The Top 7 Florida Books [2021]

The first question that arrives at one’s mind as soon as his eyes fall upon the topic is, “What are Florida Books?” Of course, many people are familiar with the term “A Florida Book,” but then there are quite a handful of people who feel a little bewildered after hearing this term. Trust us, and the time is pretty simple.

A Florida Book” can refer to books mainly about Florida or written by Floridian authors. The books about Florida are based on a wide range of compelling topics, including the history of Florida, any mythological event that happened against the backdrop of Florida, Florida Literature, the natural beauty of Florida, its flora and fauna, and so on.

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They are a series of annual literary awards that acknowledge the books mainly about Florida and the books written by Floridian authors every year. In 2006, the awards were supervised and administered by the Florida State University Libraries and The Florida Center for the Book, The Florida Historical Society, The State Library and the archives of Florida, and The Florida Humanities Council.

They are coming to the main topic, which books are the Top 7 Florida books in 2021? A book as such which might have a high chance of winning a Florida Book Award?

The Florida Book Awards accept nominations in the following categories:

  • Cooking
  • Florida Nonfiction
  • Older Children’s Literature
  • General Fiction
  • General Nonfiction
  • Popular Fiction
  • Visual Arts
  • Young Adults Literature
  • Younger Children’s Literature
  • Spanish Language
  • Poetry

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Here are some of the Top Florida Books of 2021. There are seven books listed below, and each one of them is a strong contender for the Florida Book Awards 2021.

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings’ The Yearling:

The Yearling, authored by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings in 1938, was the most influential book in America that year. The story follows little Jody Baxter and his friendship with a young horse in the dense woods of Florida in 1870.

florida books
Florida books

JodLike other youngsters, Jody enjoys playing outside, but he is continually told of the difficulties that his household has to endure. When A snake bites Jody’s mom, she is compelled to kill a doe so that she can drain the poison out of its body. Jodyhiss’s household’s difficulties persuade his folks to foster the newborn fawn after the doe left behind such a tiny youngster.

Amazing, Misunderstood Bats:

This fantastic book on bats was authored by Marta Magellan and was published by Eifrig Publishing in early 2021. This book has 34 pages, and Merlin Tuttle clicked all the astonishing photographs in the book.

Who would wish to live in a world in which bats do not exist? They are helpful and functional in countless ways, including pollinating plants, eating millions of bugs, and a million other ways.

florida books
Florida books

This book mainly clears a few misconceptions which people generally have regarding bats and throws light upon a plethora of ways in which they are helpful. This book of Nonfictional literature is an excellent source of enlightening children about bats and thus deserves to be an award-winning book.


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The Secret Science of Sports:

The Math, Physics, and Mechanical Engineering Behind Every Grand Slam, Triple Axel, and Penalty Kick. This book, authored by Jennifer Swanson, deals with the scientific phenomenon associated with sports and each activity of a sportsperson. The book was published in July 2021 by the Running Press Publishers.

florida books
Florida books

This book deals with some of the fundamental yet essential questions: How do athletes jump so high? How does a football spiral? Science and only science are responsible for all of it.

Whether basketball or football, or even athletics, every sport requires a little bit of science, mathematics, and engineering, the kids get to understand the most thrilling concepts of science and mathematics through the favorite sports they watch.

This book surely deserves to be an award-winning book.

Tropic of Stupid:

 Tropic of stupid has a funny plot and yet enlightens the readers in so many ways.

Authored by Tim Dorsey and published in February 2021 by Duckworth books, this book deals with the story of Serge Storms, a lover of history, so he decides to investigate and find his account using one of the DNA services. What follows is a seemingly funny plot with a lot of twists and turns and an unpredictable ending.

florida books
Florida books

With all the capabilities this book has to attract many readers. This book surely deserves to be one of the top 7 Florida books.

John D. MacDonald’s Green Ripper:

John D. McDonald, a thriller writer, wrote The Green Ripper, a mystery novel. MacDonald was a prolific crime and thriller novelist, with many of his works set in Florida, his adoptive home. The renowned and critically praised Travis McGee series, of which The Green Ripper is the 18th of 21 installments, is one of his best-known works. 

florida books
Florida books

McGee’s lover, Gretel, was murdered by a mysterious terrorist organization, and the plot revolves around avenging her. The title is a wordplay on the Grim Reaper’s name.

Carl Hiassen – Tourist Season:

Carl Hiassen, famous for his Florida satire literature, has a beautiful knack for portraying the humor in fake but eerily realistic Florida murders and protection. Hiaasen’s works have a plethora of storylines and plotlines, many of which intertwine in some wonderfully ludicrous storylines.

florida books
Florida books

Carl has written books, brief tales, Miami Herald articles, and even picture stories. Tourist Season, his self-titled debut novel, was published in 1986 and tells the story of Brian Keyes, a private detective and erstwhile newscaster for The Miami Sun.

The Wilder Heart of Florida:

More Writers Inspired by Florida Nature

 Yet another book that takes us on a fascinating tour of Florida, its natural beauty, flora and fauna, and whatnot. Edited by Jack E Devis and authored by Leslie K Poole, this book is one of the best sellers of 2021 in Florida and worldwide.

florida books
Florida books

Published in March 2021 by the University Press of Florida, the book describes the wild beauty of the Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park. The beautiful way the book describes the enchanting beauty of the park attracts a lot of visitors, no wonder it made it to the list of one of the topmost Florida books of 2021.


The list is endless, to be precise. All the books mentioned above managed to secure a special place in the readers’ minds and hearts and, as a result, paved their way into the list of the Top 7 Florida Books 2021. Not one or two of them, but all the books deserve to be on the list of the books honored by the Florida Book Awards 2021.

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