Complete List of Harlan Coban Books in Order

Love Harlan Coban books but can’t find the correct order. This is the complete list to start with her books. These novels are a complete package of entertainment and spice. Harlon’s writing will give you goosebumps in your entire body. If you are looking for some really cool action and suspense, this is it. Speaking of good authors, check out Tom Clancy Books In Chronological Order – Complete List

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What is the order of Harlan Coban’s books?

We have made complete order of Harlon Coban books for every book lover out there. As a book lover, I understand the significance of reading in order. This list will be the ultimate guide to starting to read Coban’s novels. Also, check out the best book series you can ever get as a book lover which you never want to miss out on!

Myron Bolitar Series

The first series with fascinating stories. These revolve around the protagonist, whose name is Myron Bolitar. He was a basketball star who stopped playing due to an accident. Now he is a sports agent and solves a murder mystery. 

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Deal Breaker, 1995

The story revolves around a sports agent, Myron Bolitar. He is a former basketball legend but stopped playing due to injury.

deal breaker, 1995

Bolitar is now coaching football players for their professional careers.

Christian, a client of Myron, is a rookie. The story gets a twist when her ex-girlfriend calls him. A woman that everyone believes to be dead. The first novel in Harlan Coban books, in chronological order, is amazing. 

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Drop Shot

The story introduces you to drama, mystery, and anger. The death of a woman tragically revolves around the characters. A young girl who wants to make a comeback with the help of Myron as her agent.

drop shot

She has had troubles in the past, and often we notice that she suffers from it. Eventually, the girl gets murdered out of the blue. And the suspect is one of the clients. An exciting read in Harlan Coban books in order. 

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Fade Away

A car accident caused Myron Bolitar to give up his promising sports career. After leaving the FBI, he runs his own business. Later on, Myron was on a hunch to find his friend. Greg, his friend, knows Myron through their rivalry.

fade away

They both liked the same girl. Greg vanishes, and Myron needs to find him before the news gets leaked of his disappearance. Harlan Coban books are the treasure hunt for action thrill.

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Back Spin

The fourth novel is an award-winning novel in the Myron series. This is the ultimate book that shows Coban’s skills and hard work. She nailed it. The characters are well written, and the storyline is easy to grasp. A story packed with suspense, thrill, and action. 

back spin

The sports agents solve the mystery around a teenager’s disappearance. The more they get close, they realize her family secrets are the reason for the murder. 

An extraordinary read that unravels the mystery little by little. It hooks the reader till the end. Harlan Coban books are a great collection of compelling stories.

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One False Move

Harlan Coban novels in order mean the novels packed with suspense. The compelling story of the book is about a legendary sports agent. He doesn’t hesitate to protect and support Brenda, a basketball player. At the same time, the story continues and unravels the complex riddle of her life. 

one false move

Brenda is charming, smart, and fully independent. She never yearns to have a man to rely on. But eventually, this takes a change, and Myron comes into her life. Now, what will be his move?

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The Final Detail

It has an electrifying thrill that follows murder mysteries and deep secrets. In the sixth novel, Harlon won’t disappoint you. In fact, she brings out more drama and extravagant storylines. 

the final detail

After so much drama in Myron’s life, all he needed was a long vacation. A beach with cool breezes. A simpler life without mysteries. A woman that can make him relax. But mostly, a clear mind with peace in his heart after encountering the death of his friend. 

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Darkest Fear

Myron has a tough life with a traumatizing and painful experience. This gets worse when his father has recent heart attacks. It pushes him into deep oceans of negativity with his life, adulthood, and mortality. And to make things worse and shake his world, a new drama enters. The first serious love of his life comes back. 

darkest fear

Meanwhile, Emily Downing’s son is at the verse of his life. He needs a bone marrow to recover. 

Now you know what to expect from Harlon’s books. They are fascinating and refreshing. Harlan Coban Wilde series is a great hunch for book lovers. 

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Promise Me

The book showcases a rare positive side of Myron Bolitar’s life. For six years, he has been calmer than usual. No punch, no drama, no superhero stuff. No one is sending threats to him, nor is he. 

promise me

He feels no need to call his Friend Win for any kind of help. Win is still the most dangerous man he knows. These six years have been nice, with no murders of his clients. Harlan Coban books are the treasure hunt for action thrill.

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Long Lost

Myron’life needs drama. And no drama can run away from him. Terese, one of his clients, makes no contact with him for several years. This happens when her affair ends. But this soon changes when she makes a sudden and desperate call to Myron from Paris. 

long lost

Terese explains her tragic reason for her being away. It was the pain and struggle of getting pregnant and finally raising a baby. But through lethal accident snatches all of it away. A kidnapper takes everything from her life, joy, marriage, and only daughter. Harlan Coban books are the ultimate way to enter into the action world. 

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Live Wire

Live Wire is a bestseller of Halon Coben. She yet again proves her writing skills and storytelling. The novel with the protagonist has evolved so much. Myron is a guy who has been stuck between his sports career and being the problem solver of his friends. He is a keen observer and a kind soul.

live wire

The character of Myron is a true hero and yet a flawed character. It is well written that the fans love him. Myron has a big heart and can do anything for their friends and family. At any cost. 

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Childhood best friends and young boys disappear out of nowhere. Two best friends are kidnaped during playtime at a new jersey home. Their names are Rhys Baldwin and Patrick Moore. For ten years, their families yearn for a day that they will return. These years were full of desperation and painful memories. 


Finally, the day comes to return. But only one returns which gives them new hope for the other kid to return home. 

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Mickey Bolitar Series

The second series, which is a great hit, is Mickey Bolitar Series. It revolves around murder mysteries, action-packed and great characters. 


After the death of Mickey’s father, the time could not get any worse now for him. He feels that both of his parents are in pain and leaving him one by one. The mother got into rehab, and mickey was forced to live with his uncle. 


Sooner, he realizes that he needs new friends. And that’s how he meets his new girlfriend, Ashley. It feels like his tragic life is finally getting better. Until Ashely vanishes without a trail, Mickey cannot let her go from his life. So he decides to find her anyhow. When he gets closer to the case, he finds that Ashley is nothing like how she seems to be. The story gets interesting here. 

Harlan Coban books will excite you all day. The entire thing makes mickey think about his life. He feels maybe what he has right now is the ultimate luxury because the world seems worse.

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Seconds Away

This is a bestseller of Harlon presenting a young adult series. The story revolves around the mystery of the dead Abeona Shelter’s father. It will not fail to amaze you with its twists and turns. Here, mickey hunts for clues to get behind the tragic death. With every page, you will get goosebumps. 

seconds away

However, we get to know that the father is actually not dead. However, Abeona’s friend gets wounded, and her mother dies. Mickey tries to solve the tragic night mystery. 

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A young adult series for all Harlon Coben lovers. It is packed with action and thrill involving murder and mystery. After shelter and Second Away, Mickey Bolitar is all set to enter into his new version. The story follows the grief and pain of a tragic death.


Mickey witnessed it eight months ago. This gives rise to unraveling secrets for unanswered questions. 

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What religion is Harlan Coben?

Coben was born into a Jewish family in Newark, New Jersey, and was raised in Livingston. He graduated from Livingston High School with his childhood friend, future governor Chris Christie.


Harlan Coban books are a great collection of compelling stories. The genre is enthralling, and the readers hook with the story till the end. 

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