How Much Time Should A Child Read Per Day?

How much time should a child read per day? As a parent, an elder sister or brother, or any relative, this is the most important, or you can say the most meaningful question. This question arises out of concern for the kid based on the kid’s future. The sooner you start, the better it becomes and stronger.

As we know that children build their intelligence at an early age, so if someone develops a higher IQ early, this one is going to add to their intelligence in later life. Reading has various positive impacts on kids. Besides increasing vocabulary, patience, and stretching the brain to its maximum potential, it builds empathy and great leadership qualities.

A kid’s daily routine consists of playing, watching cartoons, sitting in front of the mobile screen, and going to school; why not add one more, especially when it takes only a few minutes. Start with 10-15 minutes and then gradually increase. A kid on an average day should read for 15-20 minutes apart from the reading done at school.

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If started at an early stage, it’ll create a habit. The more and more he dives into reading, the sharper, better, and faster reader he will become. Reading has multiple benefits, and it boasts one’s mental health and makes one stronger.

Reading regularly can bear future fruits that are very helpful. A good reader becomes a good dictator and also a good listener. Yes, reading also led to good listening and increased understanding and concentration power. If a kid develops strong reading, it’ll help him in academics as reading is essential for every subject, whether mathematics or social studies. Every issue requires substantial reading and understanding for it to create meaning. If the child lacks reading, he might get behind in class and affect his studies. 

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How Much Time Should A Child Read Per Day?

How Much Time Should A Child Read Per Day Ask yourself these questions, how many times should a child eat in a day? His playing hours? His television hours? Just like every activity has a limited period, so does reading. Start with 10 minutes and increase it to 15-20 minutes every day before bedtime. It would help if you did this at home in addition to reading done at school. Remember that neither the quantity nor the time spent is essential in reading. 

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Reading might turn out to be a difficult task initially and might turn into a challenge, but it eventually turns easy. You should not forcefully chip reading in your kid’s schedule. At first, they might even deny it; you need to take it slow and understand how to make it enjoyable.

If a kid enjoys reading let him read more, it’s better for them. It’ll take time and effort to build stamina enough to become a good reader and be able to read for a prolonged period. It will take time in the early stages, but it will improve as time moves.

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Benefits Of Reading Books To Children

These are the following benefits of reading books to children:-

  1. One of the most health benefits of reading books to children is bonding. This means if you read books to your children you will end up spending some quality time with your kids, while sharing knowledge with them you can be their friends as well as your adding one of the healthiest habits in their life.
  2. Reading is not just a healthy habit, but it also adds marks to academics.
  3. Reading constitutes building an impeccable imagination in kids, which makes kids very creative.
  4. Reading also creates greater attention span in kids.
  5. Reading creates empathy in a person. Having empathy makes children good human beings in the future. 

How To Make Them Take An Interest?

For Deciding How  Time Should A Child Read Per Day Take it slow, don’t get too quick in the process. Remember, every good thing takes time. He will gradually grasp it. Start with 15 minutes daily bed stories with picture illustrations. Especially cartoon illustrations. It makes their minds work more when comparing what they read to what they see.

But, how much time should a child read per day? Please don’t compel your child to read when he’s not into it. Let him go and play for a bit and then call him back to read. This will keep the interest going. If forced to read for a prolonged period, he might lose interest. In the beginning, they will not read continuously; they’ll stop, break the word, mispronounce them, make mistakes, but as they do it regularly, they’ll create a strong catch on it. The kid will need breaks at the beginning, so give him some, don’t be too hard on them; otherwise, they will grow tired of it.

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Your kid will need you to sit beside them at the beginning. Start reading them a bedtime storybook, one that catches their interest. First, you read and then make them read. Like comics and picture books, a book with illustrations is best for kids. Through this, they gain interest in the pictures and also the story. Keeping them happy is also good, so don’t force them on a book that catches their interest.

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Parents grumble that their child only wants to read an equivalent book over and once again. When reading with a beginning reader, it is vital to try to the following:

Give Them Time To Read

How Much Time Should A Child Read Per Day Reading may be a skill, and like many other skills, it takes time to develop.

time to read

A beginning reader should spend a minimum of 20 minutes each day reading to or with someone, and the books read during this point should be relatively easy for your child.

How Often Should You Read Books To Your Kids?

As a parent, one should be attentive to their kids and should read their books daily, but as they are kids we should not force them, so as a parent, all one can do is try daily to read their books. Still, if they don’t want to leave them because habit does not build overnight, it takes time, so relax and try to do your best easily.

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Allow Them To Reread An Equivalent Book

Rereading an equivalent word over and once again helps build fluency.

  •  Encourage attention to the print
  •  Alternate reading


By taking note of your fluent reading, your child will hear what good readers sound like. After you’ve read a brief passage, ask your child to reread an equivalent passage, and this provides an opportunity for her to practice reading with expression.

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Have Realistic Expectations

How Much Time Should A Child Read Per Day For instance, students should be reading approximately 60 words per minute correctly by the top of the class and 90-100 words per minute precisely by the second grade. Your child’s teacher can assist you in learning your child’s reading rate.books


By being conscious of what’s normal for a beginning reader and knowing how to help them progress, you’re bound to instill those qualities in your reader. It depends on your child’s age and spotlight span. Maximize every quiet moment you’ll get together with your active preschooler. But don’t force a toddler to take a seat and listen when she’s scrambling off your lap. Five or six minutes of quiet reading could also be the utmost within the beginning. As your child’s span increases and her interests mature, you’ll stretch this point. 

So, how much time should a child read per day? We all are too busy in life. Someone has meetings, dates, deals to make, parties, festivals, but we all can take out 10-20 minutes before bed for our kid. Please don’t get too strict with the kid, or else he might end up hating it. Don’t expect a reader out of the kid in a day or a week. It might take months to develop good reading skills. Be patient and relax. Don’t quit too quickly, as every step you take shapes your child’s future.

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When should a child know how to read?

Typically, at the age of 6-8, a kid learns how to read, but some progress faster. So the answer of when a child should be able to read is tricky because different kids have different abilities, so do not judge your kids by kids' improvements, rather give them their time.

How long should you read for your child at night?

Reading is a work of patience, and patience and kids do not go hand in hand. In fact, it needs a lot of patience to handle kids. So keeping in mind the attention span and patience of kids reading for 20 minutes is enough for kids regularly.

How many hours should a child read?

Kids have significantly little attention and less interest in doing monotonous work, such as reading, and obviously, other factors such as age, and their ability also matter. Therefore, according to the kids' experts, reading for 20 to 1 hour is more than enough for a kid.

My child doesn't like to read, what to do?

If your kid doesn't want to read then it is perfectly ok because that's what most kids do, kids do not want to read, so in this situation, all you do is try reading aloud to them, try reading funny books to them or anything that grabs their attention or something they like. That's it.


In Conclusion for article  How Much Time Should A Child Read Per Day .The process of learning and growing is a gratifying process. Admire it and see the growth of your kid. Teaching your child will be more enjoyable than you know, and you are creating your child’s future.

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