List Of Top 7 Karen Rose Books In Order

Karen rose books in order is a full package of suspense and mystery. The author brings these genres into her books because of her long interest from her childhood. She read some of the most dreading books like the and the pendulum by mistake, and she could not sleep for days. Now she appreciates penning stories that keep the masses up at night.

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Top 7 Karen Rose Books In Order

Karen Rose book series are very popular if you love reading captivating horror stories. She loves to travel, learn karate, and sometimes go skiing when she is not blogging. Karen resided in Florida with her spouse and their three children. 

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Don’t Tell

Mary Grace Winters considers staging her own while her child Tom’s death is the only way out of an abusive marriage. It’s a frantic scheme. However, Mary Grace Winters realized that arranging their deaths would be the only way to avoid her and her kid from her cruel cop spouse.

Caroline Stewart has established a good life for herself because of a different identity in a new destination.

don't tell

One of the most engaging works in Karen Rose books is in the chronological order list. She and her kid have taken sanctuary thousands of kilometers away, ready with a new name in a new location. All left of their previous incarnation is already at the bottom of a lake.

Caroline Stewart has mostly neglected the tragedy she left behind eleven years ago. She’s even taking a gamble on her relationship with Max Hunter, a fellow who has his traumas. Unfortunately, her trauma is about to clash with the present when her spouse pursues her track and challenges her hard-won serenity. He’s creeping in on her—and everybody and everything she cares about. One of the best books in the Karen Rose books order collection.

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Have You Seen Her?

Steven got down on the floor next to the paramedics. “Jenna.” He sensed astonishment, sadness, and shame in her eyes as she raised them. “I’m genuinely sorry, Steven.” I should have paid close attention to you.” Steven observed the blood stains on her faded Duke T-shirt. “If there are any other injuries?” he questioned the paramedic. It was only her neck. Her blood appears to be on her blouse.”

“We noticed bloody scratch marks on the carpeting where she retreated from the bedroom,” Officer Two recounted.

have you seen her

Steven’s heart just sank because he saw her, afraid and in anguish, prowling around her little house like a wild beast. This will force whoever she plans to murder for her revenge. Read this article to sink your claws into these amazing werewolf romance books.

Steven Thatcher, Special Agent, seems to have a lot on his plate. Not only is a serial murderer scouring neighboring high schools, but Steven’s adolescent son Brad is now breaking out and missing school. One of the best books in the Karen Rose books order collection. Count it as the best rose book in her collection.

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Nothing to Fear

Dana Dubinsky, the head of the inside women’s center, has several mysteries. Some are different aliases, some are new residences, and some are sensitive secrets.

nothing to fear

Dana was always cautious about finding true love since she is so committed to Hanover House and the women she defends. But now, just like a case affects her and a toddler’s existence, it appears that passion has come searching for her.

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Dirty Secrets

The book tells us about:


Emma Townsend has abandoned her former house for a long time, plagued by recollections of her former husband. Gathering the strength to rummage through their belongings, she is astounded to discover an old heartfelt letter from acquaintance Chris Walker, and swears to make reparations for the future.

That we all must

Seeing Emma together triggers a lot of memories, reviving a long-dormant affection. Now a university professor, Chris is struggling with a grad student’s untimely death.

dirty secrets

Meanwhile, Chris cannot execute his impulses because the police are saying the child’s death.


Is it, however, already late? Because Emma and Chris are also being followed. Someone out for vengeance. So they’ll have to enter a horror in which nobody can be entrusted, or every dirty filthy confession is cemented with love. One of the best books in the Karen Rose books order collection. The story is horror and full of dread

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You Can’t Hide

Terror has radically changed Tess Ciccotelli’s life. Someone is harassing her patients, forcing them to attempt suicide, and laying her up to guilt. On the other hand, Tess cannot violate her vow to preserve her victims’ dignity at all times, even when investigator Aidan Reagan asks that she include a list of anyone she’s serving. Even when Tess, too, is imperiled by the mounting menace.

you cant hide

Aidan opposes anyone who undermines his cases. Notwithstanding, he didn’t expect but appreciated Tess’s intense commitment to her clients. Notably when it becomes apparent that a mysterious, faceless foe is hell-bent on killing her job, her family, and, inevitably, Tess herself. The criminal’s will strengthens as Aidan’s heart softens, and something seems evident. — Tess’s noose is growing around her throat, and she has nowhere else to run… One of the best books in the Karen Rose books order collection.

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Count to Ten

A little kid and his sibling are deserted by their parents and taken into care. The lads fall victim to bullies after being let down by all who should have been looking out for children. Is it any coincidence if one of the guys gets a thirst for explosives and vengeance?

count to ten

Lieutenant Reed Solliday has not seen anything like the latest spate of fire damage – destructive, ferocious, and, in one case, murderous. He also has a new girlfriend, Detective Mia Mitchell. She’s aggressive and bossy, and she’s going to trial in unpredictable ways.

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Silent Scream

Four college students thought they were making a political statement. They were environmental activists attempting to save the environment by torching a new residential complex. However, they were unaware that they were being followed. When a kidnapper sets his attention on the three teenage vigilantes, he initiates his deadliest lethal act yet, hiding self-benefit and exploiting people’s things for selfish reasons. One of Karen rose new books that are a must-read for her fans. One of the best books in the Karen Rose books order collection.

silent scream

When a teenage girl is slain in a mysterious fire, Investigator Olivia Campbell is ordered to find the culprit. Then she arrives across something rather sinister: a ruthless fraudster who varies based on children and killings without remorse. I can see you by Karen rose is the next publication that you must read. 

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Do Karen Rose Books Need To Be Read In Order?

Having read many of the Karen Rose books (save the last one and a novella), I can confidently state that it is helpful to read the Karen Rose novels in the proper sequence. The reason for this is that personalities in different stories do not necessarily coincide with the site scenario.

What is the right order of Karen Ross books?

The best way is to read it according to the year of publication of the book.

Is there is a sequel to Say no more by Karen Ross?

Yes the book Say Goodbye is the sequel.

What genre is Karen Rose?

Romantic Suspense


Karen Rose is a famous international emotional thriller author. She was born in 1964 as Karen Rose Hafer in Baltimore, Maryland, where she also grew. She met her future spouse at the age of 17, and they relocated to Cincinnati, Ohio, after the others finished at the College of Maryland. Karen received a degree in Chemistry.

Her books are all romantic suspense, which is a genre I love reading. I want to read stuff milder than the tough murders and crimes riddles I generally read. Karen rose books in order also offers some recent novels with thrilling stories. Edge of Darkness is about the only one I now have on my TBR stack to read in the next several weeks. I’m convinced it’ll be just as excellent as past Karen Rose novels, which captured me from the very first page.

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