and discounted books. But FreeBooksy is the largest site dedicated entirely to free ebooks. Unlike some of its competitors, it looks for offers from all of the leading stores.

freebooksy- find free books online

So even if you only use Kobo or Nook, you’ll be able to get some excellent books for free.


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Find Free Books Online Smashwords

Smashwords, like Amazon, features a page where you can quickly see all of the free books that writers have chosen to offer. This site makes it simple to find free books by browsing by categories like “newest,” “bestseller,” and “highest-rated,” as well as filtering by book length and genre. (If you want to browse by genre, remember to re-select the “free” option at the top!) What’s the best part? Most stories are accessible in various file formats, and downloading them does not require an account.


Smashwords’ online book library covers various topics and genres, including adventure, business, classics, fantasy, history, religion, philosophy, and many others. Before looking for a book, be sure to click the “free” tab.



Hoopla, another popular library choice, where we can Find Free Books Online. It provides access to an extensive range of ebooks, audiobooks, and comic books through a single user interface. Patrons are limited to a certain amount of total checkouts each calendar month, as defined by your library, unlike OverDrive. However, because there are no restrictions on how many people can read a book simultaneously. Hoopla is a terrific way to read new and popular novels without having to wait on waiting lists.


You’ll have to create a Hoopla account by entering your login information, your local library, and your membership number on the Hoopla Digital website. You can immediately start browsing after completing your registration.


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Goodreads Free Shelves

Moving on from the world of classics, Goodreads is the place to go to for satiating our contemporary bookish taste buds!

goodreads- find free books online

Find yourself your choice of a modern novel (complete or in the form of an excerpt) at Goodread’s free e-books shelves or with the ‘Free Online’ tag!


Paperback Swap

Many traditionalists would argue that e-books cannot compare to the feel of turning the pages of your favorite novel and the smell of a freshly bought book. Bother not, for we have got you covered as well!

paperback swap

Established in 2004, Paperback Swap is where you can get paperbacks mailed to your address for free! It uses a credit-based system for trading books whereby member bibliophiles can list their unwanted books, and when someone requests it, you mail it to them. Bringing “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” to a whole new level!


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ManyBooks is a site that hosts a heaping 30,000 books to choose from in the classic and contemporary domain alike. Inclusive of a wide range of languages to opt from.


It combines a database of free books and daily deals newsletter to update you on the latest books along with the massive array of decades worth of books already at your disposal.



While we dabble in the sphere of free books, we cannot possibly ignore the littlest readers among us. Storynory is a site that helps to Find Free Books Online in the form most suitable for our young ones-audiobooks. Combining classics with brand-new originals exclusive to the site, Storynory provides a selection charming enough for the little ones who are never satisfied with just one bedtime story.


Though it does not contain as extensive a collection as some of the sites mentioned above. It provides a most welcome distraction for the inquisitive adolescent. The Wizard of OzSherlock Holmes, Alice in Wonderland form some of the classics adored by users of the site.


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Find Free Books Online Wattpad

The site established in 2006 here you can Find Free Books Online. It has garnered readers and writers’ attention for the insurmountable amounts of free books it hosts written by members of the Wattpad community itself. From fanfictions to romance, a mystery to supernatural, historical fiction to horror, it has stories encompassing every genre imaginable. Not only is it a platform for reading the diverse novel, but it also provides a platform for independent writers that would otherwise go unnoticed to be recognized by publishing houses.


Some stories have even gone ahead to be made into movies (Yes, we’re talking about the ‘After’ series on Netflix!). Leave comments, follow your favorite authors, and vote for the stories you love! It’s a community like no other. Now available as an app, you can browse through your favorite stories from the comfort of your phone and save them for offline reading as well.


You won’t run out of books as these bookstores will provide you with an abundance of reading material. These websites collectively contain a large number of excellent books—quite a bit. In the millions, to be exact. Seriously. So, instead of wasting time, go choose your favourite books to read. 


All of the above-mentioned are Top 12 Places To Find Free Books Online. Furthermore, these websites have not been included in any particular sequence. So go ahead and impress yourself with many free books available on these platforms. If you know any other sites or apps where we can Find Free Books Online then please let us know in comment section.

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