How Does Reading Make You Smarter?

How does reading make you smarter? It’s a scientifically proven and universally accepted fact that readers are more intelligent than a non-reader. Reading comes with countless benefits. No one can ever find the disadvantages of homework, although they are endless if you start listing the advantages. It not only opens your mind but gives you a better perspective once you indulge in reading one’s way of looking at the world and its changes.reading

Today, when technology advances daily, people engage in activities that use their minimal effort and give maximum leisure. Many people choose to watch a movie over reading the book it is based on. People believe it saves them from the arduous task of reading an actual book, while it only limits their intelligence.

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How Does Reading Make You Smarter?

People who actively read have a great imagination, better knowledge, and better comprehensive power. Here are some reasons on how  reading makes people smarter : 

Better Vocabulary

So, how does reading make you smarter? Readers come across new words almost every time they read something. Adding new comments to vocabulary enhances the command of the language. It helps to explain and express better. It also gives an upper hand over other people, as one can have a superb choice of words to use from.


Besides adding new words, reading also explains different ways to use words. It’s essential to know how to use a particular word properly. Otherwise, it loses its meaning. The vocabulary of any language is very vast but reading regularly makes people familiar with many terms daily.

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Enhanced Knowledge

Readers undoubtedly have better knowledge than the masses, who do not indulge in reading. They are more aware and updated with the world. They tend to have a better understanding of their surroundings. Reading makes people keen on knowing more. It makes people eager for more always.

enhanced knowledgeThe world is an enormous place, and we can never know it all. Although when a person participates in reading, their spectrum widens, and they get access to the vast world. Your knowledge expands as new avenues open. Nobody has gained intelligence without reading. It makes you an intelligent person. A reader will always have better points to make and sensible, well-researched arguments to put forward.

Empathy Towards Others

How does reading make you smarter? Reading teaches you to empathize with fictional characters. It reflects in your behavior in the real world. It makes you feel and understand the emotions of others. You get to know other people’s thought processes, and your mind tries to give a chance to other people too.

empathy towards othersTo share this world with other people, one needs to be more empathetic, sympathetic, and understanding to cooperate and live in peace and harmony. Reading helps build these qualities in people, that too subtly. It makes you a little less selfish and teaches good values.

Empathy Towards Yourself

Stories and incidences can make you vulnerable. Reading makes you understand yourself better and provides you with ideas to improve yourself. It connects you with your true self. When we consume content that resonates with us, we discover new facts about ourselves. It makes us realize our good and bad parts by portraying skilfully crafted characters.

empathy towards self

We are all on a journey to discover what we are and what meaning life holds. Reading guides us through such questions answers questions we wish to know.

Reading Make You Smarter By Building Imagination

One thing that readers undeniably have is a rich imagination. Reading makes your mind work, and it lets your mind wander. It does not restrict to boundaries; instead, it flows.


Readers have such a fabulous imagination that they feel like they are a part of the story while going through the stories. Active readers find it very easy to relate to and feel the story’s core. A mind that can transport without moving feet can wander through the story and stay in the moment.

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Reading Make You Smarter By Writing And Speaking Skills

The more you read, the more good your writing and speaking skills are. It gives you a steady command of the language. Aspiring writers need to keep reading while they’re in the process because it helps them gather new words and know their use. It also helps to understand the feel of the story.

writing and speaking skills

For people who want to have good speaking skills in a particular language, reading regularly with utmost concentration can work wonders. It’s a kind of activity that takes minimal time and gives more significant returns.

Better Functioning Of The Brain

How does reading make you smarter? It’s a scientifically proven fact that readers’ brains show better functioning. Reading helps to keep our brains healthy. It is like the exercise of the brain. It functions better becomes more reasonable, empathetic, and aware.

better functioning of the brain

Reading regularly trains our brain to work efficiently, where our brain forms a solid memory, which helps in the real world. Readers also have a sharper memory. When you go through stories, your brain needs to connect dots as the story moves forward.

The list can go on for infinite points and still not end because some things are flawless. If you indulge yourself in reading, it will bring rhythm along with endless advantages. 

Reading Make You Smarter Through Better Mental Health 

After an exhausting day at work, a fictional book can take you on an exquisite adventure by bringing a fantasy world before your eye. A 2009 study by the University of Sussex found that reading for just six minutes can reduce stress levels by up to 68%. Reading regularly can increase concentration and help you stay in focus. It boosts your creativity and makes you think uniquely.

better mental health

 Reading cannot make you smarter overnight, but consistency is the key to building your skills and acquiring knowledge. You can read from many different sources, books, and articles from blogs, magazines, newspapers. Reading can mold you into a better person and can make you smarter. 

Reading Make You Smarter By Improving Memory 

When you read a novel, it is necessary to remember the character’s name, role, and personality as you go through the events in the story for better understanding. It would take determination and consistency to hit the book.

improves memory

From this, reading can improve the memory power and the discipline you need in your life.


So, how does reading make you smarter? Reading makes you physically and emotionally active. It will activate your brain and a healthy habit for a healthy lifestyle. It gives you a lot of knowledge other than any device, and it improves academically for your career growth. Good Books will be your lifetime friends. These are not just sayings. There are scientifically proven. So now we can say Books makes you smarter.

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