5 Best Books On Military Leadership

The military is a field where one must be prepared for all circumstances. So, to be ready for any situation beforehand, one must know the techniques. And to help you out in this situation with no trouble are the military leadership books. Read this article to get more books like divergent.

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Best Military Leadership Books 

These books have helped many people and shaped their life, enhanced leadership skills, and whatnot. And now it’s your time to gain all these skills and make the most out of them.


One Bullet Away – The Making Of A Marine Officer (By- Nathaneil Fick)

From the anterior strains, many of the struggle on misery, companion latest Marine officer’s sober account of his conversion from privileged council graduate to soldiers in Afghanistan and Asian kingdom. Fick, a pupil at Harvard grad faculty and the Kennedy College of the nation, resolved to skip to grasp’s degree area until collapsing a kind at Dartmouth College converted him to critical in classics. Feeling tested by each teacher and exercise, he tended toward Officer Seeker Academy for associate action he wanted could be extra transformational.

A change smart that can poison province — or go away province hundreds of, more potent, and hundreds of respectable. So, Fick’s instructors push him beyond the aim of information, instruct him on the way to suppress worry, avoid captive, and repel torture. He makes it to Canvas, the Marines’ special operations force.

one bullet away the making of a marine officer by nathaneil fick

To Fick’s credit, those sections location unit in addition fascinating as his remembrances of the region his work into follow, whether or no longer in Afghanistan weeks while September 11, in which he helped get better a cut Sauk chopper, or Iraq, where on his order — “light him up!” — His platoon dismounted and sped closer to them in vehicles. Fick’s memoir is steeped in responsibility, honor, and culture, a quote writer and student. This is one of the best military leadership books.
Additionally, his dedication to the legionnaires at his rate is unwavering. He took 65 men to war and brought them all lower back. Sure to be compared to Anthony Swofford’s profane, tone-loathing Jarhead, Fick’s account places the Marines throughout hundreds of changing into mild-weight means, any further than a glory-soaked collection of struggle tales, this memoir proves proper of the student-soldier as alive and nicely.

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Kargil : From Surprise To Victory. (By- General V.P. Malik)

General V. P. Malik’s book “Kargil: From Surprise to Victory” examines all the causes of the Kargil conflict. The Indian Army took back all the regular Pakistani Army’s heights, forcing the Pakistanis to surrender. From the goods seized after recapturing the positions on our side of the LOC, the Indian Army showed that the invaders were of Pakistani identity. General V. P. Malik also goes through how the Indian political system works and deals with the Kargil situation in great detail.


“Kargil: From Surprise to Victory” has the tone of a report rather than a narrative from a combatant. This is indeed one of the best military leadership books.

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Death Wasn’t Painful: A Story Of Indian Fighter Pilots From The War 1971. (By- Dhirendra S Jafa)

“Death Wasn’t Painful” is based on the true story of Dhirendra S Jafa, a former Indian Air Force fighter pilot who was a prisoner of war during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971.
The novel depicts the courageous lives of fighter pilots in the war.

death wasnt painful a story of indian fighter pilots from the war 1971 by dhirendra s jafa

The emotional torment, anguish, and helplessness experienced by troops captured as captives during a battle are depicted. Dhirendra S Jafa also recounts his talks with Pakistani interrogators, jailors, and civilians he met during his incarceration. This is one of the best military leadership books.

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Gates Of Fire. (By Steven Pressfield)

The book of 1998 is about Greek soldiers and the powerful Persian Army. The head of Persian Army King Xerxes, sends his forces to Thermopylae, the Persians’ likely entry point into Greece. However, because it is a short tunnel, the Persians’ are numerically less in Thermopylae. Still, it is the ideal staging area for the Greek troops headed by Spartans from Sparta. After the battle, the 300 Spartan troops triumph. They recounted the narrative through the eyes of King Xerxes’ scribe.

gates of fire by steven pressfield

In conclusion, the author’s goal in writing this military leadership book was to delve into the Greek mythology surrounding Sparta and the history of its legendary warriors. They also designed the novel to relive the famed conflict between the small Greek troops headed by Spartans and the approaching Persian Army led by King Xerxes, described many times in Greek mythology.
Both critics and enthusiasts have acclaimed this book. The audience praised this military leadership book for its innovative approach to telling the subject, with Stephen Coonts, the famed mystery author, describing it as a ‘timeless epic of man and war, researched and boldly written,’ and claiming that ‘Pressfield has produced a new masterpiece.’ This is one of the best military leadership books.

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India’s Most Fearless. (By- Shiv Aroor and Rahul Singh)

Shiv Aroor and Rahul Singh’s book “India’s Most Fearless” is based on actual incidents. It tells fourteen stories of bravery and fearlessness shown by Indian troops in the line of duty. And it provides the reader a glimpse of the troops’ total gallantry in the face of a hostile environment, such as the surgical strikes in Pakistan and Myanmar.

india's most fearless by shiv aroor and rahul singh

So, this is a book that I would suggest as it is one of the best military leadership books. Children, in particular, should know the great sacrifices made by Indian army warriors for them to live in a peaceful atmosphere.

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These were our picks for the best military leadership books. We hope this article served you the best and help you in shaping your lies in the best possible manner, making you the next military leader. Read these books and make the best out it. The results will definitely amaze you.

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