How Many Books are in the Selection Series in Order

Have you ever been lost in the maze of a book series, unsure of which book comes next or where to even start? It’s like being handed a puzzle with no reference picture. Frustrating, right? You’re not alone.

Many readers of the Selection series by Kiera Cass find themselves in this exact predicament, eager to dive into the story but paralyzed by the fear of missing out on crucial plot points. But what if there was a clear, concise guide to help you navigate this literary labyrinth? Good news: you’ve just found it.

The Selection series by Kiera Cass consists of a total of nine books, including the main novels and novellas.


The Selection Series: A Quick Glance

Dive into the enchanting world of the Selection series, where romance meets dystopia, and every page promises a whirlwind of emotions. Here’s your quick guide:

  1. The Queen (A Novella)
  2. The Prince (A Novella)
  3. The Selection
  4. The Elite
  5. The Guard (A Novella)
  6. The Favorite (A Novella)
  7. The One
  8. The Heir
  9. The Crown

The Selection Series: A Quick Glance

For those keeping score at home (or just super curious), that’s a grand total of nine books. Five main novels and four novellas to be exact. So, whether you’re a first-time reader or revisiting the series, you’ve got a delightful journey ahead!

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Reading the Selection Series in Chronological Order

Alright, let’s get one thing straight: reading a series out of order is like eating a sandwich starting from the middle. Messy and confusing, right? So, let’s break down the Selection series in the order the events happen:

The Queen (A Novella)

Meet Amberly! She’s not just any girl; she’s dreaming big – winning Prince Clarkson Schreave’s heart big. Spoiler: It’s the beginning of… well, everything.

The Prince (A Novella)

Ever wondered what’s going on in Prince Maxon’s royal head? Dive in as he juggles Selection jitters and some fatherly “advice.”

The Selection

Say hello to America Singer. She’s in a love triangle with a prince and her old flame, Aspen. Drama? Check!

The Elite

Six contenders left, and oh boy, the palace is buzzing! America’s heart? It’s doing a tug-of-war thing.

The Guard (A Novella)

Aspen’s side of the story! Spoiler: Watching your ex compete for a prince isn’t a walk in the park.

The Favorite (A Novella)

Marlee’s got a secret. It’s big, it’s romantic, and it’s definitely not with Prince Maxon. Intrigued?

The One

Down to the final four! America’s shaking things up, and the King? Not her biggest fan.

The Heir

Fast-forward! Meet Eadlyn Schreave. She’s got a throne waiting and a Selection of her own. No pressure, right?

The Crown

Decision time for Eadlyn. Kingdom’s watching, heart’s racing, and the crown? It’s waiting.

So, gear up! We’re about to dive deep into the world of ball gowns, heartbreaks, and some serious royal drama. Ready to roll?

Reading the Selection Series in Publication Order

Navigating a book series by its publication order is like following a breadcrumb trail the author left for readers. It’s the journey they intended, with each revelation and twist unveiled at just the right moment. So, if you’re ready to experience the Selection series as it unfolded to the world, here’s your roadmap:

The Selection

Dive into the world of America Singer, a girl caught between two worlds and two loves. As she’s thrust into the royal Selection competition, she must decide between her past with Aspen and a potential future with Prince Maxon.

The Elite

The competition tightens with only six girls remaining. America’s feelings become even more tangled, and palace intrigues rise, making choices harder than ever.

The One

The climax of America’s journey in the Selection. With the stakes at their highest, America must confront her feelings and the pressures of the crown and decide her own fate.

The Heir

Jump two decades ahead and meet Eadlyn Schreave, the next-gen royal. With her own Selection to navigate, Eadlyn faces challenges and choices that her parents never could’ve imagined.

The Crown

Eadlyn’s story culminates as she stands at the crossroads of love, duty, and the future of the Illean monarchy.

The Prince (A Novella)

A rewind to Prince Maxon’s perspective before the Selection began. Dive into his apprehensions, hopes, and the weight of the crown.

The Guard (A Novella)

Aspen Leger, the other corner of America’s love triangle, gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at the Selection and the heartbreak of watching a loved one move on.

The Queen (A Novella)

Step back in time to Queen Amberly’s own Selection. Discover the challenges she faced and the love story that started it all.

The Favorite (A Novella)

Marlee Tames, a fan favorite, shares her side of the story. Experience her secret romance and the consequences of forbidden love in the palace.

Embarking on the Selection series in publication order is like taking a curated tour, with each book building on the last. So, buckle up and enjoy the ride as the tale of love, royalty, and rebellion unfolds!

The World of The Selection Series

Okay, imagine a world where reality TV meets royal romance in a dystopian setting. Got it? Great! That’s the Selection series for you. Set in the nation of Illea, which rose from the ashes of what was once the United States, this series isn’t just about fancy dresses and crown jewels (though there’s plenty of that!

