Novels Set in Italy [2023]- The Top 7 Sets

Do you find yourself drifting from reality immersed in the pages of fantasy? Well, you are not alone. Novels set in beautiful countries like Italy fuel our excitement and transport us to those sites, urging us to travel.


However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our desire to explore new destinations has been restricted. Irrespective, people are finding solace in reading amidst the ensuing lockdowns. The study by Global English Editing, which reveals that the world reading is about 35% more, confirms this. 

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Top Novels Set in Italy 

Let’s dive deep into our list of where we bring to you top novels that have us envision gazing at enchanting landscapes, also beholding nature’s crafts

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And being surrounded by a scenic view of gentle hues, vivid feasts, and balmy sunsets.

Andrea Camilleri’s – The Other End of the Line

Andrea Camilleri is a well-known and best-selling Italian author acclaimed for his detective books centered around the fictional character of Inspector Montalbano. The exceptionally successful series had its twenty-fourth addition with The Other End of the Line. The novel revolves around the coastal town called Vigata, based on the hometown of Camilleri in Porto Empedocle.


The story unfolds with Inspector Montalbano in search of smugglers as a multitude of migrants enter by boat. With inspectors fatigued due to the long shifts, the story takes an unexpected turn with the brutal murder of Elena, a dressmaker, killed by her scissors. Inspector Montalbano tries to unravel this strange mystery of the murder of Elena. The detective wonders what lies ahead and what is at the other end if he pulls this thread.

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Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love

Would you wish to go on a journey to introspection and reflection? Then this next novel is just for you!

The international best-seller author renowned for her book Eat, Pray, Love- Elizabeth Gilbert also takes the readers on her trip through Italy, India, and Bali to discover herself in search of fulfillment and devotion. Also after making the tough decision of departing from her marriage and career, Gilbert goes on a year-long trip to acquire insight into who she truly is.

eat pray love

The author explores Italy’s enchanting capital- the city of Rome, where she discovers the pleasure of this world through inspiring art and mouth-watering cuisine. The profound and touching memoir takes us through her journey of experiencing different cultures. This exquisite novel is going to bring readers endless joy and comfort. It is one of the best novels set in italy.

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Jess Walter’s Beautiful Ruins

Next on our list is the best-seller novel Beautiful Ruins by famous writer Jess Walter. Walter’s mother inspired him to indite this fiction which centers around Pasquale Tursi- an Italian man from a small town with Dee Moray- an American actress.

Jess Walter's Beautiful Ruins

The story begins in the year 1962 on an Italian coastline. Pasquale falls in love with the gorgeous actress and five years later decides to look for her. This novel showcases some of the most extraordinary cinematic experiences with also vivid descriptions of beautiful landscapes. Will Pasquale ever find Dee Moray? The author also takes us on a voyage traversing across two decades and five continents. What lies ahead in his journey? Feed your curiosity by reading this phenomenal story. It is one of the best novels set in italy.

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Elena Ferrante’s My Brilliant Friend

My Brilliant Friend is the work of one of the most famous writers Elena Ferrante. The storyline is also of two ambitious friends- Elena and Lila, where the author details their lives in Naples in the 1950s after the devastating World II.

Elena Ferrante's My Brilliant Friend

The two friends undergo trials of violence and poverty as they pass through their lives’ different stages and complexity. Not only does the story focus primarily on Elena and Lila, but it also attaches us to the people around them, including their parents and neighbors.

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Frances Mayes’s Under The Tuscan Sun

Under the Tuscan Sun is a best seller listed as New York Best Seller for two years straight with a brilliant movie adaptation. The author- Frances Mayes, spends her summer in Tuscany following fun events.


The journey takes readers through her experience of when she bought an ancient farmhouse in the countryside. This 1996 memoir has us picturing the incredible aesthetic of aged vines, hovering hills with golden hues, and delectable food! It is one of the best novels set in italy.

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Jenna Evans Welch’s Love & Gelato

This next novel by Jenna Evans Welch is the New York Times best-seller pack with a romantic adventure between the characters Lina and Ren. The story begins with Lina hesitantly traveling from the US to Italy to visit her father, who also she had never encountered.

Love and gelato

Lina had to fulfill her mother’s dying wish, which was for her to meet her father and spend her summer in Tuscany. However, things take a turn when Lina finds the journal of her mom that encourages her to get to know Italy and learn about an unknown secret.

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We are presenting to you our top picks of novels set in the sublime parts of Italy. These novels by acclaimed authors will also steer you through the attractions of Italy, ensuring to lead you to someplace magical. Also, when will you start reading your favorite among these Top 7 novels set in Italy?

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