How To Start A Bookstagram | Guide For Beginners

The word Bookstagram is a play on the words “book lover’s Instagram,” precisely what a Bookstagram is. Although it started as a silly little hashtag on Instagram, it exploded pretty soon. Thus, it turned into a separate space on Instagram that people who loved and enjoyed books used to identify themselves. So how do you enter and flourish in this thriving space? Let us try and find the answer to how to start a bookstagram.

how to start a bookstagram
How to Start a Bookstagram

The first step towards growing your Bookstagram would be, understanding how Instagram works.

Although it might have originally come out as a niche photo-sharing platform, Instagram today has grown into a much larger space that allows a wide variety of content apart from photos like videos, stories, reels, IGTV videos, and even guides. You can and should make use of all these tools as they solve a different purpose. So let us now start from the basics to know how to start a bookstagram.

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A Catchy Username And A Great Bio

Your username is how any Instagram user finds you and identifies you, so be clever with the name you pick for your Bookstagram but not so clever that the word becomes a task to remember.

how to start a bookstagram
How to Start a Bookstagram

There are only two things that are to be kept in mind, to be honest. It should be unique, and it should be easy to remember and spell out; that is it.

Set Your Goals

As complex as the online world is becoming, setting goals always helps. Ask yourselves why do you want this? Is it financial? Is it a hobby? A platform to sell books? Or just a supplementary to promoting your blog? Setting Goals is very important to avoid disappointment. Your goal will decide your content.


They are still the form of content that takes up most of the space on the platform, and rightfully so, they do not have a timer or something for which the viewer might have to wait for, like a video.

how to start a bookstagram
How to Start a Bookstagram

To grow your Bookstagram, nailing the photographs you post is a must. Not everyone has super aesthetic photography skills, but you should be good to go by watching some YouTube videos and a little investment in props and lighting equipment; you should be good to go! When you start, experiment as much as you can and then develop a theme that represents you. An article helps you to knit your posts together as it builds uniformity in your account. Knowing color psychology could help; for example, using blues with books that revolve around tragedy or sorrow and red with happy readers helps convey the mood to the viewer and makes the post more attractive overall.

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Editing Apps

You have taken your pictures. Now it is time for editing.

editing apps
Editing Apps

Here are a few suggestions: Adobe Lightroom, VSCO, Snapsneed, A Color Story, and many more. Be Creative and stick to a single filter. It creates a mood for the page.

Aesthetic, Aesthetic, Aesthetic

We can never ignore how impactful physical appearance can be. Find your niche. Stick to it and, from time to time, experiment with new ideas. See what your audience responds to well. For Example, you could curate a spring theme for your account and showcase your books centered in and around flowers and floral designs. @reviews_from_a_bookworm has a similar artistic style. For us with loud personalities, a colorful Instagram never hurt anyone. Know who you are and what kind of style you prefer.


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Understanding The Algorithm 

  • Posting times: When starting an account, you never know who your

audience is or where they’re from. Try to figure out when you get the highest

reach by doing a trial run. This also helps figure out how your Instagram page

looks like.

  • Reels are all the rage: Create content for reels. The Internet

is filled with ideas on how to create reels for a Bookstagram account.

  • Encourage engagement: Ask questions. Interact with your

audience. Reply to comments, like your follower’s pictures. Remember to be

polite and respectful to even those who do not understand what you do. Kindness

is the key to happiness.

  • Hashtags: Book Hashtags are essential to be discovered by a

broader audience. If you want to find out what Hashtags to use, find out what

other bookstagrammer use. These Hashtags have millions of followers, and new

posts keep appearing every nanosecond.


You can post videos of three kinds on Instagram, in the form of a regular post, a reel, or an IGTV video. Each has different durations. A standard post allows you to upload content of up to a minute. A rotation provides for 45 seconds of fast-paced video content while video content exceeding a minute finds its home in an IGTV video. You must differentiate your content for each of these. For example, you can make a regular video post about a book that you are currently reading, a reel in the form of a fast-paced montage about the books you read in the past month, or planning to read in the upcoming month. You can use an IGTV for detailed book reviews.


The shortest form of content you can upload on Instagram is a story, it’s 15 seconds long and can be either a photo, a video or even a post, a reel, or an IGTV that you might want to share, but the boon about stories is that they are temporary, they are available for only 24 hours, this gives you space to experiment and make mistakes, and if you want to keep a story on your Bookstagram permanently you can do that as well! Using the “add to highlights” feature.


When you come across a post with nothing to describe the perspective, it feels a little incomplete. From mentioning a summary of the book in the picture to describing your thought process while reading it, captioning can complete a post. Do not make the mistake of writing short, meaningless captions to just post. This is where you use Hashtags for broader reach. Using the right ones can bring a lot of traffic to your account.

Bookstagram Does Not Only Mean Books

If you keep posting books only, your followers will tire quickly due to its monotonicity. Show some pizzazz. Combine your travel experiences, impactful quotes, even a picture of your pet.

interesting feed
Interesting Feed

We should never forget that the Internet made what it is today by pets and babies. All this to forward your cause of finding a community that relates to your choices.

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You can find props for photoshoots at home, and if you run out of ideas, they are tons of props sold online. Here are a few examples of support that you can use:

  • Mugs
  • Candles
  • Fairy lights
  • Mirrors
  • Twigs
  • Scarves
  • Plants and so much more

Get creative and let the end product speak for itself.

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Follow Other Bookstagrammer

Even Bookstgramers need Inspiration. Keep yourself inspired by following accounts that have created a broad audience. You’ll love these Bookstagram accounts. @humansofny@fromlibrarywithlove, @strandbookstore

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These are the essential tools that you have at your disposal while making your Bookstagram. You suggested that you turn your account into a “business account” because it provides you with another set of tools, i.e., “insights,” among the best things on Instagram. Insights provide you with details about how many people are viewing your posts, how many accounts you are reaching, at what time most of your followers are active, and a lot more. All of this is extremely useful because it helps you to understand and develop your audience. Finally, after understanding all that you have in your armory, you can now start your Bookstagram! Just try to;

  • Be as engaging as possible, host quizzes and polls in your stories, ask your followers to comment on your posts. You can do that by maybe asking a question in your caption. Also, try posting valuable comments based on Bookstagrams with a larger follower count, as that also puts you in people’s eyes.
  • Be as creative as possible, understand trends, and capitalize on them.
  • Be a quick learner, notice patterns, and realize mistakes. A minor cut requires lesser stitches.
  • Be as constant as possible with your posts.
  • Find your audience and cater to them with quality content that provides them with value.
  • Use as many relevant hashtags as possible. For example: #booklover #bookstagrammer #bookaholic #bookworm #bookphotography #igreads #ilovebooks #bookish #bibliophile #bookshelf #booknerd #currentlyreading #bookgram

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