At its heart, Illea is a society divided into castes, from the privileged Ones down to the struggling Eights. Think of it as a not-so-fun ranking system where your caste dictates, well, pretty much everything about your life.

Enter America Singer, our fiery protagonist. She’s a Five, which means she’s part of the artist caste. But here’s the twist: she gets chosen for the Selection, a reality show where 35 girls compete for the heart of Prince Maxon and the crown of Illea. Drama? Oh, there’s a ton!

But beneath the glitz and glamour, the series delves deep. It’s about love and heartbreak, sure, but also about rebellion, societal pressures, and the cost of freedom. So, if you’re in for a rollercoaster of emotions set in a world that’s both familiar and eerily different, welcome to the world of the Selection!

The Popularity and Impact of The Selection Series

Alright, let’s spill some tea: Why is the Selection series such a big deal? Well, first off, it’s not just another young adult series. Nope, it’s a cultural phenomenon!

From the moment America Singer stepped into the palace, readers were hooked. The series swiftly climbed bestseller lists and carved out a special place in the hearts of YA enthusiasts. But why? Maybe it’s the blend of romance, drama, and dystopia. Or perhaps it’s the relatable struggles of love, identity, and societal expectations. Whatever the magic formula, Kiera Cass nailed it.

But here’s the kicker: The Selection series didn’t just stop at selling books. It sparked discussions. Teens and adults alike debated caste systems, the ethics of reality TV, and the complexities of love. Book clubs, fan art, fan fiction – the fandom is real.

In the grand tapestry of young adult literature, the Selection series stands out as a beacon. It’s not just because of the tiaras and ball gowns (though they’re a fabulous bonus). It’s because the series challenges readers to think about their own world, their own choices. It’s a mirror reflecting societal issues, all wrapped up in a page-turning narrative.

In short, the Selection series isn’t just popular; it’s influential. It’s reshaped the landscape of YA literature, proving that a story can be both entertaining and thought-provoking. And honestly? That’s the hallmark of a true literary gem.

The Novellas: Additional Insights

Alright, pop quiz! What’s bite-sized, packed with juicy details, and gives you a backstage pass to the Selection world? Ding, ding, ding! It’s the novellas.

Now, you might be thinking, “Aren’t novellas just… shorter books?” Well, yes and no. In the Selection series, these novellas are like secret diary entries, offering a peek into the minds of characters we thought we knew. They’re the behind-the-scenes footage, the director’s cut, the Easter eggs for true fans.

Take “The Queen” and “The Prince,” for instance. These aren’t just fillers; they’re deep dives into the lives of Queen Amberly and Prince Maxon before the main events kick off. And then there’s “The Guard” and “The Favorite,” which spotlight Aspen and Marlee, giving voice to their hidden struggles and romances.

In essence, these novellas aren’t just side stories; they’re essential pieces of the puzzle. They enrich the narrative, add layers to characters, and offer fresh perspectives on familiar events. So, if you’re craving a deeper connection to the Selection world, these novellas are your golden ticket. Dive in and savor every word!

FAQs about The Selection Series

What order does the selection series go in?

The Selection series in chronological order goes as follows: 'The Queen' (Novella), 'The Prince' (Novella), 'The Selection,' 'The Elite,' 'The Guard' (Novella), 'The Favorite' (Novella), 'The One,' 'The Heir,' and 'The Crown.'

How many books are in The Selection book series?

The Selection series comprises a total of nine books, which includes five main novels and four novellas.

What order should I read The Selection books?

For a first-time reader, it's recommended to read the books in publication order: 'The Selection,' 'The Elite,' 'The One,' 'The Heir,' 'The Crown,' followed by the novellas 'The Prince,' 'The Guard,' 'The Queen,' and 'The Favorite.'

What is the last book of The Selection?

The last main novel in the Selection series is 'The Crown.'

Who is the queen in the selection series?

The queen at the beginning of the series is Queen Amberly, who is Prince Maxon's mother. Later in the series, America Singer becomes the queen after marrying Maxon. In the latter books, their daughter, Eadlyn Schreave, is poised to become the next queen.


Navigating the intricate tapestry of the Selection series is akin to embarking on a literary treasure hunt. Each book, each novella, is a piece of the puzzle, revealing a world rich in romance, drama, and societal intricacies. Reading them out of order? It’s like trying to appreciate a song by skipping randomly through its verses. Sure, you’ll get the gist, but the magic? That’s in the details, the build-up, the crescendos.

Kiera Cass has meticulously crafted a narrative that unfolds precisely, where each revelation and twist is timed to perfection. To truly appreciate the depth of her world, the growth of her characters, and the subtleties of the plot, one must journey through Illea in the order Cass intended.

So, to every reader standing at the threshold, wondering whether to step into the world of America Singer, Prince Maxon and the grandeur of the Selection: Dive in. Let the pages guide you; let the story envelop you. Trust in the order, and you’ll be rewarded with a tale that resonates, captivates, and stays with you long after the final page is turned.

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