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Mike Wood Books Mike Woods is a British author renowned for his unique sci-fi and fantasy books. Sphere of the influence trilogy series rose to high levels of fame. The first book- Deep Space Accountant, did not fail to attract readers worldwide. This article is about Mike Wood Books

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About Mike Wood Books

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Mike Wood Books  Deep Space Account

Mike Wood Books  Deep Space Accountant was self-publish on Amazon in 2016. The story follows the protagonist, Elton D Philpotts, applying for an intriguing accounting job.

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However, not all that glitters is gold. The mundane job requires Elton to crunch large numbers. Suddenly, a starship vanishes into thin air. Along with his friend, Elton is force into an unexpected adventure to recover the missing starship. Will the challenges be too overwhelming to overcome?

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Unique Factor Of Deep Space Account

A unique factor of the sci-fi story is the level of relatability. In Mike Wood Books ,The majority of stories in the same genre consist of characters born with supernatural powers. Although these inhuman powers are a thrilling factor, readers cannot relate to the characters. On the other hand, Elton is depicted as an average person stuck in a monotonous job.

The beginning is pack with humor. It revolves around Elton’s awkward interactions and sarcasm. The humor is a perfect balance for the forthcoming dangerous events. The tale unfolds deep within space on different planets. The author deserves to be praised for the well-paced narration. Complex machinery has been well explain without boring the reader. The living conditions on other planets are described in detail, without a long-winded explanation.

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In Mike Wood Books  General character development was mediocre. Elton’s personality showed significant progress from the first until the last chapter. He became confident and brave from previously being a coward. On the other hand, the antagonist Max Levinson is not well developed. Every villain’s action is based on their mindset or backstory. Without a relevant explanation for his motives, he became a nonsensical antagonist.

Overall, each chapter of  Mike Wood Books is unpredictable and leaves the reader guessing. The witty humor makes it a light-hearted read.

Mike Woods Book Lollipop Of Influence

Mike Woods returned with a second book, Lollipop of Influence, in 2017. Unexpectedly, the consecutive novel turned out to be a stand-alone. Nonetheless, the story is set on distant planets in deep space. The protagonist Bob Slicker and his superior, Florence McConachie, are accuse of causing a space fleet to vanish. After being blame, they must muster the courage to retrieve the missing space fleet. But that is not all. They must return to the Sphere of Influence. Will the tedious journey push them beyond their limits?


The sinister aspect of the tale is the characters being lost in space. Comparatively, this book gave more goosebumps. This is because they are trap in a vast emptiness. Bob is shown to be more of an airhead. His absent-mindedness leads to comical situations. At times, his dimly lit personality annoy readers, making him seem incompetent as a protagonist. The pacing of the adventure is too rush. Overnight, Bob overcame his flaws and fears and became a valiant fighter. This unrealistic character development managed to turn off many readers.

It is worth mentioning the unexpected twists and turns. In Mike Wood Books An exceptional job is done in foreshadowing menacing events in the future. Max Levinson being the same antagonist makes it an intriguing plot. One can expect a showdown in the last book of the trilogy series.

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About Lollipop Of Influence

After an impatient wait, the Spherical Trust made its entry on Amazon in 2018. Bob is promoting as the King of the Sphere of Influence and Elton as the Finance Director. Unexpect death threats suddenly shatter their sense of peace.

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With Max Levinson being swallow into deep space, who wishes Bob and Elton’s death? This time is different. The entire existence of the Sphere of Influence is under threat. Will Bob and Elton be able to overcome their differences to protect their people?

How Readers Feel About Mike Wood Books

The majority of readers enjoyed the connection between the first two novels and the last one. The behavior of the different characters in the situation felt more natural. An example in context could be Bob’s initial reluctance to cooperate with Elton. Or how he refused to trust someone below him in stature.

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A nail-biting factor is that the antagonist remains anonymous for a prolonged period. An unknown antagonist is likely to pique anyone’s curiosity. The writer’s egregious error was that the protagonists reverted to their initial personalities. They both started as spineless cowards who shied away from challenges once again.

As expected, the trilogy series ends on a satisfying note. Bob and Elton are successful in their quest to restore peace in the Sphere of Influence.

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What Does The Mike Wood Books Say To The Future?

I thought that the novels also gave a wake-up call about the future. A bleak future.


A lot of which humans will abandon the inhabitable earth. It addresses the issue of global warming and its likely consequences of it. It is a hidden message to inspire everyone to save our environment.


In conclusion, this series  of Mike Wood Books is a must-read for sci-fi and fantasy lovers. The author Mike Wood Books  deserves to be applaud for his wild imagination about future technology. His way of dropping subtle hints throughout the story is a cherry on top. The books will keep you at the edge of your seat!

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