List of Medieval Names, Their Functions, And Where To Find More

Developing a rare and beautiful name for a child is rather creative and hectic. And if you love those historic origin names, it adds time to your search. Hence we have prepared a list of Medieval Names that are unique and would surely stand as uncommon yet beautiful.

Some of the fantasy Medieval Names are Alba, meaning sunrise in Spanish and Italian; Argenta, meaning silver; Celestina, meaning heavenly; And Gwenllian, meaning fair and blessed. All the names on the list sound unique and have great meanings.

medieval names

If you are looking for an interesting and unique name for your little one, Then go through this list of Medieval Names. The list includes girls, boys, and also unique gender-neutral names.

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The List of Names From Medieval Times

Below are the lists of popular Medieval Names for boys and girls and a few general neutral names. The list includes names with different origins, such as Greek, Roman, English, Italian, etc.

Medieval Names For Boys

Here is a list of Medieval Names for boys, along with their meanings.

medieval names for boys

These names from medieval times are of various origins and are rare.


Alaric is a unique name with a powerful meaning. This name originated after the ruler Alaric I who rose to the throne after the rule of the Romans. In German, Alaric means “All-Powerful.


Ambrose has a Greek origin. It means immortal. This popular name in the middle ages has been revived in recent times.


This Irish-origin name stands for “man of prayer.” This name also has a Greek origin meaning “Messenger.


Godfrey is a German-origin name. It means peaceful. This name is one of the popular last names.


The name Hugh stands for intellectual.

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The name Hugh is an English equivalent of the German counterpart “Hugo.” This name has seen increased popularity in recent decades.


This name which was popular in Medieval times means brave. It is of German origin and named after king Leopold of the Roman Empire.


The name Otto originates after Otto, the great Roman Empire. Its German meaning is wealth.


The name Milo has two probable origins. In Latin, Milo stands for a soldier, while its Slavic meaning is beloved.


Sebastian has been one of the most popular boy names since 2013 and will probably remain so. This name was and is popular all through time. It has a Latin origin meaning venerable.


The name Tobias originated from the Hebrew and German languages. It stands for the phrase god is good. This name has picked up popularity since the start of 2000.

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Medieval Names For Girls

Below is the list of Medieval Names for girls, along with their meanings.


The name Alba has two different meanings and origins. In Latin, Alba stands for white, while in Italian, Alba stands for sunrise.


Argenta is the name you want if you want to give your daughter’s kid a rare and unusual name. It has a Latin origin meaning silver. And only 8 girls share the name Argenta between 1999 to 2018.


If you want to name your girl child a name with cosmic vibes, Celestina is the go-to name.

medieval names for girls

The name Celestina originates from the french language and stands for heavenly.


This Italian name originated after the emperor Gratian of the Roman Empire. This name stands equivalent to the English name Grace.


The name Guinevere has Welsh origin. It comes after the wife of King Arthur. This name stands equivalent to the modern version of Jennifer.


This name has dual Latin and italic origin. It stands for “woman of honor.


The name Gwenllian stands for being blessed.

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It comes of welsh origin. This name is highly used in shortened forms such as Gwen.


This name has a Latin origin. This rather uncommon name means “famous.


This common name of the Medieval period is now coming back to life with many girl children named Regina. The name Regina has a Latin origin, and it means queen.


The name viola has a Latin origin. It means violet, but this name is also connected with flowers and music.

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Gender-Neutral Medieval Names

Here is a list of gender-neutral names for naming your child.


This gender-neutral name has its origin in Christianity.

gender-neutral born kids

It refers to Christians carrying palms to their holy land.


Quentin means five in Latin. The medieval people often gave this name to the family’s fifth child.


This name, though popular among boys, is a gender-neutral name.

gender-neutral medieval names

Its Latin terminology refers to being efficient with spears.


This name has its origin in the phrase “Dioguardi.” Its literary translation is “may God watch over you.” 


In Greek mythology, Aquila is the bird carrying the thunderbolt of the Greek god Zeus. It means an eagle and is a proper name for both boys and girls.

Other Medieval Names

Here is an additional list of medieval names for you to consider.

Medieval names for boysMedieval names for girlsGender-neutral Medieval names

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Where To Find Medieval Names?

One can find medieval names from various sites, such as those below.


This website has a user-friendly display, and you can find Medieval names of various origins like Greek, Roman, etc.


So, you must visit to generate a name for your baby.

Visit: Reedsy

Fantasy Name Generators

This simple website displays 10 girls’ and 10 boys’ names on your visit, and you can choose one medieval name from the list.

fantasy name generator

And if you don’t like the names, reload it to find another set of Medieval Names.

Visit: Fantasy Name Generators

The Storyhack

The story hack website provides a list of random Medieval names with titles.

the story hack

However, it is a mediocre website for naming children and more suitable for a fancy story’s character. It is still decent enough for a quick search.

Visit: The Storyhack


What are the most used Medieval Names?

The most used Medieval Names for boys are William, Roger, Walter, and Cyprian, and the most used Medieval Names for girls are Amira, Lucia, Alice, and Amabel.

What are the most common middle names?

The most common middle names for girls are Louise, Jane, Rose, and Grace are the most common middle names for boys are Thomas, James, William, and John.

What are rare girl names?

Some rare girl names are Aella, Adia, Annika, Carys, Callista, Darcy, and Irie.

What girl's name translates as god's gift?

The names Daysha of Latin origin, Doretta of Greek origin, Dilsey of Sanskrit origin, and Dolly of English translate to the gift of god.

What name translates to the English phrase God is with us?

The Medieval Name Emmanuel of the Hebrew language has a literary translation to the phrase God is with us.

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We hope you come up with a creative name for your little one! The article features a list of rare Medieval Names with beautiful meanings. The list includes Medieval Names of boys such as Alaric, Ambrose, Declan, Hugh, Leopold, etc. And the list of Medieval Names of girls such as Alba, Argenta, Voila, Honora, Celestina, etc. and girls. Also, gender-neutral names, such as Palmer, Aquila, Quentin, etc., are included. This article additionally provides various sites where you can search for Medieval Names with historical origins.

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