How To Get Back Into Reading Books Habit?

The contemporary world is running so fast that we often feel compelled to give up our hobbies. Our busy schedule constantly restricts us from doing what we love. Book reading is one thing that can come to your rescue in such occupied and artificial surroundings. It has the power to transform your thought processes and perspectives and can build you up as a better human being. The habit of book reading can transport you to a new world filled with thrill and adventure. The comfort and peace which it brings are pretty enigmatic.


But let’s admit, reading comes with its difficulties. It especially becomes a task when you have given up reading books. Now, if you are willing to get back their habit of reading books, then here are a few tricks that you can follow :

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To Get Back Into Reading Books Follow This

The below tips will help you let’s get into it

Start With Short Stories

Grabbing a book of short stories can be the easiest way to recollect the habit of reading. It can take you through a journey of romance, ecstasy, delight, pain, and many other emotions in just an hour.

You can finish these stories in a single sitting, increasing your appetite for reading more books

Read Something That Interests You

Be very careful while choosing your books. If you are not a book reading lover, then don’t run behind the bestsellers. Instead, choose a book that is in alignment with your interest.

reading book

For example, if you love human psychology and want to go deeper into the subject, select a book that will potentially enlighten you about the required subject.

Read The First Few Pages In One Go

To get wholly involved in a book, you need to focus and somehow manage to read the first few pages in one go without any interruption.

first pages of book

This is necessary to get immersed in the book you are reading and to develop a fundamental interest in the book

Choose Thriller And Mysteries

Stories that revolve around thrill and mystery have the potential to keep you hooked till the end. If you are reading a thriller story, it will be hard for you to leave it in between.

triller books

These books will push you to read more, provoke your curiosity, and enchant you with unexpected twists and turns in the plot.

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To Get Back Into Reading Books Always Carry A Book

Make it a point to carry a book. Try reading a hard-bound book instead of scrolling through the document on your phone whenever you are traveling.


If you have any free time, try to indulge in reading a book. It can be an effective way to regain your long-lost association with the habit of reading books

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Set A Goal

Try to set a goal of reading a particular number of books in a month. With time, keep increasing the number of books you will read in a month.

set goals

If it sounds overwhelming to you, then try to set a goal for a particular week, or you can set a goal of around 2 hours per day for reading books. This will make the process way more accessible.

Ditch E-Books

Book reading is an emotion, a connection, a source of sanity and fascination. This whole experience is tough to get from an E-book.

read a book

E-books can be an excellent option for bookworms, but if you are trying to rebuild the habit of reading books, it is best to buy the original book. 

To Get Back Into Reading Books Listen To Podcasts

Podcasts can give you immense insights. You can choose good book-related podcasts to nurture and construct your demolished reading habit.

listen to podcast

Listen to podcasts where authors talk about their books, experiences, knowledge, etc.

Involve Your Friends

The people you are surrounded by can heavily influence you and your life. Try to make them a part of your book reading habit.

involve friends

Talk to them about the book you have just read, share books with them or even ask them for book suggestions. This will aid in making your bond stronger with your friends and your books.

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Write A Book Journal

Start Journaling about the books you have read. You could try writing a book review or explaining the experience you have been through while reading the book.

book reading

Write a summary of the story, or you can put down the lessons you have gathered from the book.

To Get Back Into Reading Books Attend Literary Events

Literary events like Literary Meets, Book Fairs, and Authors Meet can be exciting. It will surely rekindle your interest in reading books.

library events

On top of that, these places will surely add wisdom and knowledge to your life. 

Follow Authors And Book Pages On Social Media

Our life revolves around social media. We start believing and developing an interest in what we constantly see.

seeing a book

Following authors and book pages will help you stay updated about book-related topics, which can help you regain your interest in reading books.

Join A Book Club Or A Library

In Book Clubs and Libraries, you will get access to many books and will come in contact with a lot of book lovers. Their opinion, perspectives, and discussions will surely add a spark to your book reading habit.

join library club

Our lives will continue to be hectic, but you can find your solace in books. As Stephen King said, “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” Books have always been our best friends. Re-invite them into your lives, and you will not regret it. Good books can help us grow personally and professionally, strengthening our emotions and creativity. 


It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been out of the habit of reading books; you can usually get back into it. The most significant portions of your perusing life may still be ahead of you! 

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