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I came upon a question that was if I have a queer sense of identity despite the unfolding COVID pandemic directly to maintain and to feed. My reaction is rather simplistic: books. I always discovered a lifelong introvert, not just comfort but certain social proximity in the pages of other people’s histories. Which are the best LGBT books?

The feeling that my relationship with LGBT books has been valid for many years, especially in finding a real relationship with other queer people. All these things are even more true now that we’re all trapped at home. Others don’t feel that far for me, with books. An entire issue packed with queer stories was published by the respected literary journal McSweeney last November. Patrick Cottrell, a curator of the topic, referred to the LGBTQ-thematic trench as “funny and conflicting” in his Whiting Award-winning books

The last Sunday of June marks the culmination of this extravagant holiday, New York City Pride, known worldwide as Pride Month. In addition, Pride March takes place in various cities in India. In November, Delhi celebrates Pride, and in August, the Mumbai marches normally occur.

Thus, each city celebrates Pride at various times. They all strive for a similar objective: to achieve sexual freedom in society and to eradicateSection 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which criminalizes all aspects of queer sexuality. Even though the word “gay,” “lesbian,” or “transgender” is not used explicitly.

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 Top 10 LGBT Books

Let us now look at some of the best LGBTQ books.

Kari — Amruta Patil

The graphic novel by Amruta Patil says Kari, recently single and still breathes life into cosmopolitan Mumbai from her break-up with Ruth.

lgbt books

During men’s dates, Kari hooks with women in the shower, shave her whole hair in favor of a friend as she tries to sell shampoos, and responds each time she asks if she is homeless.

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LGBT Books Siddharth Dube – No One Else

No One Else, the first gay memoir published in Indian English by a lonely man, describes Siddharth’s story. He sailed through the heated waters of his sexuality from the age of ten on.

no one else

As his life unfolds as he struggles with what it is to be comfortable in one’s skin and how you come to embrace yourself for who you are to be a minority community after a privileged life. This is one of the best LGBT books available.

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Vasudhendra, Mohanaswamy (tr. Rashi Terdal)

Mohanaswamy’s dangerously frank book on lost love and abuse unites Karnataka and Western world views.

mohana swamy

At the same time, Mohanaswamy struggles with missing a woman’s male friend and wishing the ordinary person to lead his easy life.

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A Life Misspent — Suryakant Tripathi Nirala (tr. Satti Khanna)

A memoir of one of Hindi’s most popular poets, Nirala, talks about Kulli Bhat, a Dalit homo-sexual who has an unusual relationship with him.

life misspent

A Life Misspent , one of the LGBT books is a funny and moving experience that crosses the borders of traditional sexuality and caste-based politics.

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Fifty Shades of Gay — Jeffery Self

It’s Fifty Grey Shades, but all-masculine. Inspired profoundly by FSOG‘s themes and narrative.

lgbt books

The novel weaves a very close story to the original, in delicate detail and compelling writing.

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LGBT Books My Magical Palace — Kunal Mukherjee

My Magical Palace, a tale of an Indian close in love with an American man who sees sanskari women suited for marriage arrangement, threads India and America together. This is the modern world and an old one.

lgbt books

The novel, founded in San Francisco in the 1970s, deals with recognition and respect. It is of one another and the concept of achieving and keeping peace and unity internally rather than complacency.

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The Exiles — Ghalib Shiraz Dhalla

The Exiles has three points of view, one man’s wife and one man’s male lover. A distinct tale from the ones on this list. The novel lyrically describes the bliss, damnation, and glory of passion and its subsequent death.


But, unfortunately, there is no recovery, either mentally or mentally, from the seizures of passion and heartbreak.

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The Dancing Boy — Ishani Kar-Purkayastha

This is one of the best LGBT books is the story of a little boy who loves to wear saris and maquilas, mocked and misunderstood by his mum, who has found friendship in the most unexpected spot.

dancing boy

He quickly learns to embrace himself and, importantly, to accept friendship as he enters his neighborhood.

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LGBT Books Selection Day — Aravind Adiga

In Selection Day, Manjunath Kumar, 14 years old, looses to both external and internal stresses. He knows what people want him to be. But he doesn’t know if he truly is or who he wants to be. Orderly when a boy starts to understand Radha’s competitor, as private and secure as is not Manju.

selection day

All of this in the world of Manju starts to change; and also he faces decisions that call himself as well as his sense of the world around him him him into question. He plays cricket, though not just as well as his older brother Radha.

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Lihaaf (The Quilt) — Ismat Chughtai

This is one of the earliest short stories of same-sex love … or is it? Lihaaf tells us the story of a madam who liked to be massaged by her female servant, always under a quilt. A Muslim woman in mid-twentieth century Hindustan wrote that.

lgbt books

In addition, This story also brought Chughtai under trial for obscenity and promoting homosexuality. Still, she has let off due to a simple technicality. Nowhere in the story is there homoerotic love, only its implications. So the onus is on the reader to construe what happens under the quilt. 

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So, this was my list of LGBT books and I hope this article was helpful to you in choosing the book you want to. We’re living in 2022, it’s really important to know about the LGBTQ + community, as an ally. Do give these books a try and let me know how did you like them. Also, I await your feedback as I need some motivation to keep going! Thank you!

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